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Im going to write complete honesty so I can be real with myself and take the step to heal. I want to start off by saying I want to be a full vegan. (frequent processed products that contain milk, bread, cheese when im around my boyfriend) The pain, fear and guilt crawl into my skin when I pass by the dairy in big grocery store. Even if it is vegan usually after four I bulk up in oils(chipotle, pizza potato chips), healthy fats(tons of avocado) and salt have been my biggest addiction. I can't stand it. After my fruit meals my body feels like "I need something cooked, I need something high salt, processed fast now!" and I cant help to eat vegan/vegetarian as soon as possible to get that feeling of comfort. This has been my biggest difficult and I think about my emotions and the actions that play and it kind of reminds me of my binge eating in the past. I can honestly say I have been progressing before 4 pm 85 percent of the time. I have been getting on 30bananas a day to be around like minded individuals virtually. I am considering that this will take time and patience and I will persevere. I just want to know how did everyone else just take the full plunge to heal?  

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I seem to be able to eat fruit all day too but at night want different.  I struggle too.

Maybe the suggestions people have posted can help!

Celery helps with salt cravings. Sometimes when Im craving things Ill eat a big salad and that helps with cravings to your hungry untill you get the nutrients you need. Have you watched earthlings yet thats what turned me into a vegan instantly 2 years ago I was struggling to give up cheese. Once you realize morally why its wrong its alot easier in my experience and after your clean a couple months the cravings go away, although you might think something looks good you dont need it. Try to stay away from temptations in the beginning.

Yeah, I started to aadd celery, I usually have over 2000 cals but what Im realizing is that my body feels comfortable over 3000. its going to take some time getting use to I think that is why I keep on going to dairy. Yes, I shouldnt even put myself close to temptations. 

If you're craving salt, eat more greens...Are you eating enough cals though out the day?

Sounds like you also have emotional issues too. YOU need to spend time with / for yourself. To get to know and be confidant and happy within yourself and make choices and live the life YOU want to live. 

Usually over 2000, Yeah, Ive been thinking about getting in touch with my body but things have been quite right of a feeling, it can play a role that I am under carded and also have a bit of a temper. Yes, thank you.

Read some of your other replies as well, thought you might found this video useful :)


It's hard when you're dating someone who isn't as careful with their diet as you are. I had the same problem in the beginning, because it was important to me that my boyfriend & I be able to share meals (we live together) eventually I realized I had to ask myself, what is more important, eating the same food as him (even though it meant compromising my ideals and eating things I knew I would regret later), or sticking to my eating plan and feeling good and not getting bloated/gassy? Obviously the 2nd option wins. I love my bf but he is an adult and figure out food for himself. Now I cook whatever I want, and sometimes he shares my meal, sometimes he eats something else. but the longer that I eat this way and he sees my success on this lifestyle, the more frequently he wants to share my meals instead of eating some other crap ;) I think he will get there eventually.

I'm sure that's not your exact situation, but I hope that helps. In my case I just had to get to a point where I wanted it bad enough to actually control my eating. It's easy to slip back into old habits and justify it by saying "just this once", or whatever. At some point you will just decide ENOUGH! And it will renew your dedication, and it will get easier. Just try to take it one meal at a time. Always have cooked food on hand ready to go at all times, and don't be afraid to take food out with you places. I always always pack a snack even if I don't think I'll be gone long. And I've never had a problem bringing my own food to restaurants, but I always order tea or something so I'm not just taking up space. People might give you funny looks for eating a huge container of plain rice but so what? Stick to what you believe. The feeling of satisfaction afterwards is worth any uncomfortableness in the middle :)

I cant relate to this because is it what I want, but Im at the portion where I want to change things. My boyfriends supports me, he told me that he wants to be a vegetarian and that's progress! He's in culinary so how hes cooks and makes food is very apposing to how I do things ( I feel like I have to remind him no oil, not too much fatty foods) but I very much appreciate all that he does and creates. I feel that I need to take that extra step and also prepare my meals very well. 

I need to definitely control my eating as well. To be honest after four Im still not ready to give up a little bit of vegan comfort foods. That's okay, Im just tot ready. BUT I do feel that it shouldn't make my meal just like a side one day I will notice that I dont even have them anymore. Those are great going out ideas though! That sounds very rewarding, thanks.

going to watch that now! thanks!

I have this problem too. I've been rawtill4 vegan for a little over a month but I have to admit, after I got sick(It was like a cold nothing too bad) I've been craving dense caloric foods. I think my body just needs more food. Anyway, my mom is doing this cookie party for christmas and I keep stealing cookies Dx I KNOW IT'S BAD. And today...I ate a cheese enchalada. TOO FAR. It reminded me I'm lactose intolerant :I

So I definitely know how you feel with the whole ideals not matching up with eating patterns. You and me both just need to eat more of the right foods and make sure to fill up on them. If anyone can give me examples of high calorie raw foods that'd be awesome. I usually have problems in the morning but get home and fill up on rice or potatoes.

if your psycho chic for salt - eat celery or baked potato in its jacket (no oil)

throw potato in oven - cook till soft - cut in half then scoop out

celery & potatoes are  high in sodium 

note - too much salt will blow out your joints in pain and cause bloated weight gain 



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