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I am new to this lifestyle (feb 2013) and I am currently dealing with a lot of things I am trying to heal from.  Even though I am having a lot of crazy things happen to my body and I don't even know if I am doing this correctly I still believe in it so much that I want to have my father follow this lifestyle as well for his health.  Ok let me explain, last year my father had quintuple bypass surgery.  It is rare to survive a heart attack when there is a blockage in all five of the arteries, actually to survive it is almost unheard of.  However, we were lucky because my dad had a minor heart attact.  The small heart attack saved his life cause he went into heart surgery two days later.  So they caught it in enough time to save his life and now he is recovering and doing great.  Now the thing is while this was happening to my dad I was also having personal health struggles that I was trying to correct naturally with no conventional medicine so I was bombarding myself with diet informaton etc.  I got into the whole, superfood/healthy protien (fish/lean meats) thing and the healthy fats.  So the thing is when this happened I was giving my dad tons and tons of dietary advice and all the suggestion I made were helping and he was feeling great.  The doctors couldn't believe his progress and he is making a full recovery.  I am so excited.

But then I stumbled across this lifestyle and overnight I switched to this lifestyle just by reading as much info on this site and a few others as I could.  No guidance that day I went and bought tons of fruit.  Now I still am having problems and having many ups and downs, frustrations, worries with this but for me I feel it is the only choice, whether I am foolish or not I believe in it, I want it so bad I just keep going no matter what I face, which I will admit is hard at times.  Sometimes I get scared and I feel like I should not continue but I keep goiing it is a pull I can't even explain.  But I have not technically given this lifestyle the test of time to know that it is safe/healthy sustainable etc, for myself let alone my dad who is a heart patient.  But I believe it is right and it is the answer to health, wellness, diet and so much more.

But I am terrified because I want my dad to follow this lifestyle and I have so much influence over him I might be able to do it.  He is so cute he listens to everything I tell him when it comes to diet.  I tell him eat this don't eat this, etc.  At first he was all about it because it was a typical way of thinking about diet, whole grains, fruits veggies, healthy meats and healthy fats, no salt etc.  But then I found this and I changed my opinion on healthy foods.  So I do have influence and I feel that I could actually have him eating this way but it would have to be slow.  So I started making changes in his diet.  I said ok dad stop eating so much nut butters and nuts, no more olive oil on your salads etc.  Then I said try to eat meat only twice a week please.  He did both these things.  Then I call and say ok dad can you try a week with no meat.  Etc my poor dad was so confused with all the changes but he kept listening.  I made more changes, I said for your snacks (cause he is not ready to give up traditional meals yet) instead of whatever you eat for snack now have fruit and only one type of fruit.  I said snack on a banana, two whatever until you are satisfied.  Etc  Now I tell him try not to have so many beans all the time have sweet potato, white potato and eat more then you usually do (cause he has blood sugar issues we had him watching his carbs and portion sizes).   

Anyway to try and wrap a very long story up, I basically have been making a lot of changes and trying to slowly switch him over, but it is hard because I don't have complete control over his diet (I don't live with my parents) so I can't really look out for him to make sure he is safe and eating enough.  I try to tell him eat as much fruit and potatoes etc as you want.  My phrase to him now is eat more just eat more of the good stuff, your fruit and potatoes.  When before I was saying watch your portions measure everything etc.  Oh and I push and push for him to get sun everyday. And to drink lots of water.

Since I have made all these changes my dad has been in the hospital twice because his blood pressure dropped and he fainted it ended up being sodium/dehydration issues. I have issues with sodium as well actually (been slightly deficient for a while now) He is now having dizziness from time to time and I am terrified I am hurting him.  The thing is the doctor told him to be careful of going out in the sun.  So now my dad is scared to do that, Then the second time this happened they said he is drinking too much water and they told him that his heart can only handle 1.5 liters of water a day.

