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So this morning I had my 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed and I'm surprised by how good I feel!  I was put under and was afraid that I might get sick from it or start randomly crying, but I was fine!!  I was also really worried about the swelling and you can't even tell I had surgery!  I have also watched reactions of teens after getting their teeth removed and when they wake up  they are really loopy!  After I woke up I felt like normal and could think clearly.

I really appreciate the advice people have given me about natural painkillers.  I have tried a few.  I have also been drinking green smoothies, coconut water, and applesauce and I feel fine!  I really think that being vegan has greatly helped in keeping the swelling down and helping my body not have weird side effects from the drugs.  

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It's good to hear that it went well :) I know my mom had to have a decent amount of dental work, some including opening her gums which caused a ton of bleeding, but was told that she was one of the fastest recovering patients her dentist ever saw. She's on a high carb cooked vegan diet, so it's interesting to think how well someone on a hcrv diet would do.

Thanks!  I'm not fully raw yet, but I did way better than any of my friends after they got their teeth out and they eat a regular sad diet.  



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