30 Bananas a Day!

Hey 30BaD community, i started being vegan months ago, for the pure goal of weight loss, after about 4-5 months vegan now i have lost only 20 lbs if that...

I eat too much salt, too much fat. Im only 17 and 98kg... 

Im very ashamed to say this but lately i have been eating cheese, im so embarrased and ashamed of myself of doing it and saying it here because i feel im going to get alot of hate... I have been binging on cheese sandwiches for like almost a week now, people say eat more fruit, well i would but i feel like no matter how many bananas i eat im still hungry but not for bananas but all other foods.

Im trying to eat about 20 bananas a day and some other calories from fruit juices and so, but im not enjoying it anymore, eating bananas feels like a chore to me now, like forcefeeding. I want to be a raw vegan so bad but im going crazy, i feel like crap after i eat cheese but i cant stop.

After i eat 10 bananas i feel like i dont want anymore bananas, but i feel like i could easily eat other foods, anything but fruit. What should i do please help me! 

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Get a blender and make smoothies mate, you can get more in ya in one go.

They are filling if you make enough in one sitting.

Several a day yeah.


First of all, you should be proud about having lost 20 lbs. in 4-5 months.  If you continue at that pace, you will have lost 50 lbs. in one year.

Second, you really do need to find other options than cheese sandwiches.  Perhaps Freelea's Raw-Till4 might suit you better, at least as a transition.

Yeah i forgot the blender to my other home and its in another country and im not sure when im going to get it back, thanks for the answers, keep them coming, they are very helpful.

i get the same problem, cravings, but thats because taste is everything. if your only eating bananas you better be getting some really really tasty bananas or else you could have problems. i could eat 3,000 calories in one sitting no problem at all. but the only cache is it has to taste good lol. otherwise if im sitting there trying to eat just 500 calories of bananas and they dont taste very good quality i cant do it. but if those bananas were like fresh ripe off the tree in ecuador or something id eat 30 of them right there.


so in other words, just find the good quality fruit, it makes it 10000% easier to be 100% raw. otherwise just do the best you can if you cant find any, mabye if you can find stuff like cashew cheese around where you live?

I agree, when we run out of ripe bananas I just go mad and get cravings for fatty things.  I'm not 100% raw, but I find that being raw and cooked in these situations helps to get over cravings for non-vegan foods.  

We do frozen and canned fruits to help eat more raw.  So, do what you can to eat more calories and those cravings will go away.

yes, it's really great you've already lost those 20lbs...don't look at it as 'only' but as "already"!

Stay hydrated, carbed up and you'll do fine!  Best wishes!

You should probably eat more salads/vegetables. 

Well i haven't eaten any greens at all so maybe your right, thanks everyone else too!

Yes, definitely! I ALWAYS craved tons of things I didn't want to eat until I 1) started drinking big, delicious 1000cal smoothies daily, and 2) eating 1 or more GIANT (at least 1 whole head of lettuce + veggies + fruits + whole-food lowfat/free dressing) salads per day. Since I started doing that, LFRV has been a breeze (:


Do you exercise?

definitely agree with what everyone else is saying. eat lots of fruit all day long and then a giant savory salad or a high carb cooked meal in the evening and that should help your salt craving. mix things up and just dont rely on bananas, theres a whole world of amazing tasty fruits outs there. eat a lot! dont be so focused on the scale,  dont define yourself by a number on a scale, eat fresh fruits and veggies and your body will balance out long term and you will be healthy and happy. I probabaly gain about 4lbs after I drink my water and eat my breakfast but I know its not fat weight its just food. Stick with it and you will be ok but you have to keep it exciting and eat enough so your are not having cravings for all that other junk.

How about avocado sandwiches, to start with? :)



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