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Hi I'm Laura and I'm going to try and live high carb/low fat starting tomorrow. I am going to try and include as much fruit as I can but as I am on a limited budget I will probably be eating oats/potatoes/rice/couscous etc. If you are going raw vegan or high carb cooked vegan and would like to buddy up with me that would be fantastic!!

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weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a friend :)


YES - I need a buddy too! And I literally planned to start tomorrow! I've been flirting with high carb low fat for a few months and I really want to go full on -
I'm hoping to eat as raw as possible but with the reality of life I'll be consuming cooked carbs on a semi-regular basis too. Let's do this!

lets! I'll add you :)


fresh fresh fresh is possible friends :)

I am only a month in. Getting easier and easier :) I too am on a limited budget. Eating rice and spaghetti as evening meals. Good thing is I've always loved the two :p

that's awesome! haha yeah i love them both too

Heya :) im cooked vegan too
Please calorie count to make sure you're getting enough kcal ;)

Ive gotten so sick of porridge i moved onto weetabix with dried mixed fruit with is ace with soy milk for breakfast :) its easier to get calories from the fruit than eating 2 bowls of porridge lol
All asda brand to so its rather cheap :)

What are you planning on having with your cous cous?lol been there, only thing i use cous cous for now is filling in wraps i make lol i just can't stand boring dry grains. Dunno how Chinese people always eat plain rice in the movies, i would be suicidal after a month! Lol

Have a look at vegan pasta soup recipes, they are super tasty and life saving :)

Biggest mistake i would say watch out for is never EVER go food shopping hungry, you will come out with only chocolate and cookies lol Because everything needs to be cooked and you just need sugar RIGHT NOW

Ditch the soy, dude!  It's estrogenic properties mess up guys more than women.  Try almond milk...not the store stuff-it's full of junk extras...make it yourself because it's soooo yummy!!

Hey Jason:)

Thanks for the tips. I like having kiwi fruit all chopped up and mixed through my porridge. I probably wont be eating much couscous, I just have a lot at home because my friends have left their food at mine because they've left our student accommodation. I just eat couscous and rice and pasta with a tomato sauce that has no added salt or oil. It would probably be even yummier with some steamed veggies on top but to be honest i'd prefer to spend my money on fruit and eat a salad.

I'll try to carb up so i wont be shopping hungry haha!



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