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So I thought I'd just jump right into 811rv from a 1/2SAD & 1/2High Fat raw kind of diet... And so far today I felt great until around dinner time. I woke up from a nap and was really hungry & kinda grumpy.  I made my husband some cooked soup and made some raw tomato soup for myself. It tasted HORRIBLE. Just bland and gross.  Then he keeps making suggestions like 'add salt' 'add garlic' etc., and as I try to explain why I don't want to add any I remind myself of how I used to sound with my eating disorder.  The way that I used to classify certain foods as "bad" and others as "safe"...  I felt weird trying to explain why 'salt' was suddenly bad.


Then he starts getting an attitude and asking what's so great about this diet, and says if it ends up being too expensive then I'm not doing it.  He also started getting upset at me because at this point I'm really hungry and my soup sucks and he's saying I'm making the baby hungry too (I'm almost 9 months).  He says it'll shock the baby's system if I jump right into this because the baby is used to more fat & protein...


I don't know what to do.  Everyone has different advice on what I need to eat for the baby and I'm so frustrated right now I feel like crying.


Plus part of me is scared this is just another super restrictive way of thinking about food that'll lead me into having an eating disorder relapse.  


I don't know if I should try to transition slowly and maybe eat some cooked food for dinner but keep it 80/10/10?  Or listen to what the Dr.'s say and eat 70-90g of protein a day and just do 811 after I have the baby.... I don't know how to transition slowly. I feel like a failure if I don't do it perfectly 10% from the beginning.  

Can someone please help?

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Eat enough fruit and greens and you'll be fine. You were hungry because you didn't eat enough from fruit throughout the day. If you are that hungry at dinner time, have a large meal of fruit that tastes amazing instead of a bowl of tomato soup!

You will more than likely need to eat more since you are feeding your baby, so you will more than likely feel hungrier..so eat up on FRUIT. Sweet fruits. Dates, bananas, mangoes and forego the non-sweet fruits till you get your FILL on the sweet ones. Don't wait to get hungry. Make sure your meals are large enough to keep you satisfied and fueled for the next meal.

I'm glad you checked in with us, Erin.  I hope our support can be a help, especially during this special time. 

I'll let some of our parents chime in with their tried-and-true advice, but these past threads may be of benefit:




this group's more dedicated to kiddie's already birthed, but you'll obviously find parents with whom you can communicate:



Erin, whatever changes, physical, emotional, and otherwise may occur in the near future for you, I encourage you to be gentle with yourself.  Just the fact that you're doing your best to live healthfully is a tremendous victory, and a successful mindset that your baby most definately senses and appreciates. 

Finally, I'll paraphrase one of the simplest yet most profound thoughts I've ever heard a mother say, one that I believe couldn't help but foster healthy habits: 

"During my pregnancy, I always kept in mind:  'I'm making a little person'!" 


I wish you peace and a glowing rest of your pregnancy and time of birth, Erin.

We can't wait to greet our new fellow Earthling! :)

Thank you so much guys.  I do think I still have some ghosts from my eating disorder to deal with.  All the measuring & calculating I've done today reminds me how I used to be, only now I'm not restricting...

Maybe I will add in some brown rice for dinner time just to up my cals. It's hard going from typical SAD meals to all fruit meals! 4,000 sounds like so much.  My cron-o-meter says I had 1,800 cals & 80carb/7pro/13fat...I feel stuffed but I'll try to eat some more fruit later.


I'll check out those links; I need to read about more Raw Mommies & babies...

Thanks for being so patient & understanding. I tend to be very hard on myself and with the added stress of worrying about my baby growing I just freaked out.  I'll try to be easier on myself, especially during the last weeks of my pregnancy.  It might be smarter for me to try to do all raw after I have the baby. :-( I don't like not being able to do things perfectly right away, lol.

I know how difficult it can be but try your hardest to let go of the purist mindset. Your health isn't all or nothing, the more raw fruits you eat the better your health will be. You don't have to go 100% raw right away. Getting enough calories is the most important thing (especially since you are pregnant!) so if one day you are having trouble getting enough fruity carbs, don't hesitate to eat some brown rice or boiled potatoes. (Though these aren't optimal foods, they are better than the foods you may eventually binge on if you chronically undereat.) Then just make a mental note that you need more fruit during the day and plan how you could manage that in the future. I wish you the best! I know transitioning can be difficult.



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