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Im going to write complete honesty so I can be real with myself and take the step to heal. I want to start off by saying I want to be a full vegan. (frequent processed products that contain milk, bread, cheese when im around my boyfriend) The pain, fear and guilt crawl into my skin when I pass by the dairy in big grocery store. Even if it is vegan usually after four I bulk up in oils(chipotle, pizza potato chips), healthy fats(tons of avocado) and salt have been my biggest addiction. I can't stand it. After my fruit meals my body feels like "I need something cooked, I need something high salt, processed fast now!" and I cant help to eat vegan/vegetarian as soon as possible to get that feeling of comfort. This has been my biggest difficult and I think about my emotions and the actions that play and it kind of reminds me of my binge eating in the past. I can honestly say I have been progressing before 4 pm 85 percent of the time. I have been getting on 30bananas a day to be around like minded individuals virtually. I am considering that this will take time and patience and I will persevere. I just want to know how did everyone else just take the full plunge to heal?  

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If you crave salt and other things, try eating MORE fruit to prevent those cravings. If I'm sufficiently fruited I crave nothing.


So sorry to hear you're fighting the demons.  I know it's not the experience of some but when I'm triggered emotionally, I can drink a 15 banana smoothie and down a bag of potato chips soon after, no problem.

I watched a Phillip McCluskey video where he explains that fruits & veggies simply don't have the bulk to tamp down the emotions like fatty food does.  It was a real eye-opener for me and, since then, I've done a lot of work figuring out how to deal with the situations that make me turn to food, whether it's boredom or anger.  Sometimes it's just a matter of willpower to eat as much fruit as it takes to fill me up past the lure of food I'll regret eating.  Drinking 4L of water per day is a must for me, too.

I feel so grateful for that, thank you for understanding. I can defiantly relate to that. I'm going to check that out now. 

Whenever you feel the need for something high in fat/salt you're probably just craving something more dense than fruit. I know that feeling.

My advice would be to cook some potatoes, rice or winter squash instead, and eat as much as you want of that (without salt or oil). When you fill up on starches your cravings will very likely go away. Try it!

I most defiantly will!

You might have to go a bit easy on yourself for a while to "adjust", rather than all or nothing.. It takes longer, but it's better than taking forever.

Maybe do things like eat asparagus spears soaked in salty soy sauce, or dip concentrated sugary dried fruits in a salt nut butter, in small amounts, while priortising the diet that you deem optimal.

The whole isn't the best, but it is always going to better than consuming pizza potato chips or chipotoles ( whatever they are, lol.. I'll Wikipedia them) 

I agree, I like those ideas and must try it. 

Chipotle is this fast food organic modern restaurant, which has vegan option but very salty! 

I have to agree with Sam. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Still, I can totally relate to your situation. I have been trying to stick to 801010 for 4 months now and there are days, I don't even notice, that I stick to it perfectly. Sometimes I even am raw. And then there are days, that I cannot take my hands off the unhealthy junk that can be bought at every corner around here. :( And I always beat myself up.

But last week I noticed that Durian helps me a lot. I never had it fresh befor, or liked it for that matter, but here in Taiwan they get fresh Durian and it is really nice. After only eating half a piece my cravings are gone and I can think about something else than food. Maybe try to find a fruit, that gets you there?

Just never stop trying!

Agreed, you too!!

It was "easy" for me to be a vegan in the first place, but later I was craving pizza, pizza pops, CHEESE, chips, butter, MAACAROONNII!! But I realized that I want to deal with my emotions that way!! I want the food to take away the pain!! When I first tried raw I only did it for a day because I was too weak and wanted cooked carbs. The second time I tried I did it for a day and failed again, the third time I actually did it for 18 days but then I gave up because I was craving cooked food( I wasn't eating enough yummy fruit like grapes and blueberries (my fave) and i got sick of just bananas and dates, after I quit being raw and ate cooked vegan I got diarhea that lasted for 2 days like straight it was terrible!!!!!!!!!! I have been raw for over a month now and I feel amazing!! I feel prettier and happier!!! It is fantastic!! I would rather be truly happy than stuff my face with macaroni!! :D You can do it girl!! It's hard sometimes, but always have bananas around you and good fruit!!!

Yeah, sound like a heck of a journey. thanks you too!!



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