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Today, I have to eat a minimum of Twenty bananas or else,I'm confident,I'll be eating steamed potatoes tonight.(again- for the 2nd time in 3 weeks) I'll be honest, I fear increasing my calories. I'm 5"10" -128lbs. and while most days, I'm either at the gym or practicing Bikram Yoga, I'm still dissatisfied with my body ( not a very good thing to say, I know).
I'm seeking words of wisdom from someone who is father along the path than I am. ( 3 weeks) Someone who has walked through the fear and has increased their calorie intake.. considerable...to where they finally have the body they desired.
I know every body is different and what works for one may not... but, still, I'd like to hear.
Thank you!

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I have never been! I am going on a raw vegan retreat Jan 27-Feb 2. Hermosa beach. Luckily I speak spanish pretty well so I can communicate with the natives :) Even though they still will call me a Gringa! haha Is Guanaste nearby?

That's awesome: you speak Spanish! I plan on taking Spanish lessons. You're going to a raw vegan retreat? C.R, I've read, is paradise. I'm sure you're going to have a wonderful time. I'll check on where Hermosa beach is, and get back to you!

McDougall plan isn't that bad as long as you're properly hydrating with enough water.  the starches tend to soak up more water so you need to drink more.  Just think about it this way.  You've built up your body fat stores over a long period of time, so as long as you keep the fat low, over time you will burn the fat off.  it will take time.  excess carbs dont turn into fat so if youre eating high carb plant foods, then you'll be getting mostly carbs. and carbs are our life force. gotta think of it as fuel in your gas tank, if you want to go far and or fast and or strong, gotta put more in the tank.  simple sugars=simpler to digest. complex=harder to digest  some cooked potatoes at night are not going to hurt your fitness goals assuming you're boiling or steaming them and not cooking them in oil. realize that you are beautiful already. see the light in yourself.  be patient and make the small steps everyday towards the bigger picture.

spot on!

I'm steaming! :) With the McDougal plan I was cooking most of my plant food, and eating limited amounts of fruit.
My hair started to fall out... made up of protein...so, I thought it was due to my low level protein intake as it never happened to me before. So,three weeks ago I bought Hemp protein powder. That was right about the time, I found you fine people. Today, my hair is fine-in just 3 weeks!
What I've learned: our bodies need raw fruit and veggies (and a few steamed spuds:) to grow hair, build muscles and to keep our lights shining bright!

If losing hair was attributed to protein intake then all the guys on youtube going bald from steroid usage wouldnt be going bald....

Hair replacement clinics are popping up all over the western world. Pretty sure its not related to 'protein insufficiency'. ;)

Hair loss is one of the first symptoms of anorexia in women. One of the first symptoms of steroid usage in men. Doesnt happen to all of them but it does to most. Its pretty common i the fitness modeling industry to have fake hair after it started falling out in clumps from all the steroids and starving down for the photo shoots.

Thank you I didnt know that- " hair loss is one of the fist symptoms..."

As a "body builder" 2-3 yrs. ago,I went along with my trainer's diet recommendations-no fruit. But, after I put on 20 or so pounds from the " bulk up " stage I had a tuff time severely restricting calories enough to accomplish the " cutting" stage, so I jumped ship.
Next, I went on to Paleo- what a f***(talk in your language lol:) nightmare that was. I'm talking, truly, a nightmare as that's what the back of my hamstrings and butt looked like (with all the cellulite and fat which had suddenly appeared.) I knew Paleo was killing me, so I went on to the McDougall diet (but with calorie restriction),and when my hair started falling out, I knew something was, obviuosly, wrong. So, I searched, and found 811, Freelee and you. Grateful. :)

What does your body look like at 128lbs though? Here are 2 ladies of pretty similar weight (the girl on the right would weigh more though). 

"WEIGHT DOESNT MEAN AS MUCH AS HOW TIGHT THE BUNS ARE!". Too many girls starve down and get a pancake butt. Nothing wrong with that but looking like an 80 year old as a 25 year old....

You are right, and I'm hoping you and your crew can get me there...that's the plan.:)

Are you the one on the right?  jk



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