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I had trouble with cooked carbs, but I've found my solution.

When I started this I was so excited to have potatoes and rice. In the first few months I was still calorie restricting just not as bad as when I suffered from anorexia. After increasing my calories I began to gain weight and I felt super bloated and puffy and backed up. I blamed the cooked carbs so I went raw for a couple weeks and felt great, may have even lost some weight cause I feel I look slimmer and less puffy and bloated. But these past two weeks I have finally found the solution to having my potatoes and eating them too.

There were many answers to why I wasn't feeling good eating cooked carbs. 1st: I was eating WAY too fast, i'd get so excited about eating something so tasty I would scarf it down, all that excess air caused bloating and also my food wasn't chewed enough so my body had to break it down more and that also cause bloating and slow digestion. 2nd: I wasn't drinking enough water, i would only drink half a liter to 1 liter a day, and since cooked carbs are lower in water content, I needed to be drinking much more in order to help digestion. 3d: I wasn't eating enough greens, I was barely eating any. The 4th and most important factor: I wasn't eating enough fruit! I was still restricting and only eating 800-1000 calories worth of fruit a day so I could eat tons of cooked carbs and still stay under 2k.

So what am I doing now?

I eat much slower, I make sure I chew each bite to where it's almost nothing before swallowing. I drink at least 2 liters of water everyday and start my day off with at least half a liter. I eat 1 head of romaine lettuce with each cooked meal. I also eat at least 1800 calories worth of fruit before my cooked meals. Right now I eat a lot of watermelon because it is high in water. All of these steps have helped me tremendously. My digestion is better than ever, I feel amazing, I don't feel bloated or puffy and I just feel overall more healthy.

At this point, I feel so good I don't mind having a little extra weight because I know if I keep eating like this, it WILL come off. Even if it doesn't though, I love living like this.

I wanted to share this, because I know how troubling and tiresome it can be to deal with things that cause discomfort and unhappiness while transitioning into this lifestyle. And me being the most negative person in the world, thought this would never work and my body would never function properly again, that I would never have a normal life again. But there is hope. Stick it out! Find out what is truly causing you suffering instead of blaming the carbs. Because all the carbs are doing is helping you, it's the other things your doing to your body that cause you harm. The transition process is about experimentation and finding out what it right for your body. During this process you may gain weight, you may experience discomfort, or self consciousness and doubt. I've gained 15lbs and for a previous anorexic, that's terrifying. But im getting through it, if I can, anyone can. Give it time, and listen to your body, it will heal itself and all the problems that bother you.

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Can I be the first to say how refreshing I find this post? I've read a good number of your previous posts even though I don't think I've replied to any, and this is a complete 180 from the unhappy and weight-obsessed person in the others. THIS is what happens when you are carbed up and you are no longer restricting. You no longer care so much about the weight because you FEEL so good! You are able to look at things in a whole different light and you radiate positivity. Now that you are finally fueled, this post reads as if it is from a whole different person.

I had a huge smile on my face, especially hearing that you're finally allowing yourself enough calories and that it's finally working for you. It's so easy to blame the lifestyle and not take a look at whether we're actually doing it properly. So often there's such an easy fix if we just open our eyes and look for it.

I'm definitely guilty of scarfing down my cooked meal at night so I know how much of a problem that causes. I notice a huge difference in my digestion and bloating if I can just get myself to slow it down and savor the meal. I'm glad you're getting on the right track. It sounds like things are improving so much for you :)

Things really are improving! And thank you for your words of encouragement :) This journey has been a hard one, probably the hardest I've been on, but I can finally see the worth in it. I've still got a ways to go, confidence wise and body image issues, but I don't feel obsessed anymore. A number is a number, and I've realized this now. It's how I feel that matters.

Awesome post!! I had read a couple of your previous posts, as I was feeling the same way as you (frustrated about gaining the weight -- i come from being underweight and restricting). I've changed my thinking as well and it really just improves everything! Thanks for sharing :)

Loved reading this today!!!  I have been really struggling with the weight gain the last few days and I find it hard to get greens in.  I do drink plenty of water, I have tried 2-3L and gone up as high as 5L and nothing worked.  The bloat and digestion are just super S L O W!  I will have to figure out a way to get the greens in.  I struggle to eat that much volume on top of my already high calorie consumption.  I am near 3500 cals most days.  I have lots of health ailments to heal from damage of my previous high animal protein diet.  I just cannot digest much of anything.  I exercise, get plenty of sunshine, carbed up all the time, water, etc.  But, my greens are lacking.  Going to try upping them again.  :)  Thank you!



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