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I have tried multiple times to go raw now and I just don't know what I am doing wrong.

I've been getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water, eating more fruit than I could have ever imagined, getting sun and exercise, BUT I STILL can't stop thinking about COOKED FOOD! And, I was feeling so nauseous today (from what felt like a sugar overload) on the way home from work that I made a bowl of whole grain pasta with tomato sauce and instantly felt more grounded and ready to get work done.

I am just super addicted to cooked food or what is the deal? Going vegetarian felt good to me, vegan even better, high-carb low-fat cooked vegan even better (because it cut out a lot of unhealthy vegan foods I had been eating), but this raw thing has reminded me of my anorexia days I feel so bad (no, I wasn't undereating! I started off the day with 10 bananas for breakfast and for lunch ate 20 dates, all the while chugging water).

I know Freelee has said that she resorted to cooked food because she was undereating on fruit, but how is it that right after I down a 10 banana smoothie and I am stuffed, that I still can think about cooked food?? Am I trying to jump into this too fast?? I don't want to waste my big crate of bananas I just bought! Any words of advice are very, very welcome :)

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Well if you're like me, I have been cooked vegan for 7 years...and I have learned through out my teens and adult life to enjoy potatoes, rice, and beans (because that's what my family fed me...AND I LOVED IT.) I could sit around and eat fruit all day...but eventually I would love to eat some chili, pizza, rice, etc.

Maybe you should focus on fruit through the day and eat a cooked meal at night. That's basically what a lot of "transitional" people are doing right now since Freelee posted that video... BUT I have been eating that way for most of my vegan life, and that's not going to change. I grow potatoes and beans, and other veggies that I enjoy (better) when they're cooked.

Eating raw is great! Eating an abundance of fruit is great! But honey if you want a cooked meal every once-in-a-while, then do it! Make sure it's low fat, vegan, and not pre-packaged/processed ;)

Hey David,

Don't have any experience with melon belly but you may want to read this and see if helps:
Don Bennett on Melon Belly

Thanks for the replies!! They made me feel a lot better :) I didn't expect this to be so hard and I want it to be an enjoying experience so I will take it easy and focus on HCLF vegan options (NEVER a hot dog... gross gross gross!) Rice and pasta are my fav cooked meals so I'll always be keeping it healthy!

David, I have been shooting for 2500 calories a day and have been making it most of the time! I'm still not used to large amounts of fruit, though. It's hard for me to conquer a large mono meal!!

2500 cals a day might not be enough for you, depending on your current weight and activity level. Have you tried the '10g of carbs per kg of bodyweight' formula? Eating according to this (although I'm not quite there yet calorie wise) has helped me stay raw most of the time and keep the cooked food thoughts at bay. And while you up your calorie intake, you might want to try something like EFT or PSTEC to shift your thought patterns and make the journey more enjoyable. You can learn the basics of both free on the internet.

I'm definitely eating way over that! I'm 125 pounds so about 57 kg and that's 570 carbs... I probably had around 800 yesterday, I'm not sure, I stopped counting after 600 :)


Try increasing your greens  to 1/2 to 2 pounds of lettuce a day and see if that helps.  This can help keep your body alkalized and balanced.

Benefits of greens include:

Higher Mineral Content of Greens Compared to Some Fruits
Calcium Phosphorus Ratio 1:1
Chlorophyll and Magnesium
Cobalt and Vitamin b12 Precurser
Green Consumption in Primates
Prevention and Healing with Diet
Oral Health
Benefits for Bodybuilders
Edible Greens: Leafy Lettuces

Read more:  Benefits of Lettuce Greens

Peace, PK

+1 PK! greens for the win!

im gonna tell u what helped me the most , i like you would down 12 bananas in a smoothie then for some reason STILL want cooked food! i was like wth im stuffed i dont understand lol.  so, i thought maybe i wasnt doing everything right to help me out.  i read green for life and the green smoothie revolution , both by victoria boutenko, and it clicked.  i needed to eat way more greens and they would help with cravings.  i made a banana smoothie with spinach, and i didnt crave anything else !!! im tellin u ADD GREENS TO SMOOTHIES!!! it helped me and is probably the only thing that has worked for me!  i like you would be like ugh no more sweet i cant, but i think it was cuz i was lacking something the greens give! all of those minerals!! i wanted salty, crunchy, cooked carbs.  greens also get broken down in smoothie and u can better absorb the nutrients of the greens because the blending breaks down the greens more then you chew/ could possibly probably chew the greens.  i hope this helps, it took me almost a year to figure this out.  get those books too! theyre great and helpful! :) <3

WILL try this! Thank you so so much!! :)

Very good tip. The sweet&salty trick, hahah

i feel awesome without the cooked. the cooked is an illusion. its all a mindset, thats the only solution to the kayla's post, since she is taking massive amounts of fruit as listed(more than my level and i am a 5"9 young male), just stick with it, maybe try to vary the routine a bit, smaller meals, different fruits, - chewing grub is a variation as pointed out by craig below.

Awesome!! I hope it is like this for me eventually :)



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