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I can't eat, I can't breath, I can't cope with this. *graphic animal content warning*

I thought after having been vegan for so long and watching so many undercover meat industry videos that I would be immune to watching so many videos. Not that I wouldn't be moved by it, but simply that it wouldn't break me to watch another one.

I was wrong.

I have lost all faith in humanity. I feel like as if I'm suffocating, everywhere I look someone is hurting someone else. In every place there is someone is suffering from greed, anger, and hatred. 

Yesterday I was going through facebook and someone shared an article on stopping the production of videos of animal crush fetishes. These are videos in which women crush to small defenseless animals to death. Sometimes by stomping on them. Sometimes by shredding them into ribbons. Beheading them. Sitting on them. Driving nails through their brains. Ripping off their ears. It's been more than 24 hours since I just saw pictures and I still can't forget about it. I feel sick, filthy, bestial, preposterous. I just want to vomit. 

I think rape isn't as sickening as this. People who get a sexual high from these videos are felches. They don't even deserve the title of filth. People like these are a sorry excuse for the insurance that wouldn't cover for their mother's abortion requests.



Disclaimer: Viewer's discretion is advised. 

I can't stop crying. 

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I thought I had seen it all.



i know this is small consolation, but here's something bigG found about at least two crush video kingpins:

Suspected ‘Crush’ Video Ring Leaders Arrested


the fight against oppression isn't supposed to be an easy one.

however, it is one that will be won.

we can't help the victims, but we can always work towards making sure there aren't anymore who have to endure the sadistic whims of oppressors.


people like you bring us closer each day to the goal.

for you undertake to share some part in another being's suffering and then act so another one is not victimized.


thus, you channel the strongest force in the universe - that of evolution ... and it will eliminate the worse of any species.


in friendship,


Come with me for a minute. Lets step out of this drama and watch the whole thing from another perspective.

Your subconscious has no filter, so all infos go unfiltered in.

At the moment, you stuff your subc with cruelity from the videos. Stop doing this. This is why you wanna vomit!

You overflow your subc with horror pictures. Yes, of corse, thats reality, but your energy goes, where you concentrate on. At the moment, you concentrate on cruelity, so thats what you create.

Concentrate on what you want and not on that you dont want!

I know, what you talk about, i feel that too and i often cry. But its necessary to learn, that no one and nothing could weaken your energy. You have to learn to protect yourself (without building walls)

Love is the solution for that.

Always concentrate on the energy and things that are good for you!  Leave low energy places. Leave low enregy people. And learn to protect yourself with love. Love everything around you, even if it hurts so much.

All happens for a reason, i guess, no one really can see the bigger picture yet, why all this is happening.

So do not judge or criticise. Send love to all this, breath deep, stay calm, cry if you feel like,search a lovin hand that holds you and dont let it weaken you.

That more you pay attention to cruelity, that bigger it becomes.

You cannot safe the world, just yourself. And thats job enought! And if you feel well and balanced, then you can become active for the world.

Hugs to you Riela,

You are not alone with that ❤

Well said Daniela! I could not agree with you more.

As ethical vegans, there is absolutely nothing to be gained by us giving space in our minds to this kind of cruelty. I myself have made videos showing shocking acts of animal cruelty for youtube, but (here's my secret) when I edit them, I mute off the channel in my vid editor showing the animal abuse so I don't have to keep watching it. I'd get too despondent if I let that stuff into my head. I put them up on youtube in the hope of meat eaters and carnists seeing them.

Riela, you don't need to watch this stuff, remember you need to be kind to yourself too ;-D


Daniela, you are absolutelly right in all you wrote here !!!

I was thinking about how to answer, but after reading your contribution there is nothing I would  write more or better !!! 

Months ago it would not be acceptable for me anymore solve it "your way"...but the more i know about spirituality and work on it, the more I understand it !!!

But the truth is...it is really hard to let it all what happened to innocent animals be...

Think positive, think negative

it does not matter

not your thinking makes your happiness,

your heart determines it.

If you truely want to think positively,

do not practice the correction of your thoughts.

Open your heart-only that changes.

I kinda figured, since I'm vegan and don't contribute to animal abuse with my diet, I don't have to watch these types of videos, so I typically don't. Why bother? What good can come of it? Its the awareness of this stuff that important, not your exposure to it. Just become aware of the problem and refuse to contribute to it. You don't have to let yourself get burnt by the forest fire, just throw some water on it if you got it. 

I dfinitely only a small portion of one when I didnn't keven know what it was, it posted on friends wall to report, as I think along the same lines as you.  But just the fact that after belonging to StopCrush.org and being part of reporting them to the appropriate organisations, made me realise how many completely evil sicko's participate.  And the verbal description given by the admin was enough to give me nighmares.  I agree with what you are saying though. 


Visit the above link to the Heart <3 page of 30BaD to see some inspirational people and help regain your faith in humanity. The best thing you can do is to be a shining example and show others what's right.

I am highly sensitive to videos like this as well so I can't watch or I will feel ill from bursting in to tears. I believe that the victims in cases like these would not want us to focus on the misery, to relive it for them, I believe they would want us to put that energy in to promoting change so that it doesn't happen to more innocent beings. If we don't believe that the human species is evolving in an upward direction, I don't think that sends very good "vibrations" in to the universe. I know it is easy to let dark things consume you but it is not the best thing for you or the ones you are sad for, which I'm probably stating the obvious but  wanted to put that out there.


use your anger. spread the word!

use your anger. spread the word!

good advice, emilee!

are you aware of petitions or e-addresses people can write to?

are there information/action pages/sites you know of?

the fb link is good, but not everyone is on fb. furthermore, most of the posts are quite old.

if not, we can create them - there seem to be several people on this thread who seem more than willing to crush crush.

in friendship,




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