30 Bananas a Day!

Not eating cooked food and only eating fruit and greens is apparently the most feared life threatening disease known to man.

My dad has made an appointment with a high profile doctor to examine me on sunday and find out what this mysterious illness is.

This is going to be very interesting... I am very curious as to why my appearance changed for the betgter and why I feel so good in general. Something is not right...

Ill keep you guys informed about what the team of scientists and specialists say. I do not want any of you to contract this unknown deadly epidemic

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Haha good luck mate and stay strong :-)

Oh my gosh! We all must have the disease! And the only way to cure it is to eat processed foods and animal products whilst numbing ourselves and destroying our health in the process, oh noes :O

almost exactly what my doctor told me "you need to eat a normal diet" and repeated this multiple times throughout the conversation. i challenged him to a race around the parking lot and if i win i get to go home and eat whatever i want. 

Oh man! let us know how it went!

Your dad should do the same exam and see who gets the best results !

I agree! That'd be hilarious!


Best of luck to you<3


show me the healthy doctors

 see overweight stressed doctors smoking outside hospitals 

drug users and drug dealers

I would try to get your father to undergo any exams that you undergo - blood tests, etc. so that you can compare yourselves.

Also find out what the Doctor's diet is!



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