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I am pregnant and all these people around me tell me I need protein, and blah and blah so I tell them, Leafy greens have protein and go on and talk about  all the research I read.


People don't listen. The next day its something else. I get comments that I am not seeing a doctor. I get hints that I am doing damage to my baby, or not being wise. Comments like, " YOUR BODY WANTS PROTEIN"


or to give in to my cravings for Big Macs and Sardines with peanut butter. Because Its what baby wants,


I am told my cravings for junk food are because I need meat.


I think because I am responsible for someone else, that I have to do what every body else does, when pregnant. EXCUSE ME

That I no longer KNOW, just cuz I am a woman.


I don't want to get shot up in my spine, xray my fragile fetus, get cut open in my belly and to my ass, have my baby in formaldehyde or drugged up with fake vitamin pills. I don't want a man around me when I give birth I dont know.


I want natural, quick, by myself, so my brain feels safe and does it naturally. I have seen many videos of women doing this in bathtubs,


I don't want to be fat like all those girls who tell me I need meat. Its like they make me food and put plates in my face, good for baby, and they don't get the message and its ruining friendships.


The other day I had a smoothie and my friend was like, " You cant have just that..it's not substantial!"


Its getting personal.


Just my SAD eating cooked food friends. And girlfriends.


I need this, I need that.

"Ever hear of folic acid? Of course not, cuz that's what pregnant women take and you have no idea cuz you are not seeing a doctor!"


I think its kind of rude.

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I dont think arguing is what solves it, just makes it worse, prolongs it for another time.

I just want to be a real woman and a real mother

like Karmyn
Hi Princess,

You're better off staying away from anyone who's not supportive. Now is the time to enjoy your pregnancy! :)

You're getting TONS of folic acid and other important nutrients thanks to eating a 100% lfrv diet.

Also almost all pregnant women get strange cravings even the ones who eat tons of meat, lol!

Just keep making your favorite raw recipes and enjoy them! :)

I'll give you a call later today ...


Great advice, Karmyn. :-)
Karmyn you are awesome for supporting her with baby advice! Princess, look at how beautiful Andrew came out. That should be sufficient proof!
And guess what, my manager (on the SAD) at work who is currently pregnant is craving "fruits" out of all things all the time now. And I said thats because fruits will help you create a beautiful healthy baby, and then she saids but what about protein? So I walked off!
Hi Princess

No matter what you do people will always give try to give you advice. When I was pregnant I was very sick and I was told it was because I was vegetarian and I needed meat. I just laughed at them. You have to do what is right for you as long as you are getting enough calories for your growing baby, people should leave you alone.
Good advice I got years ago was never complain to certain people because they will tell you something is wrong.
With some of my friends we do not discuss certain things because we totally disagree about that issue. Maybe you could ask your friends nicely that you understand they are just concerned for you but this is how you want to do your pregnacy. Also please do not think about how fat you will get not every woman gets huge with their pregnacy as long as it is enough for a healthy baby.
very scared I weigh myself daily
Its beautiful to be pregnant, don't ever think otherwise :)
I know it's easier said than done but don't worry about your weight--you'll get your body back!

I gained 60lbs while pregnant with Andrew (I was still transitioning) and I was fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes (poorly) 3 weeks after he was born and fitting into them almost perfectly just 6 weeks after he was born.

Breastfeeding really gets the body back in shape quickly! :)
really good. My boobs will be big and soft wooohee

I heard guys have to help their women lactate sometimes milk doesnt come out without "help" i think thats so nasty but since I heard that two guy freinds said they had to do that for their wife when they couldnt lactate. They had to help suck it out

Don't worry about this--your baby will get the milk out! :)
yup, just imagine what I felt like when my dad told me he did it for my mum. Ewwww parents don't have sex, so don't talk about that stuff. LOL :-)))

But hey, better he drinks your milk than a cow's milk aye? :-)



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