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I can't find Methylcobalamin B12 vials for injection ANYWHERE help!! & should I inject vit D3?

Long story short, i have chronic severe depression and anxiety, long time vegan, blood tests said my B12 is low and my vit D levels are off the charts low, (he actually said he's never seen levels that low) :( I refuse to put poisonous anti depressants in my body, but I'm desperate at this point. I'm assuming my deficiencies have a lot to do with my depression so I'm ready to self inject. I want methylcobalamin specifically, a package of the single vials, not one large bottle. I'm in california, can't find it on ebay, amazon, every doctor and pharmacy only injects cyanocobalamin which I do not want. Does ANYBODY know where I can order some online?? I also want to inject Vit D3 but can find virtually no information on it. I don't know where to buy it online, or how much to take or how often. anybody?? I'd be so grateful for some help. thank you.  Elissa 

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yes, some great methyl is found at www.trimnutrition.com

I'm not knowledgeable about injectable D.  But while I can't say it's the ideal option out there, Garden of Life Kind Organics does sell an allegedly vegan D3 in spray form.

thank you for replying but i just looked and its $173.00 omg. :( everyone on youtube said its $3-$5 a vial. I can't afford anywhere near that. I've been looking for a couple days now. Nothing ever works out. fml sighhhh

Meth typically runs much higher than cyan.  

you sure those vids aren't referencing cyan for that LOW price?  Or do they mean a single shot is that price?  

Try looking for a compounding pharmacy in your area who might be able to whip up what you need from scratch.

what's a compounding pharmacy??? I called a bunch today and they all only do cyan with a prescription. and the videos were talking about $3 per vial, but they were in other countries. :( 

I just googled compounding pharmacies, sounds cool but they require a prescription, i spent the last few days on the phone arguing with doctors, managers, technicians about trying to get methyl, some of the people I talked to didn't know what B12 was...and they all only carry cyan and could care less about finding me what I need. It's a business. I'm just so beyond frustrated. I really REALLY don't want to take this Paxil I have sitting in front of me, but something has to change, like yesterday. thanks for trying to help, i appreciate it. 

i can get hydroxo covered by insurance here, but i've recently ordered methyl from germany it was 28,50 for 10 ampoules (1mg/1ml) (plus 15 euro shipping to netherlands, but i don't calculate that in here)

so that's 142,50 (euro)  for the same amount (in mg) of methylcobalamin and when i convert 142 euro to dollars it comes down to 168 dollar.. and you also get the syringes etc. with it (which i didn't).. so the price is basically the same..

but as far as i know for most people hydroxocobalamin injections work perfectly fine and that should be considerably cheaper.

I pay less than £10 for 10x 1mg hydroxyl vials and £7 for 10 needles
That's $26 in total

can I have the website where you got yours please???? :) I hope they mail to California!

Sorry Elissa just saw ur reply. I get hydroxyl from http://goldpharma.sc for £12.10 (not less than £10 my mistake)
Yeh hopefully they will mail to you. Was the cheapest source I found, and takes about 2wks to get order to UK.

Any b12 injections will work.

Go to Cambodia. You can live on 2$ a day. Take 1000$ with you and that should last a year. You won't have a D deficiency living in Cambodian sunshine. :)

Oh you can't go? Love staying in your high stress lifestyle? ;)



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