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I now know why I had so many migraines on 811 - IMPORTANT Info if U have migraines

First I just want to thank everybody for all the response and help I got from the post about Dr Graham versus Dr McDougal, where I shared how much I have suffered with migraines. When I started this lifestyle a lot of people said that 30bananasaday was not a nice site with nice people. OMG I have never been any where on line where people give more of their energy and time to help others. Amazing banana people here. THANK U!

Im still not 100% raw in winter, (I live in Denamrk, and I m too cold if I go 100% raw. i know a lot of you will say that thats not so, but that is my experince) where I have patatoe soup with a butternut squasch or pumpkin ect at night and lots of veggies like selleri and spinach.


Well I found out that it wasnt the cooked low fat food or the riped bananas giving me migraines. It was migraine medicin.


When I get a migraine I can take a triptan (migraine medicin) and the migraine is normally gone within 30 minutes. I still dont feel on top of my game after the medicin kicks in, but the knife through my head and the vomiting stops. There is no pain killers in Triptans. They work specific on getting the bloodvessels back to normal size in the head - and when that happens the migraines head pains go away.


But there is a problem. If you take them more than twice a week you risk getting rebound headaches. For me that meant going for 6 years waiking up with a migraine every morning at five. Now, if you right now think: "how on earth could it take her 6 years to find out that the medicin was the problem?" I know!


Theese are not excuses but explanations.

  1. I grew up with a very smart, goodlooking, very succesfull mother and a father who was a huge drinker. I dont mean he was drinking sometimes. I Mean Alcoholic with a big A. The last 11 year of his life he ended up in a nursing home not able to talk or move. So even though I know with my intellect that I would never end up like that, in my cell memory from childhood I had the limiting belief (still working on that one) that either I had to be perfect (all A student. Yes I cant spell in english perfect, but today I dont care. You try to write in your second lauguage) or I would die. Be like your mom or dad - thats the black and white choice. That means I have an inner "performance - have to be perfect - monster" inside who likes to run the show. Think about it. Im a public speaker waiking up for 6 year with a migraine having two chioces. 1. Take a tritan and go and do your job as a speaker, coach, writer with deadlines and being a wife and mother. 2. Dont take the triptan and stay in bed with knives through your head (Oh yes child birth is nothing compered to this pain).
  2. I did try more than 10 times to get out of the medicin but its not a one try thing and then you have succes. Im born with a migraine brain, meaning that that is my bodys weakest link. Thats whats saying hello Gitte you are out of balance here. But I have had the stregth to have succes getting off medicin with 811. Why? because even though the detox period for a few days are bad, its a lot faster for my body to detox now. I have also much more energy and great body image after loosing 8 kilos. So all in all Im just stronger and happier on 811.
  3. Even though I have known for years to limit my medicin to less than twice a week, and I did follow that, I still got rebound headaches. Now the reason I thought it might be something I ate (like bananas or cooked low fat vegan food) was that all migraine specialists and doctors said that rebound headaches couldnt happen, if you tke triptans less than twice a week. I really wanted to believe that, and it being so hard to not take the medicin, i tried the "easy" way out, which was thinking "It must be bananas or something I eat." Also because I have known for years that bananas are a trigger for lots of migraine patients. But i Guess my body did reach the tipping point with the triptans. I have put that poison in my body for years and know I get the rebound headaches even if I take one a week. What I do know is ride the migraine out when its there if I can bare the pain. If its a level 10 pain on a 10 which happened last week when I had a speech to give for a huge comapany, I take 1/2 a triptan, and then I can function.

I so feel that 80/10/10 in some ways have been part of my miracle cure even though I still get migraines if Im too stressed or during period. It has gotten my focus back on natural health. That the bodys pain has an important message. That every dis-ease has a physical and emotional component to it. When I eat clean Im more mentally aware and awake. Also loosing weight feeling amazing (Other than migraine I havent even had a cold for 10 year, so I dont get sick ever) Never being hungry, never having cravings for junk food and eating unlitted calories is such a party for me. Also Durianriders tip for me when I did a podcast episode with him (find it at iTunes under enerGittes talkshow) about drinkin a liter of water, waiting 30 minutes before having breakfast. OMG! Now I drink all the water, have one date and powerwalk for 60 minutes, come home and have banana smoothie. I Feel good, la la la la la la....like I knew that I would now......la, la,la, la, la, la laaaaa... No more daily little headpains, and no more skin problems. Before my face had so many pimples I looked like a pizza with cheese.


I wanted to share my 811 story "from BIG pain to energy happiness and a little pain, with U. Lets inspire and help eachother with no judgement. People are all doing the best they can with the knowledge they have in the moment. When you know better, you do better. After I found 811, when I interviewed Alicia Grant as research for my migraine book, I know better.


So please share every experience you have with getting rid of pain being on 811.

Did you stop all medicin cold turkey (or cold banana)?

How fast did you feel better?

