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Hello all you wonderful inspiring people.

I am severely physically addicted to caffeine. I try to stop using it and I end up falling halfway asleep through the workday. Its terrible. I dont want to drink it, and I have not had trouble like this with any other addiction ( alcohol, meat, cooked food, materialistic things....lol etc.)

I NEED HELP! It keeps throwing me off of my life path and back onto the going around in circles self destructive self abusive miserable lifestyle i have had for way too long. 

Any suggestion? I was considering going camping or to a spa by myself for a week to try and self detox, but i dont know if i can take that much time off work :(

Any suggestions would be helpful.


<3 <3 <3

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How would you describe your sleep?  Are you getting decent hours?  Do you possibly have sleep apnea and aren't aware of it?  Falling asleep in normal activities is a strong symptom of that.  Worth looking into anyways.

Have you tried slowly weaning yourself off of it whilst going strong building the other areas of your life.  A rebalancing effort?

What about the other areas of your life?  Your diet.  Your water.  Your exercise.  Health is holistic so go at it guns blazin'!  Good luck!

Go out to nature and very far away (so you're not tempted to go buy coffe) and promise yourself to stay at least 7 days... go to a place where you can get clean natural water from rivers or waterfalls so you drink all the water you possibly can, and stock up with dried fruit, apples oranges, bananas, etc and greens... i would suggest invite one friend and tell him/her about your challenge, ask for their support and if she/he wants to go with you to camping so it helps you with motivation and companion. I know it may be hard to tell those things to people, but trust me, tell someone you really love and have enough confidence, they'll care for you and will try to help you :) just be open and honest of how you feel, that helps a LOT.

I agree, when started to kick junk food I was at Yellowstone Park where you couldn't get any and it really helped.

Also, I drink Welch's no sugar added Grape Juice for a pick me up, it works great.

I exactly know that feeling. I was a coffee junk for so so so many years. And in school I could work all night without problems thanks to coffee. But now I am over it and so happy. As children we don't drink coffee and our energy level back then were so incredibly high !!! Children are playing all day and then they fall asleep at night time. So that is what I wanted ;) I know it is hard, but every time your head hurts or you feel weak, eat or drink something really really sugary and drink a lot of water to pee the toxins out of your bloodstream. You have to just go with it and after about 2 weeks it shouldn't be any problem for your body to live without. 
We have to see the world through the eyes of a child ;) easy, simple, lots of energy . And they don't even want to try a cup of coffee :)

I used to love my coffee in the morning too and the way I got off it was by going to bed early enough to get a lot of rest before I wake up. And for breakfast I have a huge bowl of oranges. when I work though and dont have time to sit down and eat a meal, I make orane juice and put it in a jar to go. I feel like citrus foods really wake up all of your senses. Try that!!


yes i used to be a COFFEEE FREAK!... and I remember hearing from some guru lady that im into, "get rid of all stimulants. If you want to change your life, sober up"... Coffeee IS a drug!.. I used to have big cups of straight black coffee, ALL day long- refill after refill until dinner time.. and if i was going out, i would still drink it!. Its super dehydrating, and your body is in fight mode, on edge and in an anxious state all the while! bad bad bad ! super toxic.. What will help is taking steps.. When i stopped drinking coffee, i replaced it with tea! (green tea) still a stimulant but way more natural and WAY better for you.. replace one cup at a time with TEA get into tEas, there are delicious teas out there.. drink water instead- you will see a HUGE difference in your skin, your body etc... At first it will be hard and YES you will be tired for a week- but soon your eyes will start to open.. I promise it gets easier.. you can DOO IT! YOU WILL DO IT!

i would just try and slowly come off it. if you normally drink very strong coffee switch to something milder, tea even. this way if you have a fixation with the action of drinking you can continue. then slowly switch every other drink with water until you taper it down. my mother was strongly addicted to caffeine and she quit cold turkey and had a bad detox :( but if your able to take off work then go camping...get out in nature its the best thing for you.

find a picture of a devastating unhealthy  looking woman your age etc.print it with the words caffeine anyone ?! and put this inspiring image wherever you need 2 be reminded.  Read every day about the hazards of caffeine. Look 4 some support group/ forum (like 30 b.a.d. ) What about if you simply don t buy it any more. REWARD YOURSELF 4 ABSTINENCE Find a healthier version of the product ,practice some sport...Success you can do this because you want 2 !!!

I drank two cups a day a thirty 30 years  21,000 cups  25,000 dollars   its an awful socially acceptable destructive drug 

speeds up aging jacks you nervous system dilates pupils cause us to makes shitty decisions and destoys sleep quality  

how to not want it anymore    ?    10 banana smoothie before you even think about about coffee

i drink it for energy cos i was under eating carbs    so CTFU  or even hyper CTFU cos you need a lot of energy to slay this nasty demon     drink huge smoothie and ask your self if you want a coffee 

life is wonderful without it like a 12 year before all the pollution/drugs came into my body.  

i made foolish choices to drink coffee and beer as a youth   now i have made wise ones to CTFU and clear it all out

I used dates every time i felt the urge for coffee I ate a date!! they really give you a boost of energy, also tell yourself you do not like coffee anymore it's making me ill I have not had a coffee for 6 months and feel great! the mind is whats telling you to drink it your body does not want anything to do with it! so be strong willed!! good luck

I completely sympathise. I am a teacher and working 14-16 hour days is hell. Most of us are addicted to caffeine. I used to rely on a 5 shot latte to get me through to 9am. When I transitioned to 80/10/10 coffee was the last to go. I couldn't go camping or remove myself from the culture due to lifestyle commitments. I slowly cut things down so I didn't have to go through the withdrawal and mess up my work. I would progressively cut myself off from caffeine a little earlier each day over a fortnight. I supplemented with dates and peppermint tea. You could always try decaf to see if that helps too. I've not had coffee from over a year and I don't miss it at all.

All the best hey

I was physically addicted to coffee for over 50 years. I could not go one day without it, or I'd have to suffer migraines all day and night until I got some coffee in me. I hated that the coffee was controlling me. It all came to a head one day when I was on vacation visiting a good friend and got so wrapped up in seeing him that I forgot to have my morning coffee. The entire visit suffered. That's when I vowed to quit drinking it when I got home. The first five days are the worst, with massive headaches (for me, at least) and no desire to do anything but wallow in the suffering. After that, things begin to clear. You might drag for a couple of weeks, but then one bright morning, you will feel just like you did on coffee as you will be off of it. Just getting out of that addiction jail is so worth it. There are so many other benefits, too. Just do it!



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