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OK. So back when I went raw the first time, which is about five years ago now, I used to eat the same things every day, in large quantities. I started getting allergic reactions to everything I ate, which meant I needed to branch out to other foods... but then having to eat other foods made me freak out and I would get panic attacks every time I ate because I was so afraid to get sick from my food.

Five years later I'm still struggling. Mind you I can eat most of the stuff I used to eat before, but I can't try anything new or I still get massive anxiety and allergy fears.

At this point it's ruling my life and I'm so sick of feeling afraid of food. My whole life's dream is to move to Costa Rica so I can enjoy warmth and tons of exotic fruits... but wtf is the point if I'll be too scared to eat it? I WANT durian, I WANT jackfruit, I WANT to eat without feeling like I'm going to die - but after 5 years I'm sort of resigned to accept that I'll always be afraid to eat.

Is there anything I can do to get over the fear of allergies? And yes I realize how stupid this all sounds.

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I would get rashes on my chest/neck - hives, my throat felt a lot tighter, heart would speed up like crazy, and it was hard to swallow. Maybe intolerances, not allergies?

Either way, not a pleasant feeling.

Allergies are built by exposure and something that triggers the allergy. Plenty of people eat seafood their whole life and end up deathly allergic. I wasn't allergic to latex then one day I was.

The best thing for you to do is to meditate and take deep breaths while you eat. Focus on overcoming the fear. I know you feel, I've been there. The only way to overcome it is by practicing relaxation around food.



I am so happy for this advice.

A Master NLP practitioner can assist you with your "stuck" belief around food causing you fear. NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming. NLP is a study of communication with self and others and uses various 'techniques' via conversation to assist people in removing beliefs that are holding them back in life.... Leaving a neutral belief in the area worked on and then allowing you to replace it with the belief you want. Pretty cool stuff. It is very powerful and a few sessions, some times only one can totally transform your world. 

What sort of allergic reactions did you used to (or still) get?

Hi there Roxanne, I so know how you feel, I appear to have food allergy/intolerance problems similar to yours.

In fact I was going to start a thread along the same lines, so ill be very interested to see any answers and responses you receive.

For myself this is been happening and getting worse for around the last 10-12 years.....after eating lots of symptoms spring up, headaches, red/painful eyes, sore muscles, itchy skin, twitchy muscles, breathing and heart rate increase, pain in my stomach and other organs and then in rolls the anxiety, brain fog and depression, this all lasts for a couple of hours to a day or so, depending on what I have eaten.

At the moment all I seem to be able to eat, without feeling like I’m going to die afterwards is sweet potatoes and green vegetables.(which to be honest, I am grateful for, considering before I could not eat anything without complications).  So yeah I know what your going through, I too dream of moving to a tropical location and munching out on exotic fruit. How ever at this stage I would love to just eat bananas and dates and....well, just fruit to be honest with out worrying about how !@#$ im going to feel afterwards.

Have you seen any medical professionals about your food intolerances/allergies? If so, can I ask what they thought the problem/issue was?

I have seen quite a number of doctors over the years and so far they all, with the  exception of one, think its in my head/making it up.

To show them this wasn’t the case  I had consultations with two psychiatrists and a psychologist all of which said that my symptoms were real but unfortunately the allopathic, mainstream medical community with their current understanding on health treatment is not suited for these kind of problems. If it doesn’t fit into the current models with no apparent answer, or treatable with drugs, its got to be psychological.

Frustrating to say the least.

This lead to going to and trying out a wide variety of alternative health practices from naturopaths to herbalists to hypnotherapists. Just recently I have tried 2 that seem to be beginning to make a difference and may be of interest to you.

The first being acupuncture- helps me for a day or so and seems to be lasting a little more each time.

And secondly a highly trained Homeopath. Recently I came across an MD, frustrated at the fallacies of modern medicine after practicing for over 25 years around the world, spent the last 15 years training in all types alternative medicine. He told me he has seen and successfully treated previous patients with very similar issues to yours and mine and that  most long term health issues are generated by both physical and mental precursors, but with the majority being psychological/emotional. This is were homeopathy comes in. He swore by this, seen the most success with this modality and used it as the basis/backbone for all his treatments. I was skeptical to start with, however it is starting to make a difference. I have been really unwell and Im defiantly making improvements and I put it mainly down to this.

Not sure if this is for you or if it will help, however I sure hope it does or that you find the right answer , cause yeah, its not a good buzz  being scared about the effects of eating.





Stupid question, but have you had an allergy test done?

Thank you everyone for the replies.

Honestly it's starting to sound more and more psychological to me. The symptoms for allergic reactions are really similar to panic attack symptoms, so what if it's just been panic attacks this whole time and I just scared myself into thinking it was allergies?

Might just go get an allergy test done so I can put it to rest. Can't be any fear if you have the proof. I had not gotten one done when it started happening because I lived in the States and didn't have health care. I'll go see about it now that I'm back in Canada. And I'll definitely stop eating in front of the computer. :)

Thank you all.



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