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I am struggling with celiacs, very frustrated I cant seem to stay raw...... please help

I have known for a little over a year that Raw was the best for me.... I am so frustrated i can't seem to make the transition in my life.

I have learned I am a celiac, lactose intolerant and of course, like most americans... addicted to food. .....

I have gone as long as 3 weeks raw and it seems just as I start feeling awesome and secure in my choices ... I cave....

for the past year I have gone from Raw to cooked  vegan to 80% raw to 20% cooked... I have gone 100% raw for short periods of time.... I recently decided to try and "get over" my gluten addiction by not worrying about anything I eat as long as it was gluten free.... the problem is there is hidden gluten .... and just this past week after a week and half of gluten free and feeling ok.. i twice ingested hidden gluten...

I sit here typing looking 4 month pregnant and feeling exhausted!

So.. i have had it once again.... i need support, I need advice, i need encouragement to keep trying... I know how amazing raw makes me feel.... I am tired of illness I want my energy back!

I would love to hear from anyone... esp those who might be celiacs....

thanks for listening...

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Whats wrong with gluten?

Fruit has too much sugar doesnt it?

Id just eat everything in moderation and use medicines to treat your condition.

I read on a blog that fruit makes you fat anyways.

If she's a celiac, then I'm assuming that's why she avoided gluten. 

And to the the OP, don't beat yourself up--you've gotten as far as 80%, which is already going to be helping you out immensely.  For some people, the cold turkey approach doesn't work.  I know from my own experiences that if I want to make lasting changes in my life, the transition is going to be pretty lengthy, too.  Do what you can, appreciate your own efforts, and see tomorrow as a new day!

I am not quite sure where in fruit and vegetables is hidden gluten? If you have to cook anything, use only fresh ingredients and cook from scratch, so you will know what you put into your food. Eg steam your vegetables or bake them then you won't have to worry about anybody hiding anything in it.

Thanks for the encouragement...

I am a well educated, confident, strong woman, I know more about health and nutrition than my doctor....while I do not claim to know it all.... I know many things in this life are more mental and spiritual  than physical.... I am a celiac... gluten is poison to me as well as process sugar... I feel like crap when I eat it.....I am not stupid.... but struggle some days with pulling myself up by my bootstraps over and over and over...

..   It seems sometimes that everyone I read about that is raw vegan has it all together... I havent read many raw vegan blogs where people struggle. The fact is that I have 40plus years of food baggage I have to work thru....

I have beaten many of my addictions, I feel like this is the last mile of my marathon... the part where you want to quit cause it sucks but moving forward is the most rewarding experience I can imagine. I would love to read about a veteran raw vegan and hear if they struggled. Some people say "just make up your mind and do it".. which is simple, yet very very hard.... I have been conditioned since I was 6weeks old to LOVE processed sugar, being fed syrup thru a bottle as a "cure" for my new born stomach issues..... I have years of processed foods, white sugar, junk food and many other food  addictions behind me... at some point we all get tired of things being so much work and want a bit of support and encouragement... we all want to see hope and that the pain of doing whats best for us is worth the pain of being made fun of, being judged, and seen as so very different from the rest of the world.... I came here to seek guidance and encouragement... Thank you to those who responded.... I know tomorrow will feel better and that even though I will not do this perfectly I am light years from where I started. Thank you for reminding me of that.  ,

Isn't it good to be gluten and lactose intolerant?  It means that you are much more aware of the things that are bad for you than the rest of the population who doesn't get sick!  Everyone craves these things since we are programmed mentally in our society to think that gluten and dairy is healthy, wholesome, and beautiful.  WRONG.  Obviously, you have been one of the people to figure out the most that these foods don't work.  I have realized on a smaller level that bread doesn't work for me.  I feel fatigued.  My father stopped eating bread about a year and a a half ago.  He isn't raw, but he still lost 20 lbs- seriously, went to the doctor and was weighed within a year time span, didn't change his exercise habits much since then.  I understand the struggles.. I've been vegan for a year, mostly cooked through that time, but a lot of raw.  I went through craving-binges of nut butters, vegan icecream, vegan cheeses, bread, cereals, soymilk for cripe's sake.  I ended up buying a lot of stuff, and then eating a lot, if not all of it, and then seeing the effects on my body.  It wasn't good!  I gained some weight and felt fatigued a lot.  The point is, it wasn't just made up in my mind- I saw it happen, and my own observations were the best teacher to know what was good and what wasn't.  I relate to struggling.  It sounds like you've struggled a lot and definitely could use some support.  We are here for you!  I know family or friends may not cut it, since most of our society thinks fruit eating is an eating disorder.  It sounds like that you've observed in your own life that actually gluten creates more eating-disorder patterns.  So, keep doing what seems like a solution for you.  You will focus on what you pay attention to.  Just eat more fruit.  I honestly don't know much about celiacs, but I have a suspicion that eating fruit would be better than eating gluten or dairy.  It's healthy and satisfying- when you eat enough.  I doubt that celiacs, a large section of humanity is doomed to not eat fruit.  Can someone correct me if I'm wrong?

