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I am probably the only one here that is going through this... I have a hard time making bowel movements on this diet. I have been predominantly a vegetarian/vegan since I was 15 years old and never had issues until going raw. I have tried to let it come naturally, but after three days I start feeling ill. I have had to use aloe from the garden to get my bowels going. But when things seem alright, I am back to the same issue. I drink copious amounts water, I keep a food diary, I am eating fruits that have a high water content as well. I am also eating at least 2500 calories a day. I am still losing weight even though I am going through this (on average, a pound a day).

I just want to know if I am alone in this and if anyone can help me to fix this without the use of laxatives.


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Thanx Shelby! I will definitely try those suggestions. I have been doing cardio on a small trampoline and doing a lot of ab exercises, weight training, stretching, swiss ball excercises, push-ups, and other floor exercises. I guess I have to do more! I know about senna. I have used it in the past.  I will let you know if it was successful!

Peace and blessing!

I have been drinking water all throughout the day  I even drink 32oz. before bed. I had a total of 128oz. of water yesterday, 1/4 of a very large watermelon, 8 bananas, and a 3 pound sour sop. Plus a ripe plantain and o.j. smoothie and a 16oz glass of o.j. (all organic and fresh squeezed here at home).

I have been 100% raw for the last four days. Before that I was 90% raw for the last month and a half. I was having less trouble going when I had a little cooked food.

I have been using the fresh aloe from the garden... it helps big time.  But when I stop using it, I stop having a move. I do that pose during my floor exercise routine. I also consume a lot of citrus (mostly orange, lemon, and lime) during the week. I am baffled by this condition! What I eat and drink makes most people move a mountain!

Type out what you have eaten in a day(yesterday or today for example) and we can probably point out where you went wrong.

My husband recommended that I try mono eating oranges and it definitely works for me. But it doesn't work if it is orange juice or blended up oranges. They have to be whole oranges for it to work for me.

UPDATE!!!! Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions!!! I tried a few of them and it worked!!!!!! Halleluyah!!!

Are you eating enough greens? Are you exercising?

Whenever I have a problem with bowel movements, I ask myself the following:

*Am I eating too much fat?

*Am I eating enough?

*Am I eating enough fiber?

*Am I moving my body to loosen things up?

*Am I drinking enough water?



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