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 I take offence to being called a vegetarian...I am a vegan and have been for 25 yesrs.. Big  difference in my book! I have no problem with people using the vegetarian lifestyle as a stepping stone or a transition period.. My mother constantly refers to me ,my wife and children as long term vegetarians. ( as if there will be a ending date ) My son not so politely corrected her as he was introduced to a friend of hers who is a ?? fish eating vegetarian !!!! Get !@#$%^ real people if you eat fish you ARE NOT VEGETARIAN!! I supported my son and started a mini feud with my mother, I will not have my own kids mocked by anyone including a grandparent that chuckles as the word vegan passes her lips....Im disgusted by her attitude and made it very clear that if this should be an issue again i will not have the relationship continue... I made a choice when I was a young teen and  was forced to leave my home for it..25 years later i stand by that decision and have no problems terminating ties.....   

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Thank you! i dont eat it or wear it. and in my home we dont have leather wallets or purses or any other product that fakes a print of a animal hide. 

But you are a vegetarian,  do you eat meat? no?  then you're a vegetarian,  just cause you're vegan doesn't mean you're not a vegetarian. 

by your logic you're also not a mammal or a monkey because you've evolved into being human...  

my issue is vegetarian is such a lose term. i remember as a teen vegetarian did not include some of this animal by product or maybe a little of this animal , well its ok to eat a bit of fish!!! so many diff types and they all include animal product 

Its now to vague of a term ...octo , lacto. ovo pesca!!! and on and on 

the term is misused sean - even since it's conception back around 1840.

vegetarian is purely diet and doesn't include corpse products of any sort.

a vegan eats a vegetarian diet, but avoids other animal products too.


we discuss this in the howto ar study:


which i think you may have been following.

read my reply to veritas and follow the link for a more detailed discussion.


25 yrs!! not often i meet someone who's been veg longer than i have!!

from your op, you're actions speak of very high integrity!!

(i got rid of my relatives too, though not because of the veg thing - i'm just mean. :D)


in friendship,


we try are very best to avoid all products that come from animal.. this is more than diet for us!! and thats my problem i do not want to lumped into group that says oh well it just a fish and it has that omega stuff???

i do not want to lumped into group that says oh well it just a fish and it has that omega stuff

exactly! and that's why donald watson coined the vegan term - it is

veg etari an

with all the crap taken out of it!!

you are vegan! so by all means insist on proper terminology!!

in friendship,


  I think its important that my kids feel they have a choice in there life and have a certain idenity.. that this more than...what i should eat and what i should not.. My daughter turned down the deal of a lifetime on a car all because it had leather seats...most teens would jump at the chance to get this car and would not give a shi$ what they sat on!!! I my opinion a vegetarian can overlook these things if they so chose.

you have such great kids, sean!!

guess the genes have been passed down just right!

i agree with you completely.

in friendship,


they stand up for they believe in!! Possessions are meaningless if something had to die for it!!!

You hate being called "Vegetarian" therefore you will find others call you "Vegetarian". You've sent out that energy, now you are receiving it.

Instead, try concentrating your thoughts and energy on "I love being called VEGAN". Drop the "I hate" attitude.

Simple! Yes, life really is that easy if you want it to be. :)

Change your outlook, change your thoughts, change your life.

Realize that it doesn't matter what others think of you or how they see you, that's none of your business. And vice-versa !

She does not understand because she is not where you are right now. She is on her own path that may or may not lead near yours. Respect that if you wish for her to respect you. Let go.

Smile and love now, while you can. Life is far too precious to waste on frivolity.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

in my twenty s i had no issues with it... 



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