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Alright so I've been doing CrossFit and olympic lifting sine July and I'm running into the issue that I need to start bulking up more in order to lift the weights that I need to, there's only so much I can do at my body weight. However, I am currently a full-time college student and part-time working so I have very little money left over for grocery shopping. Any ideas anyone???

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Lift very heavy, focus on the basic compound exercises (like bench press, squats, dead lift, military press, pull ups, etc.) and stay within the 6-8 reps range per set.

Eat like there's no tomorrow. Rice and potatoes have plenty of protein and all the carbs you need in order to have the energy to lift heavy, plus they're dirty cheap. Other grains/pseudograins (like oats, millet, barley, quinoa, etc.) are good too, as well as beans.

Don't forget rest and sleep. That's also crucial for bulking.

Right now I'm on a clean and jerk strength program, as well as back squat. Just finished my front squat programming last month, put 25lb on my max weight in about 5 weeks. I used to be a huge dieter pre-vegan and theres a giant mental block for me to gain weight and lose some leanness but I'm starting to get stuck at certain weights because I'm just not big enough...

Thank you for the food ideas!

Have you looked at https://www.youtube.com/user/fruitandstrength ? His bodyweight is not high but he lifts a lot. Max strength training is a little different than bodybuilder high rep training. Paradoxically, low rep high weight stuff adds less bulk than high rep hypertrophy training.

high rep is used to tone muscle traditionally, while low rep build muscle...

Come on dude. http://bit.ly/1zROdC8

I was doing a strength training workout with a friend straight from a book, not the stuff you get from mainstream bodybuilders, this book you actually had to read to understand. What we did, which was what the book told us to do was MAX weight with low reps. Which is basically what you're saying right ? After about two weeks I was already benching more than guys that looked bigger than me and my arms and chest are not big at all. If this is not what your saying correct me. btw, nice link haha!

I'm basically saying look at "fruitandstrength" he doesn't look huge but lifts a lot of weight.

To illustrate my point look at this too. Looks can be deceiving.

ok, doing the job here for you. This all you need to read. 

"Weightlifting creates a different kind of physique than does bodybuilding. While weightlifters frequently do a lot of bodybuilding-type workouts, they generally concentrate on training with the heaviest weights possible for very low reps—triples (three reps), doubles (two reps) and singles (one all-out rep). This approach is designed to create maximum strength, but it doesn’t produce the same kind of shapely, defined and well-proportioned muscle that you get doing a true bodybuilding routine. That kind of development results from using moderate to heavy weight and higher repetitions (somewhere between eight and 15 reps, typically), as well as a program that focuses on all the major muscle groups and specific areas within these groups."

Straight from Muscleandfitness.com

That guy is a boss. I really hope hes full natty. Damn that's crazy.

He's natty alright.

Needs to start bulking up to lift more? Yet there are lighter girls and guys who can lift more than you Kennedy?

If you want to get serious, get on the juice like all the really strong guys and girls. Or just give it at least 10 years of CONSISTENT HEAVY TRAINING before you say 'I WANT IT NOW!!!' haha.

1. You don't need to weigh more to lift more. Unless you are talking really elite level heavyweight stuff.

2. Steroids will give out you and anyone else out of sight muscle and strength gains. Just ask TMW, Elliot, Lobliner, Ogus, Kali and Furious Pete.

3. If you are doing weights to impress guys, keep training. If you are doing weights to impress girls then your wasting your time and should spend more time developing your personality aka humor, wit and vitality. Ultra distance cycling is a good way to do that. As is spending entire days in a dark room where you only leave to use the bathroom. Eat and drink in the dark. 



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