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I am new to this lifestyle (feb 2013) and I am currently dealing with a lot of things I am trying to heal from.  Even though I am having a lot of crazy things happen to my body and I don't even know if I am doing this correctly I still believe in it so much that I want to have my father follow this lifestyle as well for his health.  Ok let me explain, last year my father had quintuple bypass surgery.  It is rare to survive a heart attack when there is a blockage in all five of the arteries, actually to survive it is almost unheard of.  However, we were lucky because my dad had a minor heart attact.  The small heart attack saved his life cause he went into heart surgery two days later.  So they caught it in enough time to save his life and now he is recovering and doing great.  Now the thing is while this was happening to my dad I was also having personal health struggles that I was trying to correct naturally with no conventional medicine so I was bombarding myself with diet informaton etc.  I got into the whole, superfood/healthy protien (fish/lean meats) thing and the healthy fats.  So the thing is when this happened I was giving my dad tons and tons of dietary advice and all the suggestion I made were helping and he was feeling great.  The doctors couldn't believe his progress and he is making a full recovery.  I am so excited.

But then I stumbled across this lifestyle and overnight I switched to this lifestyle just by reading as much info on this site and a few others as I could.  No guidance that day I went and bought tons of fruit.  Now I still am having problems and having many ups and downs, frustrations, worries with this but for me I feel it is the only choice, whether I am foolish or not I believe in it, I want it so bad I just keep going no matter what I face, which I will admit is hard at times.  Sometimes I get scared and I feel like I should not continue but I keep goiing it is a pull I can't even explain.  But I have not technically given this lifestyle the test of time to know that it is safe/healthy sustainable etc, for myself let alone my dad who is a heart patient.  But I believe it is right and it is the answer to health, wellness, diet and so much more.

But I am terrified because I want my dad to follow this lifestyle and I have so much influence over him I might be able to do it.  He is so cute he listens to everything I tell him when it comes to diet.  I tell him eat this don't eat this, etc.  At first he was all about it because it was a typical way of thinking about diet, whole grains, fruits veggies, healthy meats and healthy fats, no salt etc.  But then I found this and I changed my opinion on healthy foods.  So I do have influence and I feel that I could actually have him eating this way but it would have to be slow.  So I started making changes in his diet.  I said ok dad stop eating so much nut butters and nuts, no more olive oil on your salads etc.  Then I said try to eat meat only twice a week please.  He did both these things.  Then I call and say ok dad can you try a week with no meat.  Etc my poor dad was so confused with all the changes but he kept listening.  I made more changes, I said for your snacks (cause he is not ready to give up traditional meals yet) instead of whatever you eat for snack now have fruit and only one type of fruit.  I said snack on a banana, two whatever until you are satisfied.  Etc  Now I tell him try not to have so many beans all the time have sweet potato, white potato and eat more then you usually do (cause he has blood sugar issues we had him watching his carbs and portion sizes).   

Anyway to try and wrap a very long story up, I basically have been making a lot of changes and trying to slowly switch him over, but it is hard because I don't have complete control over his diet (I don't live with my parents) so I can't really look out for him to make sure he is safe and eating enough.  I try to tell him eat as much fruit and potatoes etc as you want.  My phrase to him now is eat more just eat more of the good stuff, your fruit and potatoes.  When before I was saying watch your portions measure everything etc.  Oh and I push and push for him to get sun everyday. And to drink lots of water.

Since I have made all these changes my dad has been in the hospital twice because his blood pressure dropped and he fainted it ended up being sodium/dehydration issues. I have issues with sodium as well actually (been slightly deficient for a while now) He is now having dizziness from time to time and I am terrified I am hurting him.  The thing is the doctor told him to be careful of going out in the sun.  So now my dad is scared to do that, Then the second time this happened they said he is drinking too much water and they told him that his heart can only handle 1.5 liters of water a day.

So I am scared to switch him full to this lifestyle because I don't know if it can work for him.  I believe in this lifestyle so much I am wanting my dad on it but I don't want to kill my daddy.  I would be devastated.  I mean I don't know if I am even doing it right and if it will work for me (even though in my heart I believe it will and it is) I worry he can't do this right cause he is now afraid of the sun when before, as I told him to do, he went out everyday in shorts and a tank top.  He really is so amazing my dad, my dad his whole life has been shy he doesn't wear a tank top and shorts around his own home, let alone outside in front of anyone else but when I told him to he does :-)  (he is slim always has been with pretty good muscle tone but he is just a shy guy so he just dressed a certain way). Additionally, I don't know if 1.5 liters of water will be enough for him on this lifestyle. 

I am scared and I am desperate.  I want nothing more then for my dad to be healthy.  I feel like I can't just have him eating a typical diet, I don't want to advise him to eat things I no longer view as healthy or ethical.  And since I am not familar with heart patients I don't know if this restriction on water is necesarry (doctors say for the rest of his life this is the most liqid he can have, even if he adds water to a smoothie that counts).  

Please help any advice given would be greatly appreciated. 

Sorry this was so long.  If I forgot some details I will add as necesarry, please ask any questions you have or share any insite you have.  I would be so grateful.

Thank you 

Anyway the thing is I am starting to try and do this

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THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!! everyone for your valuable advise/information and input.  I already asked my father if he would be willing to cut out all animal protein completely and he agreed.  :-)  I think it was easier for him because I had him eating it just 2 times a week max.  And I told my dad to please think about why he feels the need to keep it in.  I asked him to really think about and ask himself if he truly enjoys the meat.  I said when you are eating and you eat a piece of plain unseasoned chicken or an egg white do you really enjoy the taste?  The texture?  Now compare that to the flavor/texture when you are eating a natural food with natural flavor like your fruit or you sweet potato (my dads favorite is sweet potato so I appealed to his likes here) and he thought for a moment and then he said no, I guess I just thought I needed the protein.  And I said dad trust me their is protein in all plant food.  You don't need to eat meat in fact it is bad for you and he said ok no more at all.  I am so excited.  I am hopeful that he will get off all meds and get better and now I have more information and resources to utilize as I try to transition him to a HCV then hopefully a HCRV one day.  The biggest one is off the list my dad is now a vegan and I couldn't be happier

Please keep us posted on your dad's progress. Hoping to convince my 65 year old mother to do 811, too - she is type 2 diabetic. Congrats to you and your vegan dad! :)

Well so far my father continues to feel great.  And he has been able to stick to no meat, eggs and dairy since I convinced him to stop.  I feel happy.  But I am getting more of a sense of urgency for him to get off the medicine.  His doctor has not taken him off yet.  I get frustrated and say when are they going to take you off?  My dad says I don't know.  I ask him do you make it clear that you want to stop taking it and that is your goal?  He says yes but nothing changes.  He trusts me so I want to tell him to just stop taking it.  But I am a little scared about that.  Is it too risky to tell him to just stop because of his health history?  Or would it be safe and ok for him to just stop taking it against doctors orders?  I know many people go against doctors orders and ditch medicines but I am not sure in his case if that is safe.  He even said to me I kinda just want to stop taking it and I almost jumped for joy and said then please stop.  But I stopped myself because I don't want to give him bad advice.  So I just said just keep up with what I ask you to eat and you will.  Then instantly I felt so sad I didn't tell him to do it.  But I don't want to put my dad in any danger.  The thing is him saying that makes me feel that he is better in touch with his body and realizes he doesn't need it.  And I trust his instinct better then I trust the pill pushing doctor. 

What do you think? Is it safe to tell him to stop or is it best to wait till the doctor gives the approval?



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