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I HAVE THE BOOK!!! "The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Gouglas N. Graham" is in my hands, this is so surreal. I just opened the package and there it was, the same picture of a peach on the cover whick I had gazed upon so many times online.
Hello, everyone! My name is Daneliya and I've been a member of 30BAD for quite some time now but a nonactive one. So let me explain, I live in Bulgaria, a small country in Eastern Europe, North from Turkey and Greece, also I'm quite young, new to debit cards and Amazon so when I found about the raw food diet and low fat raw primarily I hoped I could get enough info through the internet and that if I really wanted to achieve my goals I would manage by myself. However, that did not work and I realized I do need a concrete and complete resourse at my disposal. Fortunately, I believe I've come a long way mentally and now have the freedom to go my own way, choose and live accordingly (I now live in a dorm in the capital Sofia, which is situated on the opposite end of the country than my home town Varna on the Black sea coast, I study Indology as a freshman).
So to sum up: thank you people for the inspiration, thank you world! I am truly excited about the book :))) happy and remarkable times are ahead! New Year's resolution time is coming once again, and i hope, I KNOW from the bottom of my heart that this could, WILL! be the last year I will be making the same wish..
Happy holidays and have fun doing winter sports!

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awesome glad to hear it! The 811 raw bible is where it's at for sure

Great to have you here Daneliya.

I love your positive attitude, definitely the way to get the results you desire :)

Look forward to following your journey X

Welcome and what is Indology?
It means Indian philology. It's a study of Indian languages and culture and that's my subject at university. Thanks for the reply guys and BigG, sorry for my answer's delay.
that's cool
Welcome Daneliya and how's the book? If you want to talk about it chapter by chapter here, I'd do it too.
So far it's as I expected - marvellous! Yesterday I got to Chapter 4. and I plan on finishing it tomorrow. Of course I do realize I've had the book for over 3 weeks now and I started reading it just yesterday. Crazy, right? Especially since I was (have been, still am and probably always will be) so thrilled about it. The truth is I consciously postponed it as I wanted the holiday season to pass and then get real and honest with myself and commit to my goals.
The 80/10/10 Diet is so beautifully written and eye-opening, I am more than pleased. At times I do wish there was more in-depth info on ceratin things but Dr.Graham has provided a wealth of resources in "Endnotes" and of course a lot I could find myself online (after all the book was not meant to be an encyclopedia, but an easy guide that speaks to just about everyone).
So thanks, Ellen :) If I just burst in happy tears and can't help but share my joy of a specific bit of info, I surely will!
Welcome to 30BaD, Daneliya (pretty name, btw!). I just got the 80-10-10 book a few days ago as well, and am about 1/2 of the way through it. I'm also reading The China Study and You Can Improve on Pritikin online at the same time (http://www.soilandhealth.org/02/0201hyglibcat/020149imp.on.pritikin... ) , and what's wonderful is they all confirm and reconfirm each other in the essentials so it's like getting a wonderfully concentrated and reaffirming education on nutrition and health. Between those books and this site I feel like I'll never have to read anything else as everything I need to know is pretty much covered!
that is so true Laurie. That is why I mentioned them on my videos! All of those so called health magazines are a joke and fragments of the whole truth!
Hi, Laurie, thank you so much for your reply and for the link to "Inmproving on Pritikin" (I love free books! :) ). It's really cool we were both reading 811 approximately at the same time. And having it at my disposal really has helped me, I've stuck with the diet since the 8th of January, actually I haven't had any overt fats so it's been more like 92/3/5 (according to nutridiary) and feel absolutely splendid, just now I'm amazed at how sweet and savory spinach is, it is surreal..
All the best!
most inpiring and eye opening books I had ever read! hope you put it to good use:) keep it on hand as a reference!
Hello, dear Victoria! Omg, I realized just now who you are. You are such an inspiration to me, I love your videos and what you share, it is much much appreciated, please know that! Thank you for the advice, i definitely am implementing (finally!) what I learned and just having the book is very supporting to me. Its psychological affect on me has been absolutely amazing, it's weird, I guess I just feel now, maybe at a deeper semi-subconscious level that yes, the blunt optimal human diet is real and I have the concrete resourse to prove that I am doing the right thing. The mind is a complicated and tricky instrument, sometimes it is hard to unterstand and control, you have to remind yourself things until these thuths become part of you and now I know what to remind myself when I feel something coming over me. Dr. Graham's book is like a friend to me, I totally feel his kind enlightening ang grounding presence in it, it's a constant corrective, a beacon of truth right here on my shelf, an embodiment of all you other wonderful people trying to live meaningfully and harmoniously not in a struggle against nature but in compliance with and in praise of her wisdom.
(Can you tell I'm buzzing high on sweet spinach and totally spyched about making a ton of pomegranate juice tomorrow? :)))
Take care, Vicky, have a day of marvels!



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