Did you find yourself allergic to surden fruits and veggies?

Have you done fasting to detox or has 811 been enpough?

We learn through succes stories.

I cant tell you have many time I have written in Google: How I got rid of migraines. Or No more migraines after chaning diet.


So lets make sure that all the sick people out there in google land they can find good answers in here at 30banansady.


Because: When you know better, you do better.


I appreciate You


Daily enerGizer



Ps. I have a new youtube channel Daily enerGizer where I post 365 short motivational videos a year. My old channel Gitteglad is still there, but thats mostly in danish. U also find Daily enerGizer on twitter and facebook where you are welcome to post also.

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Glad to hear that you figured that out. I can't imagine having migraines on a daily basis. Or even having them for that matter. It is so nice to not get headaches and colds anymore.

Thanks for the DR podcast btw. Enjoyed that on my bike yesterday. It was a good length for a workout too!

i've never had a headache and i've never taken medicine.  glad you found your sollution now stay clean and detox all that out by eating mega fresh fruit :)


I too suffered from migraines since I was a small child around 2 or 3 years old.  Numerous brain scans and doctor visits all my life. The doctors didn’t believe i could be so young with migraines without a brain tumor.  No brain tumor just lots of migraines sometimes 6 a week, on average I had about 3 per week.  The pain really made my life miserable I never knew when one would hit. I was a ballet dancer and an Irish step dancer and the migraines were affecting my classes and performances.  In my teens after another round of doctor visits and meds that didn’t work or caused an allergic reaction i started looking at my diet and read every book I could about food and diet and its effects on the body (not much to choose from back then)

 I went vegan.  Decreased my migraines to 1 a week on average.  But I was still very sick all the time, tired, moody, sinus problems, ear pain and pressure, ect

I lived like that thinking it was the best I could do for years after all it was a great improvement over the way I had been feeling.  Then I got very sick on a vacation in Morocco in 2005 I was in my late 20s and almost died from Strep Pneumomia.  My 4th time having Pneumonia in my life. 

Only I never recovered.  I spent the next 3 years suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome which then became years of fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis pain and fatigue.  Lots more doctors visits and lots more meds with horrible side effects.  Everyone told me i was going to have to live with it and yes I was still having migraines.

In 2010 I read more books and watched any documentary on food and illness.  And decided to cure myself. And took my self off the arthritis meds cold turkey and stopped seeing that doctor ( stayed with my primary doctor she was all for the healing with foods approach). it took time to deal with issues I had with food (eating disorder) but i went on a whole foods diet.  Some relief.  Started looking more.  Figured out certain foods caused certain symptoms in me. I spent last summer only eating fruit and salads and bread because that was what my body wanted.  Felt better still had a migraine once and a while but so much better.  Then i went back to cooked veggies and bread during the winter of 2011 got sick again and I found 80-10-10 in Jan of this year.  When on 811 i feel great.

I had a challenging time cutting out grains this year.  But I did finally get rid of them and now I feel great.  all of my fibro and arthritis pains are gone.  No more migraines no more fatigue.  I jog, walk ,bike,and dance.  I feel wonderful and i am now in charge of my health and my body. the only thing i have to be careful of is mixing salad greens with fruits or citrus( that combo is a migraine for me) I have learned to love salads with a blended dressing of red pepper,garlic, onion and carrots. That flavor combo works for me.

Although I have since learned of a accupressure way of treating my greens and fruit combo problems and can now have romaine and red apples together and no migraine and also bananas and spinach together and no migraine. I would be glad to share with anyone who has a fruit or greens allergy or intollerance. It also fixed the bloat problem from citrus friuts.  I need to do a post about this soon.

I kept a food and wellness diary most of my life and that is how as a teen i was able to connect migraines to fish and meat and then later to MSG,wheat, and salad greens with lemon dressing.  By tracking my eating and symptoms and gaining knowledge on diet through books i was able to find what works for me.  Yes it was along journey full of pain and frustration to get to 811 for me but now i am starting a new journey of health and happiness.

Thank U Jessica. I love your story and I can so relate to all the pain one sometimes has to go through first. Your health is relly your biggest wealth. You rock! Do you not ever get a migraine now? Mine are menstrual related and I have not gotten rid of those yet. Love and health Gitte

Wow, impressive, what a courage to go through that..

I did not take medecin except aspirin when i was kid and dental drugs but otherwise never. If i would ever have a physical problem i would rely on food and liquids. However i had heavy mercury poisonning with 13 mercury dental fillings and many of them were big and for over 20 yrs. When i went on 811, i felt much much better immediately. But there was something that - sometimes - got me back down, nervous, etc. after eating, even lots of food, fruits, etc. Generally I felt so much better, my skin became much clearer, much stronger i mean thicker somehow, much more colorful esp. with lots of parsley for ex. I felt much more energy when adding lots of fruits to my already vegan diet.

