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Hi all. Some of you oldies might remember me. I ate lfrv through HS and spent a lot of time on here. I was at the woodstock fruit festival 2012 & 2013. Since I moved out began my own life and now have more responsibilities than ever, I fell off the wagon due to the convenience and ease as well as cheapness of eating cooked food, fast food, etc - you know, all the stuff that makes recent HS graduates gain the freshman 15 (;

Anyways, I've felt myself being drawn back towards fruit really hard lately....as y'all know a fast food sort of lifestyle doesn't make you feel very good so I've borrowed the 801010 book from my parents to reread and am back! For good this time (:

I'm also 6 months pregnant today and even though my boyfriend doesn't eat healthy himself, he has no arguments that a high-produce lifestyle is the healthiest way to go and loves seeing me eating healthier for his son and myself (:

I've been loving eating massive amounts of fruit again, and I feel so good comparatively to a month ago. My big issue this time around is that I just cannot get nearly as much greens as I know I should have in. It was no problem for me last time and I would often have one salad after lunch and another after dinner because I just couldnt wait all the way till dinner for greens, I loved them! Lately I only really want to eat fruit and have to force myself to eat any greens at all. I can only eat about half a head of lettuce worth before I just can't take it anymore.

I have been taking a prenatal called "Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System; Food-based multivitamin" as well as "Rainbow light Prenatal DHA" (derived from fish oil, yes) for the duration of my pregnancy because I do not want to take any chances with not getting the proper nutrition for my wee baby (:  (I settled on this one after some pretty extensive research. its a pretty expensive prenatal but I feel it's worth it; I think it's one of the best)  ...so anyway I'm not particularly worried about not getting the minerals that I need from greens, BUT

I know that greens are what drives protien % on this diet from around 5% to closer to 10% and I am somewhat wary of not getting enough protein considering that I'm making a little person inside me, which obviously seems to me I would need more protein to accomplish that I normally would if not pregnant.

Does anybody have any suggestions, or words of wisdom, comfort, or experience for me? If so that would be fabulous.

Anyway it's good to be back! Thanks for reading I know that was incredibly long-winded.

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Green smoothies

Welcome back Katie and congratulations on your new baby! :)

ditch the mercury, PCB  laden fish oil!  http://nutritionfacts.org/?s=fish+oil

add greens to your smoothie and eat lettuce or celery with your dinner or juice some and drink with a high fiber meal to slow absorption rate for maximum benefit.  if you are eating high quality fruit, you need less greens.  2-6% of calories is a good scale.

Birth Into Being is a DVD every man woman and child should see, especially if you are about to give birth or have a baby.

join a La Leche group now and start learning about breast feeding and make friends with women that can be there for you when you really need it right after giving birth when you may run into problems and need support or advice.

if you have the time and means to go on a 10 day meditation course, now is a really good time, check out this free course, I highly recommend it: https://www.dhamma.org/en-US/index

sending you lots of metta and wishing you all the best! :)

It's a beautiful thing bringing a fresh life into the world, Kati, and I hope we can be of great support to you both both during and after your pregnancy.  

Good advice above already.

Yes, green smoothies FTW!  Double punch of easily assimilable greens + even more fruit that way.  Just keep the greens the tender leafy type you would enjoy in a whole salad.  

While it's not our place to countermand any doctor's advice to you, I see no reason to worry about getting adequate nutrition for either of you.  How many countless centuries have women been having children, almost entirely without "prenatal supps"?  As long as you're eating enough (which will likely been more than you would have on your own) of a well balanced whole foods vegan diet, that's indeed enough.

It's a common pitfall to think that if "some is good, then more must be better."  That's what keep the vast majority of supps in business.  But the truth is that while it's impossible to overdose on a micronutrient from whole foods, it's very possible when loading the fractionated highly processed amounts often found in supps.  

For peace of mind, I'd get a thorough blood screening (to be repeated 2x yearly), then use that information to selectively supp only if necessary, and just for as long as necessary to bring yourself back into balance.

And of course, it goes without saying that any supp we might support should be vegan.  For ethical reasons of course, but also to eliminate the hazards that are intrinsic to all animal product consumption.  Both you and your baby deserve better than that.

On the protein front, you're correct that greens help bump this percentage up a bit.  Given the already stated conditions, there is no reason to believe you won't get enough of this vital but highly over-publicized nutrient.  

And if you really do feel like you must consume more, why not rely on the humble potato?  They average about 10% pro, which is plenty for anyone, and a fine whole food to boot.


A 3-ounce potato with the skin -- or a medium-size potato cut in half -- has roughly 75 to 80 calories. Approximately 90 percent of those calories come from carbohydrates and a trace amount comes from fat, while the remaining calories are from protein. That 3-ounce potato, whether you prefer Russet, red bliss or a sweet potato, has about 1.75 to 2.25 grams of protein. Because protein contains 4 calories per gram, this amounts to 7 to 9 calories from protein for a 3-ounce tater.


Finally you may appreciate this info from our welcome wagon.

Pls keep us in the loop, Kati :)

30BaD Babies

Baby Baby  

During pregnancy, continue to eat a low fat diet. High fat diets cause increased risks of gestational diabetes, high blood sugar, candida and yeast infection problems,  and or big babies. 

With time, pregnancy will cause an increased need for calories, so if one is eating 811 lfrv, their protein and fat intake will automatically increase as the calorie intake increases.

30BaD Group:  Peaceful Parenting

Thank you for your response windlord!

you guys are so right about green smoothies. I've started to get into green soups again lately as well, which were pretty much my favorite thing ever when i was younger. for some reason I'm just liking my leafy greens not so leafy lately lol (:

I never realized potatoes had a notable amount of protien!!! That makes me really happy 'cause I've always loved potatoes and my parents have an unending homegrown stash in their root cellar that they're happy to share with me (: That's really good advice, I appreciate it immensely. Thank you (: I'll definitely be including those for dinner more often.

Finally I definitely agree with you on the fat front. When I first got pregnant my doctor actually recommended  I follow a high carb, low fat diet for a healthy pregnancy! & Aside from the physiological problems with high fat that you mentioned, I've noticed that when I eat too much fat is the only time I get crazy, all over the place pregnancy cravings. the biggest thing though, is that I get spacey and forgetful. It reminds me of a self-proclaimed meat loving science teacher I had a few years ago who was pregnant when I was in her class. She referred to "baby brain" and mentioned the baby eating her brain a couple times. ..As long as I stay carbed up and dont gunk myself up with fat, Ive felt totally focused, capable, and energetic throughout my pregnancy. I work full time and am on my feet all day, I get lots of compliments at work about how un-handicapped I seem lol. (though my boyfriend would still have a thing or two to say about unpredictable pregnant kate crazies lol).

The trade off, unfortunately, is that eating loads of fat is literally the only thing that sedates my appetite for significant periods of time these days.....otherwise im constantly hungry! which is probably a good thing since I should be eating plenty of calories to feed a baby Daryn, but it's kind of annoying too, always being hungry so soon after eating a meal. oh well....I guess I should get used to it 'cause the hungries aren't gonna go away til im done breastfeeding which is so far down the road, I don't even wanna think about it lol

Thanks again for the advice and input!! (:

My mom was vegan throughout her pregnancy with me, and two years beforehand. I never got vaccinated either. I turned out just fine. :-)



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