Hey Ruthie,

I'm celiac too. Went undiagnosed until I was about 33, and despite my best efforts I was still pretty sick up until fairly recently. My digestive system was such a state that I had become intolerant to a massive range of foods including citrus fruits, nightshades, corn, and rice. they all had very negative repercussions for me. I went on a strict banana island for 3 weeks (bananas and water only) and at the end of that, I can now eat citrus, nightshades and corn with no problems whatsoever. I still avoid rice though, it seems to make my skin break out.

Don't beat yourself up, the normal rules don't apply when you are celiac, it takes a while to figure out what is going to work for you. Personally I am now doing the best I have EVER done healthwise, and here's what I eat: Loads of fruit, lots of banana smoothies, loads of stonefruits, leafy greens, pasteurized fruit juice when I'm out and can't get fresh fruit easily, steamed potatoes/ corn/ corn pasta + tomatoes and a little bit of avocado for an evening meal when I'm struggling to get fruit and need the calories.

Honestly, 100% raw is great, it's the best you can do, but if you need to fall back on some cooked stuff for whatever reason, keep it simple, low fat/high carb and easy to digest. And please don't eat gluten, that stuff may be fine for most people, but for a celiac it will lead to all manner of problems and eventually cancer. Don't do it!

The most important thing is that you eat enough carbohydrate calories. Get undercarbed and the cravings will start, so make sure you eat enough. Celiac is easily beaten on this lifestyle ;-D

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Wow, thank you all so very much.

I am feeling so much better today... I am 2 days out of accidental gluten ingestion... had some cooked gluten contaminated spinach... That's whats so frustrating with trying to eat "gluten free" .. if I eat out at all... guests bring food to the house then I have to inspect and wonder... I thought I did my research before eating the spinach but boy was I wrong.... ... I have been saying for a year "maybe I am just meant to be forever raw vegan"... I am just not like anyone else I know.... thank you for allowing me to come here and vent and get such support! I really appreciate it! You have blessed me!

Hi Ruthie,

Glad you're feeling better today :) I'm also celiac and I know how tough it can be!

My main advice to you when starting out on this diet would be to only eat foods that have a natural 'wrapper' on them - this makes life so much easier for a celiac. So I mean fruits like bananas, oranges, apples, peaches, melons etc. all of which can be easily peeled. This way you can be sure no gluten has gotten inside of the food, and you won't get sick from eating it. So to start with avoid things like dried fruits and berries which might be contaminated.

To be honest, you really can't trust anyone else to prepare food for you as a celiac - it pretty much always ends in disaster! But once you get used to making all your own food it's ok :)

Also, watch out for cleaning products, toothpaste, soap etc. which often have gluten in them too (I just don't use these things now and it makes a big difference).

And while you are healing from celiac disease make sure that you get plenty of rest, sunshine, and food. Don't be surprised if you have to eat more than other people do for a while - your body needs the extra energy.

Take care and if you ever need help with anything just ask :)

Esperanza xxx

I'm going to quote for you, the advice I gave someone on the 29th of June, concerning wheat...


Our small intestines secrete enzymes that break down food. Under normal circumstances, this allows us to absorb nutrients via our intestinal wall. But if we eat wheat,...

Contained within wheat are two proteins, Glutenin & Gliadin (together commonly known as Gluten).

These proteins bind themselves to our intestinal enzymes, rendering them inert. Now, with a much lower level of active digestive enzymes, we are now absorbing less nutrients from our food.

In other words, there is a direct correlation between the amount of gluten we are digesting and the amount of nutrients we are absorbing.

Wheat causes deficiencies. (And makes people fat).

