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Today, I have to eat a minimum of Twenty bananas or else,I'm confident,I'll be eating steamed potatoes tonight.(again- for the 2nd time in 3 weeks) I'll be honest, I fear increasing my calories. I'm 5"10" -128lbs. and while most days, I'm either at the gym or practicing Bikram Yoga, I'm still dissatisfied with my body ( not a very good thing to say, I know).
I'm seeking words of wisdom from someone who is father along the path than I am. ( 3 weeks) Someone who has walked through the fear and has increased their calorie intake.. considerable...to where they finally have the body they desired.
I know every body is different and what works for one may not... but, still, I'd like to hear.
Thank you!

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Don't be afraid of calories, when they come from high carb sources they don't seem to significantly affect weight.  They do allow you to live more though.

Being satisfied with your body is a decision you have to make.  You will continue to be dissatisfied until you realize how beautiful you really are.  Personally I think getting enough calories is the first step in becoming your happiest, most content self.

Dominic..thank you so much for your kind words. I think you're right ," getting enough calories is the first step..." But, what kind of calories?
Complex carbs + simple cabs = fat gain? I know there are a lot of variables but Ive just come from the McDougall diet and I felt as though I was losing my vitality. So, I'm concerned- if I continue down this path of eating cooked potatoes at night, I'm right back where I started.
I want forward progression..onward and upward! :)

I guess if you chronically overeat you could gain weight, it is very hard to put on fat when eating a low fat high carb diet tho. 

Most times potatoes are consumed when mashed with butter and milk/cream, or deep fried, or covered in sour cream, or from a plastic packet in the form of crisps/chips. So if you're boiling or steaming them, you can probably enjoy as many as you dare to eat. I would have a spud binge once a week :-) 

I know they don't fit the raw criteria, remember most people who bag it (if any at all) will be citing some whacky bro-science. If you find eating them helps you stay on the high carb vegan lifestyle and mostly raw, then whats to lose? ignore any naysayers.

In summary, I believe the only way potatoes could harm you is if somebody throws a bunch of uncooked ones at you. That would hurt.

well said dominic 

I think it is scary for women bc we have been brain washed for years on ways to calories restrict.  I hear it daily on TV, see it in magazines... we are bombarded.  You have to just take a leap of faith and know that the scale will say you are gaining but it is water and not fat!  I have gained 7 lbs but clothes still fit the same and I am leaner than ever with less exercise. I can see veins now... Not that cute but rather see veins than blubber and cellulite.   I eat 2500-3000 on easy days and when I exercise even more! I am mostly raw but having a cooked meal when you are in a pinch and hungry won't hurt you... I had rice the other day and even though I felt heavy the next day at least I didn't go hungry which is far worse for your metabolism.....  Eat up and know that you are not alone in your fear.... We deserve to be happy, satisfied and have the energy to enjoy life and stop worrying about the little things that should not matter in life like vanity and living up to societies distorted view of the "perfect" body. Life is too short! We are all sexy unique vegan goddesses! ;)

Beautifully said Ms. Joberry!


same thing happened to me dateterian 

running 15 miles   biking 75 on moderate hills on entry level road bike followed DR ADVICE 

i was not into either of these fantastic sports before 30bad

i am 50 years old     this works  this is fun

carbs for the  ENERGY to win  

3300 calories stimulant free vitality   went up in pounds at first  but came down same way as you  but at 14 month mark  vitality from day one first 10 banana smooth

and i have energy to ride in the cold with pretty steady 12 miles south south west wind yesterday 

i was wondering where all the carbon bike riders  were ?   very few riders out  maybe only 3  

feels great to have this carb power      can do energy  ignition lift off its a moon shot

I just got back from the gym, and I came right back here to see if anyone responded. Thank you,all, so much for your energy and support. Joberry you rock! I've never been part of a forum before, and I like it! It's much easier to take a leap of faith when you have people walking beside you and in front of you. Domenic, I too listen to Durian - he makes a lot of sense. You mentioned winter months-I'm moving to Costa Rica in January,so, I kinda would like that beach body. But, if I want that-up my calories to fuel my workouts.-calorie restricting isn't going to get me there. I get it! :)

I am planning a trip to Costa Rica in January! Where will you be? )

Really! I've enrolled in a TEFL course In Samara Beach, Guanaste where I'll learn to teach English to speakers of second languages. Joberry, do you go to CR often?



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