When I saw that sometimes lots of foods did not handle the nervousness or actually sometimes my body felt more anxious than before eating i started to really study what could be the cause of it. I ''knew'' about mercury but did not fully understand or believe the ''side effects'' of it in the body. When researching way more and thanks to many testimonies on the net, I started to understand that the mercury vapors do happen with more volume when one is chewing or one is drinking warm or hot liquids. So i started to verify this and it became more and more obvious that mercury was the cause of it. Now that these are out of my mouth and almost all the left over of mercury out of my body i don't have these anxious feeling right after eating (chewing, etc.)


I almost have no headaches left and that's after about 3 weeks now that the mercury fillings have been removed. This removal was not done very knowledgeably so a lot of it went into my body while removing it from my mouth... Good that I was prepared - digestion wise - and that I knew what to do to get rid of most of it real fast. (Chlorella, coriander, plus anything to strengthens the immune system: anti-oxidants of many kinds and in abundance. )

No fasting for me. I would not know to keep that discipline with the life I have and the friends I live with but that does not bother me too much at this point. I think my body is doing pretty good now compared to the years before.

Wauw what an experience. Im glad you found out why you were so sick. Love Gitte

It sounds like you are well on your way to becoming migraine free - I am so happy for you.  I'm so glad that are you are sharing your stories and inspiration so that others can find freedom from 'the head' as I used to call it.

After first going 811rv, I also had a few minor headaches right before and the 1st day or 2 of my period.  But after a year or so those were totally gone.  I have also worked to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible.  For me the absolute things I cannot thrive without are adequate sleep (9 hrs is the best I can do now), full hydration, vigorous daily exercise and fruitiness.

When I first got migraines I tried a few of the meds and I too would feel the pain gone but still my body felt wrenched.  I can't even remember the names but one went up your nose and I took it once and hated it.  The only relief before going 811 (when ultimate relief came) was eliminating some known triggers, caffeine and white sugar, and at the peak of the headaches, they were coming every other week and lasted for 3 days, I would go to a chiropractor and after her cracking my neck I could feel it start to dissipate.  Of course I couldn't always drag myself there nor get an immediate appointment.  But they still came just not so severe.  And even then I had the strong feeling that I needed to get to the root of it and stop them from happening. 

I always viewed the migraines (I had headaches as a kid too but not migraines in full swing until my late 20s) as a strong signal my body was sending because I would literally be put down for full three days.  And I would be euphoric and cleaned out that 4th day.  3 days of forced fasting, rest and purging amid severe pain.  It's really upsetting to me that the medical establishment does absolutely nothing to help.  The drugs don't stop migraines from happening.  They only create more problems such as your rebound headaches. 

I also have to say that the during years of my nursing my children, 6 years straight in total, I never had a migraine (minor headaches yes) but believe it had to do with all the natural hormones (to help relax, allow letdown etc) and my copious water intake, plus I watched my diet ever closer after having kids.  Plus I guess there's that crazy mothering gene that enables you to get 3 hours of sleep a night for extended periods of time and still function.  A 3-day migraine was just not possible.

I fasted maybe once but found it downright silly when I'm taking care of 3 kids.  I never have had any allergies to fruit.

In a way we are lucky to have migraines because when your body's signal that something is wrong is so severe, it's extremely hard to ignore.  Migraine sufferers are prepared to get to the bottom of it!

By the way your English is very readable and interesting to read.  We don't sweat over the small stuff here, like typos and mispellings.

Oh, and I say ditch the medicine.   Your body needs to make you aware of the problem within; supression is not good imo.

Thank U Mary. Your story is such an insppiration for me and it motivates me to stay of the medicin. Now when not in pain, its just easyer said than done. If taking 1/2 a triptan can take the pain from 10 to 3 and it doent give me robound, then Im going for that. If I have a talk to give for 100 people Im not gonna cancel and stay in bed. Maybe I will change and this health journey is a process for me and not going from a to z. But I do agree with U 110%. Love to hear that you headaches at the onset of period also went away. There os hope :) I have heard that the hardest thing for the body to clean up is hormonal imbalance. At the onset of period the estrogen is to high and then drops fast. That rise and fall in estrogen is what triggers the migraines. I did try bio identical progesterone from day 14 - 28 in my cycle to balance it out, but it made no difference. Interesting to see if the diet can do for my hormones, what bio identical hormones couldnt do. Any of you have experience with taking bio identical hormones? Do women on 811 not experience hot flashes, moodswings, bloating, migraines ect when going through menopause? Hugs Daily enerGizer Gitte

I haven't experienced any symptoms of menopause yet and I don't plan on doing any kind of hormone therapy even though I keep hearing about the bio identicals.  My periods completely changed on 811rv into something I barely notice.  I expect this lifestyle will make for a smooth menopause as well.  I guess time will tell.


Thanks for sharing your story and success with us.  I hope with the passage of time that your migraines disappear altogether and I hope our nutrient dense diet is the key to unlocking that success for you.  

Peace, PK



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