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I can't find Methylcobalamin B12 vials for injection ANYWHERE help!! & should I inject vit D3?

Long story short, i have chronic severe depression and anxiety, long time vegan, blood tests said my B12 is low and my vit D levels are off the charts low, (he actually said he's never seen levels that low) :( I refuse to put poisonous anti depressants in my body, but I'm desperate at this point. I'm assuming my deficiencies have a lot to do with my depression so I'm ready to self inject. I want methylcobalamin specifically, a package of the single vials, not one large bottle. I'm in california, can't find it on ebay, amazon, every doctor and pharmacy only injects cyanocobalamin which I do not want. Does ANYBODY know where I can order some online?? I also want to inject Vit D3 but can find virtually no information on it. I don't know where to buy it online, or how much to take or how often. anybody?? I'd be so grateful for some help. thank you.  Elissa 

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i can't go further south then spain out of principle i refuse to give my fingerprints it's already rediculous i give my photo and walk around with a chip in my pocket.

I'm going to get my vit. D. tested hoping to hear "this is the lowest i have ever seen" just like it was with my vit. B12, though this time i truly have found the source of my problems (not purely mental problems,but affecting the mental, brain problems) maybe i also do not generate and/or absorb vit. d.

just reread her post.. she's in california.. isn't that all sunshine and everything? (the portugal of the us) perhaps there's more going on behind her vit. d deficiency

@elissa ofcourse don't take antidepressants, i guarantee you that the deficiencies are the cause of all that.

I live in an apt with no patio, in a very bad area, not safe to walk around here, I drive to a good area to walk but there's not much sun in the winter. I'm not sure if you know what it's like to have clinical depression for 3 years but its sometimes hard to get out of bed, not looking for sympathy, just stating the facts. I haven't given up just yet, I want to get better, that's why I'm desperately looking for this B12 but so far no luck. Money does really play a huge role in so many things. I never wanted to think like that, but not having it for so long makes you realize that money, is so important. 

Harley, I just did a a ton of research the last few days on B12 and read that cynonocobalamin (the only one ALL the doctors and pharmacies administer, because its cheap crap) is unhealthy for you. Would take too long to list the reasons, bananatv on youtube has a good video on it. So yea I want methyl or hydroxyl but i am not working, (full time student) and can't afford $150. I dont even have 100 dollars. If I had $1000 I would be over seas by now trust me. A little more dangerous for a single woman to just go traveling around the world alone as well, I no I can't take my friends, they ALL have kids.

Cyanocobalamin isn't unhealthy, there's more cyanide in an apple seed than a shot of cyanocobalamin. Hydroxo- and methyl- are more effective but if cyano is all you can get just take that. 

I totally agree with what you are saying!!!! I was just wondering, how would a person live in Cambodia or a different country for a year without getting a holiday working visa?? How do you travel to Thailand?? How would someone move to Cambodia permanently? Would someone have to be like a doctor or something?? Thanks!! I am really interested in that!

Let's go! ;)

Ya!! ;) Haha I'm just wondering how people can go without a holiday working visa!! Especially to places like Cambodia where it would be harder to get a job!!

DR doesn't work. probably when DR spews something out he does so with the assumption that everyone has youtube money.

What food and accommodation, everything. Is that 1000 Aussie dollars - if so I am gone?

Please please explain

why not just take pills? I take sublingual methyl (that I found at whole foods) every other day and I feel great. 

Why do you want to take B12? :) 



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