So I am scared to switch him full to this lifestyle because I don't know if it can work for him.  I believe in this lifestyle so much I am wanting my dad on it but I don't want to kill my daddy.  I would be devastated.  I mean I don't know if I am even doing it right and if it will work for me (even though in my heart I believe it will and it is) I worry he can't do this right cause he is now afraid of the sun when before, as I told him to do, he went out everyday in shorts and a tank top.  He really is so amazing my dad, my dad his whole life has been shy he doesn't wear a tank top and shorts around his own home, let alone outside in front of anyone else but when I told him to he does :-)  (he is slim always has been with pretty good muscle tone but he is just a shy guy so he just dressed a certain way). Additionally, I don't know if 1.5 liters of water will be enough for him on this lifestyle. 

I am scared and I am desperate.  I want nothing more then for my dad to be healthy.  I feel like I can't just have him eating a typical diet, I don't want to advise him to eat things I no longer view as healthy or ethical.  And since I am not familar with heart patients I don't know if this restriction on water is necesarry (doctors say for the rest of his life this is the most liqid he can have, even if he adds water to a smoothie that counts).  

Please help any advice given would be greatly appreciated. 

Sorry this was so long.  If I forgot some details I will add as necesarry, please ask any questions you have or share any insite you have.  I would be so grateful.

Thank you 

Anyway the thing is I am starting to try and do this

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im not sure what advice to give, but i do believe you are on the right track, lm trying to do the same for my mum, but shes not so easy to change - my sis are succeeding in pieces but we need to hurry it up ;-(

i wish u everything, trust ur guts , they eve lie xx

below video is not only for cancer xxxx


I can't thank you enough for responding.  I try to follow my gut believe me but I think right now my instincts are a little off.  Because I have I am going through so much right now both physically and emotionally, I guestion everything right now with every symptom.  I think oh maybe it is the celery, so I cut that out.  Oh maybe I don't eat enough lettuce so I increase.  Then hmm maybe it is too much lettuce.  Then oh maybe it is the cherries, the blueberries the this, everytime I eat something and I have a negative reaction I question it.  I need to stop this but I don't want to eat anything that my body doesn't like.  So again since I don't have it perfect yet I worry about switching someone else to it.

And I don't do cooked foods at all.  I am 100% raw, but I don't think jumping right in with my dad is the right answer so I am trying to make as many changes as I can within the context of what he is used to and what he will be more comfortable with at the time and hopefully in the future switch him to 100% LFRV

Thank you so much for your input :-)  Yes the doctor has told him to monitor his intake and to measure out the water he drinks in a day.  I am just so distraught because I believe this can help him but I have the fear about the high water content in the fruit too.  Also all the additional fiber, only cause when you eat more fiber I would imagine you need to drink more water.  And he can't drink more water.  And I don't think he can handle the high water content of the fruit either, but I have him eating lots more fruit so yeah I am scared.  I don't want to switch him and have him get severely dehydrated and end up in the hospital or worse.  So yeah I cry over this.  It would brake my heart to tell him to forget all my changes and go back to what he was doing before because I don't believe that is healthy or the best for him.  But then again maybe for him this isn't possible so maybe it can be good enough.  Maybe it will give him a lot of extra years of health, just not as many as this lifestyle would and he wouldn't ever be able to experience the way it makes you feel, that by itself is a benenfit whether it results in more years or not, at least the quality of the years he is here would be better and I would love to give my father that gift.  Honeslty, there would be nothing greater then for me to give my father life in a way.  I don't know.  But I also don't want to hurt him.  I couldn't bear it

his kidneys might be a little tired after all these years, when i was in the hospital for sodium issues they told me the only reason i was allowed to drink water again was because my kidneys were so good. they actually underestimated my ability to regulate electrolytes properly, provided i had enough of them, but if you're a bit older and your kidneys might not be up to par then it could take a little longer for things to even themselves out. 1.5 liters a day for start, be mindful of water dense fruits like watermelon and if he gets any severe dizziness, numbness, hallucinations, slurried vision or speech give him a coconut water STAT. slowly, as is kidneys begin to build their integrity then you could probably increase water consumption if he wants. 

i understand your fear for your fathers safety. i am so afraid for my family too, but if you allow your father cooked vegan food, or to transition a little more slowly, it doesn't mean you don't love him. consider giving him some freedom to make his own choices..this just reminds me of a child whos parents are hounding them for good grades because they want them to have a great future. domination, even if the intentions are there, is never good for anyone. 

