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I am pregnant and all these people around me tell me I need protein, and blah and blah so I tell them, Leafy greens have protein and go on and talk about  all the research I read.


People don't listen. The next day its something else. I get comments that I am not seeing a doctor. I get hints that I am doing damage to my baby, or not being wise. Comments like, " YOUR BODY WANTS PROTEIN"


or to give in to my cravings for Big Macs and Sardines with peanut butter. Because Its what baby wants,


I am told my cravings for junk food are because I need meat.


I think because I am responsible for someone else, that I have to do what every body else does, when pregnant. EXCUSE ME

That I no longer KNOW, just cuz I am a woman.


I don't want to get shot up in my spine, xray my fragile fetus, get cut open in my belly and to my ass, have my baby in formaldehyde or drugged up with fake vitamin pills. I don't want a man around me when I give birth I dont know.


I want natural, quick, by myself, so my brain feels safe and does it naturally. I have seen many videos of women doing this in bathtubs,


I don't want to be fat like all those girls who tell me I need meat. Its like they make me food and put plates in my face, good for baby, and they don't get the message and its ruining friendships.


The other day I had a smoothie and my friend was like, " You cant have just that..it's not substantial!"


Its getting personal.


Just my SAD eating cooked food friends. And girlfriends.


I need this, I need that.

"Ever hear of folic acid? Of course not, cuz that's what pregnant women take and you have no idea cuz you are not seeing a doctor!"


I think its kind of rude.

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This has been my experience too. My husband and I never knew what being in perfect synchronicity was like until we shared our first freebirth. However, he was prepared for the idea that I might want to be completely alone, and he was happy to be wherever I needed him to be.

If you look up "solo birth" you'll find lots of stories about it.
Lol, SAD-poopers!
Supermodel Gisele Bundchen gave birth to her son Benjamin in late December. The 29-year-old bravely gave birth in a bathtub at her house in Boston instead of going to a hospital
"...bravely..." lol

"Brave" is going to the hospital where they will do unspeakable things to your hoo-hah. In comparison, giving birth in your bathtub at home is playing it safe.
people often say "i would be too scared to have my baby at home all alone". i felt afraid of the cold detatchment of a mechanized hospital birth.
walk a lot, that will be nice for a quick birth, don't get so nervous,,,stay away from ppls,just eat what you like~~~

oh man what a good dog groomer
Girl don't worry, you aren't going to get 'fat' you are going to have a baby in you, that's maybe 6-8 lbs, you are small so probably the lower amount, then you'll put a couple of lbs. up top and a couple more for the placenta, if you are eating right there won't be any 'fat' on you just exactly what your body needs.

And the whole 'eating for two' is a farce. If you are eating for you plus an 8 lb baby that is only maybe a 100-200 extra calories a day, I don't know how that saying came about. Surely you need the nutrients and just a bit extra calories but you don't need to eat for 2 full size yous, just one you + the weight of a bowling ball.
This goes against the grain here so don't read if you want to have your fantasy world.
Maybe you could repost this without that line. It doesn't sound very kind or respectful of others' point of view. Why wouldn't anyone want to read your experience, we're all here to help each other, learn and discuss and share. There is at least one more post on here of a great hospital experience. If you would have asked me about my hospital birth before I read John Robbins book, Reclaiming Our Health, I would have said it was fine, a few bumps with a rude woman but pretty good. Upon reading the book, I could not put the book down, I cried and told my husband, this happened to me and I could see things and remember how these things made me feel, how hurtful and disempowering they were, how they could effect the rest of my life. This book is so well documented with facts as to why home is safer than hospital and after 2 attended home births, I believe unnassisted is safer than an attended birth for the same reasons.

Docs having problems getting needle in, I've heard that many times. Vagina too small? vaginas are made to stretch, like the penis, unnassisted birth has many benefits, one of them is that no one else is there that feels that they are responsible for your birth which is a ludicrous idea to begin with, and the Mom feels more comfortable without someone else there, it takes away from her focus and ability to feel, the #1 factor in having a good birth is the mother's comfort, see the book. Can you imagine having someone else there to monitor you while you poop or have sex? Similar idea.

I'm not sure if you are talking about fetal monitors, but they are about 50% inaccurate and cause much unneeded and harmful medical intervention.

One more thing, did the Moms take vitamins, were they low-fat raw vegan? This makes such a difference in how big the babies get, how soft the babies heads are and how Moms body functions, Jingee talks about her raw vs. cooked vegan organic birth experiences. She is not even low-fat and eats salt! So Durian Princess will have such a smooth and sweet go of it, wherever she is.

Pregnancy and birth is so spiritual, it sets things right, that is, unaddressed issues will come to the surface, if the Mom gets cranky get her talking.

You can be as pro-active as you want in a hospital but bottom line is it is their decision what happens to your baby not yours, they can legally take your baby and kick you out of there.

It does not sound to me like you've read much about water birth which is totally safe and a huge assist to the Mom during labor and birth, or read much on unassisted birth and the reasons it's safer than assisted and hospital.

In friendship! :)
Well, I think this is all kind of putting the cart before the horse. There's nothing wrong with visualizing your ideal birth, connecting with your unborn baby, and just basking in the glow of positive vibes for 9 months (and perhaps reading pro-homebirth, pro-freebirth materials to prepare for that eventuality). Not only is there nothing wrong with it, it's what we SHOULD be doing if that's the kind of birth we want. We should focus on the reality we desire.

As it gets closer to time to birth, the mother can start reading up on how to handle complications herself, or if she intuits something more is needed, she can find a birth attendant or even a birth center that feels right.

This is not magical thinking. It's pragmatic. Fear and negativity causes stress, which is bad for both mother and baby, and hinders the natural processes of the body. It makes sense to steer clear of that, during a time when peace of mind matters most.
SO basically DUI CAT, in your first comment, you are saying I need to give my pussy a workout?

Sex? Lots of it ??

every girl I ask says they get super hornier while preggers, what a fetish huh? Big bellied babes?

I would have never thought, but I did find a book my p[arents had called MAKING LOVE DURING PREGNANCY and it had all these drawings of positions.

My friend Sean says when his girlfriend wasnt psycho, she was horny. Even 9 months.
Its cause the pussy needs to be stretched for pregnancy. Is that crazy?
Oh man.
I don't think it's as much about stretching as it is keeping the vaginal muscles toned so that they are supple and everything stretches like it should.

But sex does that too, and you're right, it's probably why women are so horny during pregnancy, to prepare the uterus and vagina for the birth.

I had sex almost every single day of my pregnancies and had 3 hour labors from start to finish. I even had sex during my second labor (before my water broke, of course) and that was the fastest birth of all.

Sex. I highly recommend it. :)



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