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DR's video "Why Do We Emotionally Eat" was featured in my watch page, it was definitely a sign from the universe, it was exactly what I needed to hear to cool down and come back to understanding and gratitude. 

I totally lost it today, I let myself fall apart into a bawling mess in my office today. It just all came out and felt like too much. Maybe I was under carbed? Maybe PMS? I've been raw vegan for just a month now, and this is my first cycle since going vegan. It's helped every other issue immensely, I thought it would have cured this emotional rollercoaster I deal with every month too. 

Has anyone else dealt with this? Has HCRV helped the cycles? Or anyones depression? Mood swings? Any foods/fruits in particular? If certain things in your life (like your very high paying job) are bringing you down, do you cut it out of your life and trust that the universe will provide? It is difficult for me to get in the abundant, raw foods while at my office. So do I ditch the job and hope for the best? Do I run off to Hawaii like I dream about every day?! 

Thanks for listening, I had to get that out. Its been a bad day, haven't had one like this in a while. Would love some advice. :) 

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Hi there, glad you got it out and you reached out. That's very brave of you.

Here's my experience. HCRV does indeed help with your cycles, tremendously. Mood swings will die down, PMS will become almost non existant, etc. But give your body about 4 months to adjust to that.

On the other hand, HCRV also puts all your emotions out raw, because as your body purifies and your nervous system is less put upon, you feel more and are more sensitive. Initially, this can feel overwhelming as all the crap, emotional and physical toxins start being released. You just have to ride it out. But after that initial "shake-up", you will settle into a place of inner peace and calm, with emotions of course, but not as intense. It's hard to describe.

Yes, HCRV did wonders for my depression too.

I also was making ridiculous amounts of money when I first went raw... and I used to sit and dream about getting out of that office and moving to Hawaii... every ... single... moment. You become so attuned to your natural nature on this diet, that it is only natural to want to leave a desk and chair and frolic in warmth. So that was 6 years ago... I found a way to move to Hawaii and make money working online. I can tell you, do not make the spiritual mistake of leaving your job and trusting the universe will provide. I'm a Life Coach and have spent 10 years helping people who do that. They hear someone else do it and then out of desperation go there. There's a lot to consider... your subconscious beliefs, your reality, your blocks, what you are attracting, etc.

Just breathe and take it easy and if it helps, think of me... I found a way to go to Hawaii soon after that job. Live in the moment and the universe WILL guide you. I used to start every morning going in early into the office and writing down my dream life in a journal and visioning it. I kid you not, my exact dream life happened JUST the way I wrote it. It was crazy.

If you want some coaching to help out with this situation, I specialize in this stuff, just message me. Or, if you just have more questions, I'd be happy to answer :). I feel kind of close to your situation as I was in the exact same place. :)

Thank you so much. I needed to hear this so badly. Im so grateful for you taking the time to respond. I definitely feel much more sensitive, like everything I've been covering with food is now out in the open. It's allowing me to deal with things I need to which is amazing, but stuff I didn't want to see is coming out as well. But I know that I've made the right decision. Probably the best decision I've ever made for myself. What you have is exactly what I want, I don't want to be tied to an office, I want to be able to work (which I love) but be able to travel as well (which is my passion.) I know I'm capable of doing this the right way, but when your in a cube of an office with no window you start to feel a bit hopeless. Again, thank you so much for reaching out. You don't know how much better it made me feel to see your advice. May I ask what island your on? I'd really like to live on Maui, I'm kind of into Kauai too, but it's much more secluded. 

you can't cure anything in a month! you are just getting started, give it 6 months to start with and then you can start understanding this lifestyle.. properly!

I know, I need to work on my patience. I've just had such amazing results with so many other issues, my skin has cleared dramatically in just weeks. But I know that my body is healing what it needs to first. Thanks very much for the advice. :) 

I reccomend you read the book power of now by Eckhart toole. It will give you profound incites on addictive thought patterns you may have and lead you out of them

Just stay strong. As many have said already it will take your body time to adjust. I mean when I first went vegan I had different emotions and thoughts as well. After a year and half now I can say I rarely worry about anything. I take on day at a time, but do have goals. We set ourselves up to reach them, but we as well have to deal with certain things to get to them. I know i lived my life like this, but before the vegan diet I always was always mentally stressed. Just know it takes time to get where we want, but as for the diet this I promise will clear everything you want as well.

If i im under carbed my major depression comes back, i under carbed for one meal two weeks ago and i was overwhelmed with so much anger and i smacked the wall but then i had a 1000+ calorie fruit meal and all gone, i would like to mention i am not an anger person at all and never have been... I need to make sure im having 3000+ calories a day otherwise im all over the place mentally and energetically. If there is something like your job making you unhappy then determine what you need to do to change that.



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