Contrary to popular belief, this does not just affect the 'Gluten Intolerant' people. Those are simply the people who have noticed. It affects everybody to varying extents.

My wife and I went Gluten-Free about 3 years ago to fix her Iron Deficiency. With great success. As a side-effect of being Gluten-Free, I unexpectedly lost 60 pounds over the course of two years.

Wheat is Bird Food. It is not designed for human gastrointestinal tracts and should have never been introduced into the human diet.


Myself, my wife & our kids have been gluten-free for over 2 years now. And seeing the health benefits we have reaped from it, I would not touch the crap for a million bucks. Gluten was even keeping my oldest son from growing and it was affecting his attention span.

Watch out for 'gluten-free' products with Xanthan Gum.

Xanthan contains the same Gliadin protein from wheat's 'Gluten' group.

All vegetable gums are bad.

Humans are not well adapted to grains.
Gluten-Free junkfood is still junkfood.

It is not "tough to be a celiac". It is wonderfully empowering and freeing to be rid of one more poison that was slowly killing you.

I've been gluten free for about 12 years.  You might also want to search the term "Gluten cross-reactivity," as some people's immune systems will react to related proteins in the same way as gluten.

Hold on there, Ruthie!!  This is not rocket science!  Let's keep it simple, okay?

Are we talking about frustration?  Are we talking about low self-esteem?  Perfectionism?  Eating disorders...?  Those topics are very complicated.  Let's put them aside, okay?  This problem is simple--as long as we don't disguise it as something else.

It sounds to me as if you may be temporarily discouraged, and kicking yourself for not living up to your own expectations.  It sounds as if you are looking at other people's outsides and comparing them with your insides.  You will always come up short in a comparison like that...especially if the other person is not too honest--or if you have a history of abuse, low self-esteem, dysfunctional etc., etc., etc....

You also seem to be suffering (and I mean suffering) from the delusion that you can change your behavior by punishing your "inner child" for your shortcomings.  I do that...if I'm not as perfect as I want to be, then I'll go eat worms...or dirt...or sugar...or refined flour, or some processed food that has "hidden gluten."  That doesn't work, Ruthie, and it never will.  You have to be at least as patient and tolerant with yourself as you are with other people.  You have to meditate....  You have to have a positive goal...  You have to have a realistic approach.  And most important, you must know the truth, and apply it, with vigilance.

But let's look at how simple the celiac problem (not the emotional problems) can be solved, okay?

1)  Celiac disease is so subtle, vague, cunning, baffling and powerful that you cannot always diagnose it.  To be honest, celiac disease can be the club that you are using to beat yourself with--just because you enjoy beating yourself when you don't live up to your expectations of yourself...if that could be what you are doing!  And if that is what you are doing--you could stop doing that!  It will never work.  You might get a little attention, but that is hardly worth the beating.

2)  If that is not what you are doing, then put the Celiac problem away!  Don't eat gluten, and you won't have problems with an allergy to gluten.  Don't eat lactose, and you won't have problems with lactose intolerance.  That means that you cannot eat SAD--because the standard American diet contains "hidden everything"!  It means you cannot eat in restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, deli's--or anywhere that you have not purchased and prepared the food yourself!  It means you cannot eat anything out of a bag or a bottle; out of a can or a package--because it may have some "hidden ingredients" that you would not know about!  It means you cannot eat anything that has a label--because those labels are misleading--they lie!!  They disguise things. 

If you don't have a chemistry degree, the only safe way for you to eat is........RAW!!!!  There is no gluten and no lactose in raw fruits and veggies!!!  Don't eat grains, flour, refined foods, cooked foods, refined sugar or flour!  Eat only raw fruits and veggies and greens!!!!

It's too simple!!!  Don't eat even a moderate amount--not even a little bit--of someting that is not RAW!!  The problem itself is so simple to solve that if you are unable to solve it--then the real problem must be emotional!  Now that's not to say that an emotional problem is not a real problem.  Emotional problems are the hardest ones to solve.  Sometimes it's even hard to admit what the real problem is!!!

3)  Sometimes you need a friend to help you with things that you don't seem to be able to do yourself.  Sometimes you need a support group.




Check out the Faster EFT process from Robert Smith on youtube to clear mental/emotional factors influencing physical health and behavior. He has lots of videos. You can learn it for free. It is easy and you can use it in the heat of the moment.



The book You can heal your body from Louise Hay is interesting, too.



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