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I feel sick to my stomach! I'll be eating with my grandparents for the first time in a LONG time - not sure how they will react to me eating fruit only

Hi guys!

I'm really nervous right now! its almost dinner time and my grandparents are here for dinner (they hv no idea about the way i eat)!

I feel like im preparing myself for war - I can imagine what they are going to say about the way i eat - my mom just kindda accepted and never asked questions.. but i can already hear my dad and grandparents attack and disapprove etc :(

I wish there were some Chinese books or videos that I could show to them (they are all OVERWEIGHT and super unhealthy - my grandmother looked like an undefined lump sitting on our sofa @@)

Any last minute advice would be great!! :))

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Breathe deeply, chill out.  You've got something akin to stage fright.  You are anticipating the worst, but it might turn out wonderful.  Worrying about bad things happening won't stop them from happening, but the worrying will make the present moment bad.

i have the same problem too... people that eats hotdog, snacks and drinking cola are angry at me when i'm eating alot of fruits and they try to Preach me all the time.

I feel like people only get angry because they are incapable of making positive decisions themselves and are jealous of your willpower-as harsh as that sounds

I agree :)

Thanks Via!

Dinner's over! It was weird.. my mom tried to help me by telling them that this is an occasional thing.

My dad kept offering my melon to my grandparents and kept eating off my bowl (NOT COOL! - as I am very protective over my fruit - esp cuz the melon was SO SO SWEET!) LOL

I gotta get better at explaining my decision to others .\/.!

Samantha, sounds like it wasn't a terrible experience, and congratulations on getting past that hurdle.  I totally understanding being protective over your fruit, and I don't know your financial situation or your shopping situation, so maybe it that was all you had, and we really don't want you to go hungry, "under-carb" yourself, or miss out on the deliciously sweet melon.  But you might want to try changing your perspective.  What a great opportunity to share your health by sharing your fruit with people who seem to be in desperate need.  It's my personal opinion that every bit of fruit is beneficial to someone, so try to focus on the good you are doing for your dad by letting him eat out of your bowl.  You are literally sharing your health with him.  How great is that?  You might also want to make a decision not to explain your "decision" to others.  Plenty of people routinely eat a salad for dinner and don't feel the need to explain that choice to their dinner companions.  You could always say something like, "I found this awesome melon and I've been on a melon kick recently," rather than "explaining" your entire lifestyle to people who might not be receptive and who you think might say something hurtful.  Good luck in your future interactions.

Yes, you got through the first dinner, good!  And I found that in the early days, bringing beautiful fruit to share really softened people up.  Now when relatives invite us for, say, Thanksgiving, I'll ask, "What can I bring?" and they say bring fruit!  Sounds like you better bring extra for your Dad for sure.

Isn't that annoying! I hate when I'm eating and people take food off my plate. It's like hello this is my dinner back off and eat your fatty food! lol 

Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments! <3

Growing up, I have always tried to please my parents and would try not to get them into trouble each time my grandparents disapproved of something (that is why both my dad and aunt are the size they are - they just wouldn't say no to my grandmother and just kept eating all the fried food she prepare for them) That is also the reason why she hates my mom so much - my mom would always set her straight

Argh! WHY do i feel so stressed again 30 minutes before dinner? My grandparents are gone - only dad, mom and boyfriend left (my boyfriend is super supportive and eats raw dinners with me - but he always has to work overtime)

The thought of the questions and attacks just makes me feel sick :( I don't want to have to go through this every single evening.. 

don't go with a war mentality, i found it that if i just shrug it off and say "focus on your food please" or "please stop being weird when i'm eating, it's quite rude" they knock it off.

I found out, if i make it a big deal, then others make a big deal out of it too, so i avoid analysing-paralysing things and it becomes simple.

I'm glad you got through it okay! I was SO worried when I started out. My dad's all into this lifestyle, but my mom isn't. Plus, my mom was living with my grandparents at the time, so it was extra awkward. I was stressed out all the time before I went to my mom's, thinking of scenarios where they were going to shove noodles or pizza down my throat or something...I didn't know what was going to happen! My grandmother seemed offended that, at 10, I'd gone vegetarian, so how was she going to react to this?

Well, a week or so in, my grandfather actually told me how proud of me and happy for me he was. That I'd found something positive like this to make me happy. And my grandmother? At first she was kind of confused and mumbled to my mom a lot, but now she fights with grocery store employees to get me ripe bananas!

I guess my point is, it's awkward and uncomfortable at first, but I bet your family will learn to love and appreciate the choices you make, even if they don't understand them.



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