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Alright so I've been doing CrossFit and olympic lifting sine July and I'm running into the issue that I need to start bulking up more in order to lift the weights that I need to, there's only so much I can do at my body weight. However, I am currently a full-time college student and part-time working so I have very little money left over for grocery shopping. Any ideas anyone???

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I'm new to the game and I need every advantage I can get. I'm going to go ahead and say it: I DO CROSSFIT *que gasping here*, yes Harley I am aware of the disdane for it but it's what I love doing. I have a very time sensitive competition coming up and its hard to maintain weight with how much I'm training. I'm a plant based athlete in a paleo world, I want to make a name for plant based athletes.

I'm not "doing weights" for anyone but me. I was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia 3 years ago and was given the choice to either go immediately on super dangerous medication or figure it out myself pretty much. With whatever keyboard stroke of luck I had I found you and Freelee and became raw vegan almost two years ago, now RT4 and I'm not on any medication and pretty much pain free thanks to you guys. But now I want to make it big and spread the word.

Congrats on overcoming that. 

Even the full time athletes on the juice took years to get swol remember.

"just get on the GEEEEEAR!" lol, love when you say that.

There's something for everybody in wide world of fitness, Kennedy, but once you find something you love that loves you back, that's reason enough to pursue it.  Props to you for wanting to be the best example possible.

That said, you've already gotten some good advice in this thread.  The strength game is not an overnight or "time sensitive" equation.  The body has it's own time table, and it's happiest when it can maintain a status quo.  You have to really excel with maximum sleep, substantially more calories than baseline, and challenging, incrementally progressive lifts.  

Notice you've been hitting it hard for a just a few short weeks, and already your FS has shot up 25#. Those are gains that any gym mook, juiced or otherwise, would kill to have.  If it's not yet what you think you need to compete, that's ok.  Just keep putting in the time and effort, always prioritizing form first, and the gains will come.  Don't worry so much about putting on physical mass, and just regularly adding a pound or two to the bar.  

there are plenty of lifters out there who don't look like massive super heroes, but can still lift like ants.  Note many oly lifters and yes, the aforementioned Fruitnstrength.  check his vids--he's literally hefting 2-3x his BW on the major lifts, yet isn't really that big.  Imagine his power/weight ratio.  There's no reason you couldn't achieve the same, just as long as you stay patient.  

I'm sure this competition is important to you, as they all should be.  Just give it your best shot this time with the development you've achieved to this point, and continue working toward the future.  

you doing the open, too?

I can't do the Open unfortunately:( it was either money to register or buy food....

I already am healthy and fit overall for your information. 

I can do sets of 10 weighted, STRICT, deadhang pullups

I can do sets of 20 pushups

I can run a 5k in about 27 minutes, not trying too hard.

Have you ever googled an olympic lifter? No? Exactly.

And this is why I prefer Forks Over Knives

My hobby is free, my coach has me clean the gym once a week for a membership and I have a job but I'm also paying for tuition right now haha

Look at Mike Vlasaty. Very skinny and light yet he can outlift guys that weigh much more than him. If you want bigger muscles stay out of long cardio hours, focus on sleep and calories. 

Hi Kennedy,

Nice to see some folks offer some encouraging advice. Also sorry to see that you got a touch of passive aggressive style keyboard-hate. I guess some of us fruitarians/vegans are just sooo enlightened and conscious that we've risen above and transcended some aspects of the human experience. Lol!  

I really enjoy lifting weights myself for the idea of feeling stronger and gaining an overall body sculpt that I personally feel looks attractive and aesthetic. As a RT4 vegan I am having no problem whatsoever in slowly, but steadily, packing on the lean muscle mass, as long as I consistently lift real heavy, give it my all, and eat enough healthy calories(fruits/shoots/starches). I am on a super tight budget as well. I'm a single full time Dad with no child support and I work full time, meaning I also pay for daycare. No pity party here. LOL!  Just saying, I know what it's like to strive for your fitness goals on a tight budget and time-crunch. For me it's as simple as bananas, rice, potatoes, corn, broccoli and some salads. All SUPER cheap foods. If I don't have any ripe bananas around for lunch and breakfast, I go for a couple mega cans of sliced peaches in heavy syrup(sugar water) at 600 cals per can for $1.50 each!! A good macro hit, but super weak in micro's, so to be kept as a last resort for easy to digest calories. Nonetheless those sweet peaches can come in handy!! On these foods it’s really easy to get those big carb calories in for cheap dollars. And so that’s what I recommend as a fellow heavy lifter with a voracious appetite. :)

I find it takes time to learn how many daily calories you need when you’re doing explosive/heavy lifting. Feel it out. I’d say start with at least 3,000 per day and see how you feel. If you feel lacking in power, than increase it to 3,300 and so on etc..   

I don't think it's as much about "bulking up", as it is eating enough calories to fuel the power you need to have, and to adequately repair and build new tissue. I am very familiar with the idea of a "bulking phase" , however I'm just not convinced that it's all that necessary. I really think it's better to focus on have enough fuel for exercise and prompt repair. Does that make sense? Plus bulking doesn't sound very fun to me, as I like being lean. lol

From research and experience I have concluded that gaining large amounts of muscle, and major increases in strength, takes many years of dedicated hard work and healthy eating/living. I’ve watched a lot of interviews/documentaries, read lots of forums, but most importantly, I’ve talked to a lot of strong dudes at the gym on how they train and how long they’ve been at it. Also, depends on what kind of results you want. If you want to lift ungodly amounts of weight, and/or are going for that incredibly jacked, super defined, super vascular, super dry, photo shopped look, I would take the time to realize that nearly every single person who fits those descriptions is on steroids.  But if you just want to be a stronger, better, all natural version of yourself, then I encourage you to go for it! Keep at it Kennedy. I want to build more and more muscle as a RT4 vegan too. Let’s effing do it. :)

Best Wishes,


Thank you so much for the kind words and great ideas!

Are you buying wholesale?  This is the cheapest way to buy produce.  And for dry goods buy from a co-op.  If you are on a meal plan at college, talk to them about getting you more fruit.

Good talk here from an experienced low fat raw vegan body builder: http://www.organicathlete.org/post/raw-vegan-bodybuilding-with-char...



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