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Hello everyone!

This is my first year of college and I am living away from home. Things have been busy and I haven't been in this community much anymore.  I haven't made a YouTube video in three months (not like I ever posted a lot though..I wanted to get really into it though) and I barely ever try to catch up with anyone here or the fruit bats on Facebook! I am of course one hundred percent vegan, that's never changing, but I barely ever eat fruit anymore because I eat from the dining hall here! Thankfully it's very vegan friendly, but not fruit bat friendly of course! Can't wait to be home over summer eating watermelon non stop. ;) haha 

But anyways I watched a video tonight of a 14 year old GMO foods activist(against it, not for it) and I realized I really miss being in this community! I haven't done animal activism in such a long time and I have become kind of passive being here and not being around other vegans. I just wanted to say I really miss all of you guys and hope you're doing well! I also never even WATCH YouTube videos of you guys anymore! Sheesh. I've been so disconnected.

Love you all and stay fruity for me!

Julia :)

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If you do get a chance check out Vegan Gains on youtube. He is hilarious :D Staying vegan is the main thing for now so you are doing well :) 

Thanks Georgia. <33

Never met you until now Julia but we miss ya too!!! You're always family in the worldwide vegan family!

Thank you GardenGirl! xkissesx



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