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i eat alot in a day and i am practically sedentary, i go and do horse chores for an hour or so a day other than that i am in active. i don't know if its just out of habit now that i am eating this much, but i have come from restriction and i don't know if now I'm giving it the calories my bodies constantly in hunger starvation mode and just making me eat this much to repair! i also still suffer from headaches alot, usually a signal as to when I'm hungry, is it just best to eat when hungry or try and eat 2500 calls because i feel what i am eating now is abit obsessive considering i don't do hardcore exercise like harley and freelee! i do eat alot of greens so maybe i should eat more fruit meals but for instants today i do my usually banana smoothie- 10 bananas, then i have a fruit snack today it was 500g of medjool dates, then i had a spinach,rocket, tomato and romaine salad for lunch with a hummus dressing then i had a few persimmons and then i had my cooked dinner of sweet potatoes, cabbage, green beans and corn pasta... any suggestions for me? 

i was anorexic beforehand weighing 41kg at my lowest about 6months ago to now where i have come up to 47kg, i should be around 49kg according to the "professionals" but i am now getting a little worried i am putting on too much weight!!

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thanks so much for your reply, its great to hear other peoples stories as i am just afraid to loss my leanness but i am telling myself that in the end the weight gain is only water and muscle weight that i have loss!

yeah i do drink plenty mainly before my meals and my wee is always clear like water you can't even see it haha!

great advice i already feel better doing this lifestyle properly now and not restricting as if we were in nature and had starved our bodies then we would be looking for the juiciest fruits to nourish our bodies again and thats the way i look at it, we wouldn't even count calories for a start we would just eat as and when we pleased! exercise is just an added benefit for the bowel movements, but not something that has to be thirsted about in recovery as the fibrous fruits and veggies are good enough for bowel movement! in my eyes this is definitely the best way to recover rather than being recommend to eat chemical infused rubbish and binge on that instead, fruit and veg is the way to go :)

if you dont mind me asking what did you weigh and what do you weigh now, also what is you activity level like now ?

glad it kinda helped you! :)

and i weighed 34 kg at 5´4 than gained approx 1kg per week up to my preanorexia weight 64kg and then up till 70kg (exactly as it says in the minnesota starvation experiment: the subjects gained all the weight back + 10%) and now its slowly decreasing again honestly i dont know how much i weigh now (kinda dont want to mess up my super good mood haha) but i can see that i ammuch more defined in my upper body and around my butt lol.

i dont excercise at all i just "live active" i think i am a lot outside working with my horse and my bunnies and i bike around a lot exploring nature and go for a walk with my horse exploring and stuff like that. and i sleep a lot 

Mmmmmmm sleeep :) 




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