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Hi People,
I have been HCLF vegan (fruit all day) raw till 4 four about 2 1/2 months now. I am beginning to see pretty significant improvements in my skin health. However, I find this lifestyle rather stressful. Here is why:
1. Its expensive! I do buy things in cases and am always sourcing out good prices... I feel like I am going to the grocery store every day! On one occasion I had a phenomenal shopping trip where I managed to load up for a week with success and was excited about what there was to eat. I kept track of my expenses for the past 3 weeks and I've spent about $430... ( and not all organic either) and that is raw till four. I'm a single mother with one child.
2. I am getting bored of fruit sometimes...
3. I am foggy and confused in the brain, and not significantly motivated like I need to be...

I have gotten over the sodium hump= which feels great! for awhile those cravings were driving me insane.
I have not manage to eliminate theobromine (sp?) I still drink a very mild white/green blend in the mornings. But I am doing so much better caffeine wise than before and that was/is my biggest comfort "food".
Just looking for others experiences and guidance to keep me on track. The stress I feel on this lifestyle is -so far- definitely less than the stress I feel getting acne all the time though :)

Thanks so much,

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Buy mostly the cheapest raw items, and up the cooked calories, in order to stop breaking the bank.  Fruit juices from concentrate, while lacking raw enzymes, still have a lot of nutrition for the dollar.

more carbs      if you want tea  you ain't gobbling down enough carbs / energy 

dates oranges  banana potato rice 

Way to go woman, you are doing great! :D  If feeling foggy or low in energy you most likely need to eat higher calorie, and proper food combining makes sure you get all the nutrients you are consuming.  Have you found a wholesaler in your area, this is so much cheaper than cases from the store.

Buying Wholesale Fruit And Veg - A Guide For The Thrifty Fruit Lover

This is one of the best discussion on whole sale buying for the individual: http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/convincing-wholesale-prod...

And a video:  

Fruitarian Food Shopping


Order plenty of dates from http://www.shieldsdategarden.com/p-49-khadrawi-dates-special-promot...  Halawi's are on special promotion and taste great! 


Learn how to grow your own greens year round, the quality you get is far superior, ten times so than any organic anywhere you can buy.  http://remineralize.org/


Hi Friends,
thanks for the input... thank you very much! I have taken all suggestions to the store already.

really??? I buy heaps and I have 2 kids living at home and its costing me around $150 a week.

I buy in bulk and I don't buy stacks of variety. A box of bananas, a bag of oranges, a pineapple, a huge bag of apples, a huge bag of mandarins, and lots of veggies.

Maybe you're going for too much variety and expensive fruits. I try to buy the things that are in season (I only buy pineapple if theres a big special on, and I only buy fresh dates if I am feeling rich)

I buy rice in bulk etc.

I was in your shoes two years ago (except I don't have children and I was dealing with some urgent health issues).

I took up an extra night job to pay for fresh organic fruits of different varieties. Its not that I HAD TO spend the extra money...I just felt like it would be easier to go ahead and let myself spend as much money as I wanted on dates 6-8$ per pound, and a variety of organic fruit and vegetables that cost significantly more than say....conventional bananas. The reason I did this is to MAKE THE TRANSITION as easy as possible.

Now that I have my cravings under control, it is easy..AND SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER. Bought 40 pounds of bananas last night for $19.50 US. Heads of lettuce are .99$. That is not expensive at all, only the transition is. I would avoid cooked food if possible, it wrecked my health. But use cronometer to make sure you get enough calories.

The investment was well worth it when I did my first triathlon last weekend and my endurance and energy literally blew away the meat eaters who drank BEER AND PIZZA which the race provided at the finish line. Wow it was gross....the race gives BEER AND PIZZA to triathletes as they finish...vomit.


1. Focus on improving every day (more water, timing of when to eat, quantities of when to eat what, watery fruits and veggies vs more dry varieties, getting enough greens in (lettuce) every single day, etc. Its not only going to benefit you, but its going to benefit your kids

2. Much cheaper than medication and depression. Last Saturday I rode my bike 112 miles, swam 2.4, then ran 26 miles....pretty fun training day....there have been months where I spent over $1200 on food, I am single and that is a lot of money to me...but was it worth it...YES. Not only is my quality of life better, but I'll probably live an extra 5-10 years, as well as be doing triathlons in my 60s if not later...

3. You crave what you eat. The problem isn't that "fruit is boring" its that you still have salt and fat cravings in you that take time to go away...drink your bananas in smoothies always...its faster than chewing. At this point I crave bananas and you know what ris really tasty to me? Lettuce. Lettuce tastes better than steak used to taste. Crazy right? Get control. Don't be the tail...it moves around without realizing it has not control over where it is going, be the dog. Don't let your cravings control you. People who eat lots of salt start peppering everything they eat with salt and become convinced "it won't have any taste without salt"...until they get it under control and find out there is a better way.



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