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i eat alot in a day and i am practically sedentary, i go and do horse chores for an hour or so a day other than that i am in active. i don't know if its just out of habit now that i am eating this much, but i have come from restriction and i don't know if now I'm giving it the calories my bodies constantly in hunger starvation mode and just making me eat this much to repair! i also still suffer from headaches alot, usually a signal as to when I'm hungry, is it just best to eat when hungry or try and eat 2500 calls because i feel what i am eating now is abit obsessive considering i don't do hardcore exercise like harley and freelee! i do eat alot of greens so maybe i should eat more fruit meals but for instants today i do my usually banana smoothie- 10 bananas, then i have a fruit snack today it was 500g of medjool dates, then i had a spinach,rocket, tomato and romaine salad for lunch with a hummus dressing then i had a few persimmons and then i had my cooked dinner of sweet potatoes, cabbage, green beans and corn pasta... any suggestions for me? 

i was anorexic beforehand weighing 41kg at my lowest about 6months ago to now where i have come up to 47kg, i should be around 49kg according to the "professionals" but i am now getting a little worried i am putting on too much weight!!

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keep in mind that diet is only one important part of the equation.  Your body is in healing mode and may be for some time to come.  Describe your sleep patterns for us.

In short, the more the better.  if you can, you should.  Even if actual sleep doesn't occur, the resting horizontal position is helpful.  This, more than what you eat, is what restores and provides energy.  

i go to bed pretty much around 7-8, tonight its now 9 where i am in england and i am feeling really tired as my body is used to going to bed early, in fact i am going to reply to this and go off to my bed :) i get a good 8-10hours i would say !

the healthy weight range is wide it's not one magic number, probably that 49 is somewhere around the minimum of your healthy bmi, i don't know, cause i don't know your length and age..

Besides that you possibly still feel tired cause you're still recovering from underweight, you might have deficiencies like vitamin b12, d etc. that can cause low energy. might want to check that.

Your eating is good i wouldn't change it.

i currently supplement on b12 so that shouldn't be an issue and had bloods done last week and they came back amazingly considering the doctors though i was going to die from a potassium overdose haha! i was so happy to prove them wrong! i just need to get over this fatigue!

I feel like crap if I don't exercise.  For one thing, I get stopped up if I don't workout, because exercise helps push the food through my body in a consistent manner.  In my personal opinion, this diet won't work for you if you are not active.  You can't eat unlimited calories & loaf around all day and expect to feel good, because your body is a machine.  Food is kind of like putting gas in your car, but exercise is like getting an oil change - you still need it regularly, otherwise things won't work right.  The crummy thing is, when you're already behind the energy curve, then it's too hard to get yourself to exercise daily because you're already feeling fatigued.

Also, you need to drink a lot of water on this diet.  If I drink less than 3 liters a day, I usually end up with a headache.  How's your water intake?  If that's good, one other thing to try is salt.  While it's not highly recommended here for various reasons, if your calorie & water intake are good, you might try eating some salt to feel better.  I function a lot better with the occasional salt hit on my cooked veggies.

thanks for the reply but the only reasons why couldnt exercise was because the social working in y country said i had to be stationary all the time for my own safety due to be underweight now i have put a bit on i am starting to go out on walks and runs plus I'm at school in the week so sometimes its hard finding the time to exercise as i have alot to do there and my school its local either so i have to travel alot

also wight eh headache thing it has gone away now that i have regained weight and am aloud back outside again

I don't want to suggest eating fewer calories, both from an anorexic perspective & per the guidelines of this site, but in my experience you feel a LOT better on this diet when you do exercise, so keep taking steps to get to the point where you can, for sure!  I've only had a brief non-exercise stint last summer when I had an injury for a few weeks, and while I kept my food intake up, I definitely did not feel as good as I did when I was exercising on a regular basis.  Also TMI, but exercise helped kind of compact up my stools for bowel movements as well.

thankyou for understanding i will get there in the end i already feel more energised so soon i will be out there doing more stuff, i am not lazy its just the eating disorder starved me of the vital nutrients that you get from this diet!

80% diet and 20% exercise is the guideline for being healthy, but that is just on typical standard american ;) i see where you are coming from about the bowel movements i agree, but i would also say that bowel movement should be pretty good on this diet because theres so much fibre that other modified foods dont contain so i am definitely doing better on this lifestyle than any other! plus i didn't do it for the weight i done it for the ethnical reasons because i just didn't want to be part of the slaughtering of animals or manipulating them 

I don't know if laziness really exists or not, I think it's mostly just mislabeled poor energy from a bad diet or other health concerns.  Everyone I've met who is "lazy" is fighting fatigue & low energy.  When you feel good, it's really hard to sit around all day & loaf because you have a motor inside you.  So eventually when you hit your target weight range & are exercising on a regular basis, you're going to feel good again!

i think your body is healing 

i was anorexic 7 month ago too and during "recovery" i also ate heaps of food but never felt energetic but lethargic

now 7 month recovered i finally feel more energetic and able to use the energy i consume

do you drink enough water though?

i find if i dont drink enough water i get headaches right away

also try to TOTALLY REALX about the weight i was worried i d gain too much too and i gained a heck lot of weight but when i started relaxing about it and chill more in general and focus more on the basics SLEEP WATER SUGAR i stopped gaining and feel like i am very very very slowly but surely leaning out again

and DONT REDUCE YOUR CALORIES IMO it ll just make the lethargy worse and to fully recover physically a contantly high amount of calories is needed ( according to the minnesota starvation experiment...)

good luck on your journey and keep it carbed ;)

Even when I was eating a heavy meat diet back in my bodybuilding hobby days, I could never do the low-carb diet & actually feel good.  I don't know how people walk around all day without having carb-driven energy.  Bleh!  Saps my energy both physically AND mentally.  I need carbs to even think straight!

yeah me too if i dont get enough carbs i get headaches and i think that was why i used to have headaches all the time because my brain wasn't getting enough glucose to function but a month in to this lifestyle i feel so much more better, as i didn't do it right at first was eating far to little calories, i think as my body recovers it will depend on less calories then and i will be looking at the 2500cal mark but just to maintain a weight right now it doesnt seem to be effecting it, but if i see a huge difference then of course i will cut the calories and exercise more



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