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Hello! Today is my first day on banana island. I really want to transition into a LFRV lifestyle, but my family, specially my mother, isn't very fond of my decision. I understand people tend to get defensive towards what they don't know or what's new/weird to them, but it's demotivating that I'm trying to do something good for myself and my mother looks at it with disapproval and often rants about how I always have to make things "complicated". 

Has anyone of you been in this position before? What would you reccomend me to do in order to get my family to see this with different eyes, and let me be?

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you should remind your mother that this is actually the simplest diet on the planet ;)

but i feel for you, it sucks to not have your family on board...i have been on this lifestyle for a year and a half and my family still doesn't get it, the best advice i can give you is just to ignore the whole diet thing let them do their thing and they should let you do theirs, if not then your gonna need to develop some pretty thick skin and take it all with a grain of salt or sense of humor

Good luck on your journey!!

enjoy your time on the island...it is beautiful there!!

If I were in a position like this I'd:


1. Try to make them accept that is my body and my life and I'll make my own decisions.

2. If they don't accept I'd move out.

yeah i think patch is right-- humor makes it so much better-- I've had to put up with it ever since I went vegan 10 years ago.  I don't live at home anymore, but in every living situation someone always looks at me like I just came from mars.  But with your family it can be so much more heated and tense- just keep it lighthearted --it worked for me.

just be the crazy banana kid for awhile (it looks good on you) 

Thank you everyone, I'll keep your advice in mind and try to fight it back with humor. I think my family handles humor better than a serious attitude :)
No one's family approves of this diet...you're in the boat with all of us :)

Mine does!

My mom and sister also switched to a mostly raw low fat vegan diet!

Hi there Pinkvil,
I just wanted to let you know I'm in the exact same position, it is very discouraging when a lot of family around you disapproves of your diet. I've heard it all, 'You're making everything so complicated' 'You don't even enjoy eating anymore' 'why would you want to be your optimum self? Be normal, here eat this piece of cake (haha)' 'You don't even understand what your doing'(but in fact i've spent most of my free time happily researching and discovering the importance of this healthy diet the past 3 months) 'Its normal to eat a burger once a week..(I know, haha)' Anywho, as you can imagine I have plenty rational retorts to these inane statements but the further I get into disclosing my understanding of my diet (in the humblest way possible mind you) the more it chips at the nerves of the family and friends that question me. (well the select few that don't give my explanations a chance) 

After reading these comments I believe taking the humor road is the best road. I too have a very hard time at the moment being confident in my choices and feeling steady on my feet as it is very early in my diet change. But I think confidence and being the crazy banana kid (as Sarah mentioned :) is probably going to keep you in a better and happier state of mind. I hope to embody this the next time a disimproving remark is flown in my general direction.

Thanks for the post!


lead by example.... and keep your head up. you wouldnt believe some of the things people tell me. i constantly get called a monkey here at work, which is a compliment to me... monkeys are strong.


and of course "where do you get your protein"

"you cant keep living like this your going to die" (my personal favorite)

"but i made homemade spaghetti from scratch! you wont even have a little????"

"how come whenever the family goes out to eat, you only get 6 sides of fruit??" (used to be salads but im off salads now)


i can go on and on...

my answer is simply "im training for a marathon" but than you hear "but you need protein!" to which i reply, "no i need glycogen"

its an ongoing battle with family. my family already know not to offer me pizza (last night) and respect my fruit eating ways. you will be supprised after awhile, people will start bringing you fruit! my neighbor gives me freshly picked figs and grapes and tomatoes.... living food baby.



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