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Hello fellow vegans,

I have been on this diet since February 7th.  This first few days I experienced a painful gut ... all that bad stuff coming out felt HORRIBLE.  I am so glad it is gone.  I don't EVER want to put that yucky stuff in my body again ... EVER !!! 

I have done 100 squats a day since day 1 and I walk about 3-4 miles a day weather permitting and I do some crunches and core exercises because it feels good.  Yoga mostly.  

I have enjoyed eating to fullness which I haven't done in FOREVER !!! I sleep all night which I have done FOREVER either !!!

I eat mostly mono meals ... cooked after 4:00 ... I drink 3-4 liters of water a day ... I am doing something wrong ???

I am not giving up !!! I can't go back ... it seems gross to me now !!!



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Sandra, read carefully through the links on the first page of our Welcome Wagon to find this topic addressed in detail:


I read the details and I am thinking that it may be the starchy cooked food I am eating at night.  I hope not.  I am still so new to this. I didn't read anywhere that this is temporary and not unusual for people new to the diet but I am hoping it is and that I can just keep doing what I am doing and it will work itself out. As I am writing ... I have had about a liter of water and eight bananas ... I have two more waiting ... I have indigestion and a distended belly.  I was diagnosed with IBS about 20 years ago and had it under control on the Atkins diet.  I am not going back on it so I have to find a vegan way.  Do you have any suggestions? I walk about 3-4 miles a day and I am doing 100 squats a day.  I am 53yrs old and was weighing about 105 lb.  I have been reading and listening to Duriander's stuff and am wondering if I should just eat my carb limit per hour and not worry so much about eating LOTS of carbs a few times a day.  I don't know.  I am confused.  I also read that this diet could take some time to figure out.  I am trying to keep it simple.  I am being patient with myself but this is uncomfortable and my clothes don't fit.

Move the scale out of your house! That is not real shower of you body image!

Like Durianrider said, every time you put something in your mouth, you gain weight! Yeah, it's true!

BUT, you DON'T get FAT, that is the difference!

Just don't worry and enjoy in all those yummy fruits. Weightloss will come with time, you got to be patient and ive your body time to adjust!

I started this lifestyle 4th of february and I love it, and haven't stepted on scal once, because I don't care. I know that I eat really healthy and that's the most important!

;) <3

8 pounds in 8 days won't be fat; you'd have to eat at least surplus of 28000 calories of fat for that to happen. It's likely to be a mixture of water retention, replenished glycogen stores and just the weight of whatever food you've recently eaten. What is it you're eating after 4? I found I was unintentionally getting more salt/ fat than I wanted with cooked foods so switched to whole foods (potatoes) only.

Hi Sandra,

You mentioned you controlled your IBS with the Atkins diet.  Were you on the Atkins or low-carb diet right before switching?  I was low-carb before switching and my belly distended way out when I first started and I packed on the "weight", but it is really just water retention.  Having your body in Ketosis is really dehydrating so there is no way you could have "gained" 8 lbs, it really is just water.  Carbs make you gain water weight when you first start eating them (in large quantities).  Also, are you sure your bananas are ripe?  I also made the mistake of thinking yellow bananas are ripe, but they really do need to be spotty otherwise they are too starchy and won't digest well.

Good luck!


Hi Zsa!

Something should definitely be coming out of you! :) I added more unsweetened fruits to my diet, like cucumbers and zucchini with 1 or 2 huge salads a day and it really helped. Also make sure the fruit you eat is ripe. I have some bananas I bought 2 weeks ago and they still need another week. Mangoes are the same so I would really take a critical eye at that. And last thing, Freelee has a great food combining video that's pretty helpful too. And drink water, like 4 tall glasses in the morning and between meals. If you're still not moving, I would say get a colonic.

Hope it gets better!

Yes I was and what you say makes sense ... In fact all the responses so far have been helpful and encouraging.  This is so much easier with experts around to help !!! Thanks !!!

Hey GreenStar,

I never saw your response.  I really appreciate it.  I started over on Good Friday !!!  I feel bad for "slipping" but it helped to completely convince me that this plant based diet is just right for me.

As for the bananas ... I only eat ripe bananas.  If there is any green at all I won't touch them and they have to be mostly spotty.  I still had the problem with pain in my chest up until three or four days ago but it has subsided.  It doesn't seem to be as bad.  I reduced the amount of fruit in one sitting ... so just three bananas to start instead of ten and I am slowly increasing it.  I can eat five now and sometimes six.  So whatever it is, my body is getting used to it.  Yay !!!  I just pray that it stays that way !!!

it sounds like you're on the right track.  you just started, so gaining or losing weight suddenly is normal depending on what you diet was like prior to the change.  I think it'd be best to keep up the good work and make minor changes along the way to optimize your health and keep things exciting.  

If you think you might be eating unripe fruit, or fruit thats out of season, thats something to consider.  Or if you there's any amount of added salt in your cooked meals at night? If you eating mono meals, food combining shouldn't be an issues.  If you're drinking water during your meals it could cause some retention though. Hmmm i guess it could be a lot of things. 

I honestly think you've just started, and I wouldn't worry about any weight gain for the first 6 months or so. 

Thanks for your support.  I think I am doing OK as well.  I just don't like looking down at a poochy belly.  After I did my 100 squats this morning ... I did lots of ab crunching (500 crunches and 5 sets of Pilates 100's) It felt good when I was finished and my pooch was flatter.  So I think also that my abs are not as toned as they used to be.  I bet if I stick to this diet and do some intense ab work I'll be good in a month.  I love the diet and so does my husband.  We are having fun with it.  There are veggies and fruit EVERYWHERE and the house smells so good !!!

I was on Atkins before because I am allergic to wheat and it was the only diet that made since 20 years ago when I quit eating it.  I am sick of the diet and I don't ever want to eat that way again !!!

oh wow, so your allergic to wheat, not gluten? how are you energy levels on the new diet? oh thats so cool that your husband is joining in.  my bf is a sushi chef and he will never give up fish. Dx 

One of the things I enjoy most about being raw is suddenly, you have very few, easy to clean dishes after every meal.  When I finish a meal, I am full, but don't feel super heavy or lethargic.  

Well…I mostly lift weights.  I'm not big on calisthenics. Though i do them pretty regularly in much smaller quantities than you do. O_O you're hard core, probably in better shape than me. lol

Haha !!! I thought the same thing about the dishes when I put them in the washer this evening. Not grease or oil or fat.  The trash never smells really bad.  

Yes I am allergic to wheat only because 20 years ago, I don't think they tied it to just gluten and I had to do the elimination diet myself.  When I stopped eating wheat, my IBS cleared up and my skin stopped itching from head to toe.  Gluten or not, I am never eating wheat again.

My energy levels are much better.  So is my attitude.  I am happier than before.  I sleep better as well ... I wouldn't sleep more than four hours at a time.  I have slept as much as nine hours in a row except for going to the bathroom but I practically do that in my sleep.

This diet is so incredible that I can't imagine ever doing anything else.  

Thanks and have a awesome day !!!



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