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I can't eat nightshades, but really miss tomatoes. Replacement ideas?

I respond quite badly to nightshades and so gave them up recently and have felt much better. The only trouble is that tomatoes were pretty much my go to ingredient for savoury recipes, salads etc. I really used to love courgette (zuchini for the non Brits!) pasta with a raw tomato sauce and some fresh herbs.


Anybody have any ideas on how I could replace tomatoes with something else and start really enjoying my savoury dishes again? I'm a big fruit lover so most of the time I'm fine... Just sometimes I really get the urge for a savoury dish, and right now the stuff I am making is just not hitting the spot for me.


Any ideas at all?

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I know i can't eat them either :( BUT I still do occasionally and pay the price :( I got a rash on my face after last compromise. I find if they are super ripe and not cherry toms then I can have one or two no worries.


I suggest replace toms with lots of red peppers/capsicums blended with date and herb like dill (my fav)

Yeh ripeness is definitely important with any fruit but ultra important with tommies. Glad I'm ok with Red peppers. I'm actually fine with some heirlooms too.

Hey RFG, what kind of price do you pay after eating them?


I end up with a severe burning with my stomach, cramping etc. sometimes for up to two days after having eaten them.


Peppers are nightshades too, unfortunately ;( I actually have a much worse time with them than with tomatoes.


My favorite tomato sub is mango! You can make an awesome salsa/dressing with mango replacing tomatoes, and it tastes good with herbs on occasion too (when you get the urge). They're a little harder to source than toms, though...

oh yeh you're right of course they are nightshades too, thanks for picking me up there.

Luckily I don't have any issues with them when they are ripe (red and soft) and I know others with tom issues who are fine with them too. Mmmm yep mango is a fantastic sub!


Yes, ripeness definitely makes a huge difference. But last fall, I was at my in-laws' farm in OR, and there were unbelievable amounts of tomatoes of all kinds, peak ripeness (I prefer the semi-squished ones!) and after a couple days, I realized that it was the toms that were giving me a killer stomach ache every time I ate them. I avoided them for a few months and was ok afterward. But my in-laws used all kinds of chemicals on their farm for years, and I was kind of suspicious that that might have had something to do with it.


When I lived in Hawaii, my favorite salad dressing was based on papaya and lemon/lime! Sometimes just smush the papaya all over the greens...Yummy...

Thanks for the ideas everyone! Yep unfortunately peppers are a no-no for me too. Any nightshades at all and I get a facial rash, painful joints and stomach cramps... Not nice!


I've made a few salads with pureed mango already and agree that it rocks, however it's still a sweet dish for me when I do that as opposed to a savoury one if you know what I mean.  I was thinking in bed last night and remembered back to my days doing the macrobiotic diet (many moons ago...) One of the things I liked at that time was Umeboshi paste, a seasoning made from pureed salt-pickled plums. The salt is setting the alarm bells ringing in my head, but I must admit, the idea of a little umeboshi mixed up with some pureed pomegranete is definitely tempting to me right now. I suspect it might make a good 'Pasta sauce'.

What do you reckon about the health implications of this anyone????


Hey Richie--if you add some basil, celery, or whatever, to your pureed mango, it doesn't necessarily have to be sweet. 

Another thought: you can get tamarind at Asian markets (some Turkish markets have them too)--that would definitely be another option to try. Your mention of umeboshi made me think of it for some reason: similar texture.

On umeboshi: I think that the whole point with it is that it's eaten in tiny quantities. I also think that if you haven't been eating salt for a while, it'll taste impossibly salty. So if you're getting a yen for it, maybe try just a tiny taste and see what your body says? But I don't reckon that a trace amount of it in a dressing once in a blue moon is going to be terrible for you.

Ah I have been adding herbs and other veggies to mango puree to make a sauce, it's very nice, but still has a fruity sweetnes to it. Maybe the mangos I'm getting here are particularly sweet.


I reckon I'll give the umeboshi a go, like you say Ela, it is used in minute quantities, will only be used occasionally and I'm sure there are far worse things I could be eating.  I'm sure that if it's not a good idea to eat it my body will let me know pretty quickly. I'll report back when I've tried some!


Will give tamarind a whirl too if I can get hold of it here.

Good luck! I think you're right your body will tell you fast.
I wonder how you would fare if you made a basil pesto with garlic and threw in just a couple of minced sun dried tomatoes?

Even a small amount of tomato gives me a facial rash unfortunately :-(

I have read with interest that there are people who couldn't eat tomatoes at all in the past, gave them a rest and are now OK to eat them in reasonable quantities, so I will give them a try in a year or so, just to see, but right now my healing skin needs all the help it can get.



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