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I'm 5' 7.5'', 150lbs, low bf % and building muscle. Been high carb vegan for 2+ months.  I try to eat at least 4000 calories a day.  I've been doing it for a while and it's just getting to hard to keep it up.  The fruit gets too sweet, whether I eat the bananas and dates or blend them.  I'm not full at all, I just can't consume any more.  And with rice and pasta, it just gets so dry and chewy.  I had no problem a month ago, but it's getting to be too much.  I've added in some soy sauce, salsa and tomato sauce to try to help get the rice and pasta down, but it's just too much.  Does any one else have experience with fruit being too sweet and rice being too dry and chewy?  Like I said, I'm not full yet but I can't eat any more.  How much do I actually have to be eating?  

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i had the same issues, i added tomato sauce to the boiling water of the pasta, to let the pasta absorb it and had to overcook it to make it soft. Organic ketchup might be a good choice too.

sauce isn't seeming to make a difference for me.  I just don't know.

I've found that when I only eat the fruit that I truly like, I don't get sick of it very easy. When it comes to bananas and dates though (something I've been eating year round) I find that if I switch up the texture every now and then the fruit becomes something new and different.

For instance there was a great while, about six months or so where I would only eat blended bananas. Now the past couple months I've been eating bananas whole or saving some of the bananas that would go bad and just freezing them so I can blend them into banana ice cream for later. Both eating bananas whole and having banana ice cream occasionally has not made bananas old to me, but in fact made them interesting again.

This is only changing texture too. I'm sure you could change the actual taste in dozens of ways by adding different greens or mixing bananas with other sweet fruit. Who knows!

Texture isn't working either.  If I used to not be able to eat any more bananas, blending would always get them down, but now that doesn't work either.

People often think they have to stay in a straight line to be consistent. In reality, you go in waves, calories up one day, calories down one day. If you aren't enjoying your food after a certain point in your mealtime, whether you think you are full or not, you probably just don't need to eat anymore. There is nothing shameful about eating only 3000 calories in a day! 

Also, though they less calorie volume, juicy fruits aren't as sweet/dense and bananas and dates, and you get lots of water with it, too!

That makes a lot of sense.  I've been experiencing that.  Yesterday I was able to get in a lot more.  It would make more sense to me if it was my appetite varying day to day, but it's not just how much appetite I have.  I never felt full today.  Like you said, my food just wasn't enjoyable after a certain point.  Why is that?  I thought we weren't supposed to listen to our bodies and eat through it.  Or am I now at the point where my body can tell me when it needs more carbs and when it doesn't?  I guess in the beginning when I was adjusting I was full and bloated all the time.  And DR says to eat until you want to puke and your belly is round.  Now I can't do that and I  rarely eat to complete fullness or to a round belly because my stomach can hold a lot more now and I have to stop eating not because I'm full but because I just can't eat any more.  

      I was raw for the first month, and I lost pretty much all my muscle.  I'm now building it back with added cooked carbs, and since I'm staying so lean, I fear that if I don't eat as much as I possibly can that I will not gain the muscle and instead lose it.  So I feel like I want to eat as much as I can to give my body the best chance of gaining muscle.  I just never felt full today.  For example I cooked up like 1200 cals of rice feeling like I could eat it, and after one bowl I just didn't want it any more.     Although, I guess I was very high energy all day, so hopefully at this point if I just listen to my body and eat until I don't want to any more, thing will work.  As you can tell, I'm quite paranoid about this.  Any more insight would be appreciated.

You don't feel full the same way from fruit like you feel from the SAD diet. At least this is my experience. I would not push myself to eat 4000 calories a day if you're body says "I can't". What does your appetite say? Which fruit, which vegetable or what else does he want?

For years I was under the belief that my body didn't know how much I should eat. I am no expert. I restricted for years, and then only recently started trying to come off of compulsive binging. It wasn't my hunger signals that were off the whole time, it was my mind overriding them, in both extremes. Even when i'm not hungry, I will have a desire for food- even if I've eaten 4000 calories that day! So here's the deal: Congratulations! Your mind is listening to your body! It sounds like you are in excellent health, aside from less muscle mass then previously-- which isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless it is a symptom of some disease (not to freak you out, or anything :))

Now, I am a women, so I don't have the same social "duty" to be a hulk as men seem to. (Instead, I have the pressure to be skinny...). If you want to build back your muscle, exercise and sufficient calories will do that. Sufficient calories means whatever your body needs that day, not an arbitrary cutoff like 4000 or 5000.

My exercise level is different everyday, just like my food intake. That used to bother me, I though I had to keep a straight schedule in every facet of my life. I have since let that go-- somedays I go to bed at 9pm and wake with the sun, and other days I am night owl reading all night, and sleep until noon. Some days I monomeal on orange juice and cantaloupe all day, and others I love mixed smoothies and endless vegetables! If I try to stay consistent the only thing I accomplish is disappointing myself.

That's not to say that letting myself go in extremes daily is good either (such as binging on toast and nuts one day and only drinking juice the next). Boundaries must be set, but with enough wiggle room to sway in the wind. Perhaps you could set a minimum calories that you KNOW you need to keep normal energy levels. Perhaps you have a certain level of muscle you want to maintain, that you will do anything to get. There is no judgement on what you prioritize.

And remember, this doesn't only apply to food and exercise-- because these are both outlets for our deeper insight and understanding of the world. Often, my problems with food are a mirror for my problems in other areas.

Thanks for this. I've been listening to my body more the past couple days and I'm feeling great.

The main reason athletes never reach their natural potential is they can't eat enough carbs, drink enough water and get enough early nights.

Also something to consider is overtraining can make it hard to sleep, drink and eat. Maybe you need the rest of the year off? When is the last time you had a few months off?

so what exactly are you saying?  Are you saying that ideally I should be able to keep eating until I'm very full and something is wrong given the fact that I can't?  And the fact that I can't means I'm not setting myself up for the best results?  So it's not true that because I can't eat anymore my body is saying it has enough?

As for the overtraining, I don't train that much.  I had an injury and just did light exercise for a couple months recently and just in the last 2 months started doing 3x a week of lifting heavy.  Workouts take about an hour, most of it is resting between sets.

Bummer! That's no fun when the appetite goes, the fruit tastes too sweet and you're not really feeling full. I've been there. Well it sounds like you've tried some cooked starches, even with some exciters which aren't recommended and yet do tend to increase appetite.

I'm not sure what it means, maybe your body needs some down time, more rest, I think that's what DR was sort of alluding to.  How is your sleep? How is your hydration? For me when I get overtired, I often loose appetite.

What usually helps me when I get tired of what I'm eating, is to switch things up a bit, go to an Asian market and try some new fruit. Like recently I had my first huge jackfruit, that was pretty cool! It was a mess and super sticky, but yummy!

I was getting a little tired of my bananas and dates yesterday so I bought a bag of clementines and ate those, they were really nice. So maybe switching things up a bit will help?

Also, yeah maybe you just don't need 4000 everyday at the moment? I certainly wouldn't sweat doing a few days of 2500 - 3000 if I just didn't have appetite. I think the main thing is to be sure you aren't in a pattern of not giving your body enough, but if it needs a break for some reason, maybe fighting off an illness or something, maybe backing off will be OK for a short time. You could just eat what you can and see how you are feeling. If you get all cravings feeling and want to binge, or don't have enough energy maybe you need more rest and/or more food.

I'm sorry you're feeling this way right now, hang in there, It should pass! Oh, I just thought, do you log your food in cronometer? How are all your vitamins and minerals levels?



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