Yes what you said is very true and got me thinking.  I sort of sense that too, I don't like to force anything on anybody that is just my belive and how I am in everyday life, I want people to be free to make their own choices, I don't control anybody or anything except me and my own emotions/actions etc.  However with this I was different.  I basically was instructing my dad on how to eat but he is very receptive to my advice and seeks my advice when it comes to this.  So at first I was actually quite matter of fact and told him to do this eat this didn't leave it up to him really but that is what he wanted advice he could implement and follow so I gave it to him.  Then when I started making lots of changes that he views as odd (cause it goes against what I said in the past and also the information his doctors and society at large say) I began to be afraid that I was forcing this on him so I tried to sound less like I was giving orders and more like I was helping.  So I started to say things like this is what I think but do what you are comfortable with, if you want to do what the doctors say to eat then do that if you want to try out what I am saying then do that (and in my heart I am saying please listen to me) and he does listen to me.  But at times I do find myself making the mistake of kinda barking orders at him but I care so much it is hard not to want to tell him what to do.  But in the end you are right I can't help him he has to decide he has to act and it is best that way.  All I can do is offer my advice and support and hope it influences him to act.  So yes thank you for the healthy perspective

+1 on the coconut water, great idea!

Oh ok yeah and thank you Sagar and Ednshell for mentioning that cocounut water is a good idea.  That is awesome and I am definitely going to get him some and tell him where he can buy it. 

They said yeah it could be dehydrating him and they said that one of the medications he is on (either the pain medicine or the cholesterol medicine, can't remember which one) can cause problems with the sun.  I was so upset and frustrated when I heard that.  I felt like I don't know what to do.  If he can't do the things that I want him to do then maybe I should give up.  But I don't want to give up on him or give up on this lifestyle either, I want to figure it out and work out all the mistakes for me before I consider even switching him 100%, I want to help him and keep him safe.  That is also sort of why I feel at times impatient like oh my gosh I just want to get better now, because I want this so bad to be right I just want to see it now so I can live me life and help my daddy and hopefully live by example and be a positive influence and influence others to help themselves.

I would find a Doc who can help you get him off those meds as soon as possible.  100,000 people die every year from taking medications as prescribed. 

Yes and you are right that is why I am so frustrated cause I want him off everything.  I hate him on it, I want to tell him to just stop taking it but I can't do that either because I can't make him risk his health like that.  If he decided on his own to just stop the meds and let his body heal on its own then I would support his decision and help the best way I could but until then I want to try to get him off his meds naturally.  Heart meds I can help.  I am now researching his back problems to see if there are natural ways to end the pain so he can get off those medications as well.  But that one is trickier.

Yoga and meditation can work wonders on nerve pain and the health of the whole body.  I did yoga with my 90 year old grandfather and I was amazed how quickly he loosened up.  I did it with him 3 times a week and to my surpise he kept it up on his own the other days.  He could not even turn his head to the side at first which shocked me because he was very active, always fixing things at his church, driving friends to doctor appointments, etc.  So one benefit of the yoga was that it made his driving much safer!

Oh yoga and meditation is a great idea.  I actually am very interested in learning and incorporating both into my life.  I know nothing about either other then basic concepts and I know it is something that appeals to me.  Unfortunately due to time constraints I currently face I haven't been able to begin learning or implementing yoga in my life, but now that you suggest this what a wonderful thing to learn with my father.  It would benenfit us both and be a good thing we can do together to help strenghen our bond. :-)



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