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I am jealous of all you watermelon eating, tomato loving, raw fooders. Honestly though, I can not stand tomatoes. I attempted to force feed myself tomatoes for the past two weeks, hoping that I will magically start to love them, but no luck. They honestly make me want to gag in disgust. What is funny though, is as a cooked vegan I loved spaghetti sauce and salsa. I would literally eat it with a spoon. I really want to love raw tomatoes, because they are so healthy for you, but I can not stand the taste. Is there anything I could add to tomatoes to make them taste less like tomatoes? Aha. I attempted to make two raw salsas with cilantro, green bell pepper, and other random vegetables but it tasted awful.   


I also can not stand watermelon. It has a tomato-like taste to me and it makes my skin crawl. I am honestly not exaggerating here, I really hate the taste of raw tomatoes.   


I love apples, bananas, cherries, grapes, kiwis, mangoes, nectarines, oranges, peaches, pears, pineapples, plums, raisins, strawberries, tangerines, any sort of lettuce, avocado, celery, pomegranates, and cucumbers.     


Mangoes are like the goddess of fruit to me. I love them, and if I could eat them all day, I swear I would be the happiest person alive. I also love avocado, but I almost wish I did not because of all the fat. At one point of my veganism I was eating two avocados a day with a spoon. Bananas are pretty amazing too. =] Cucumbers are on of my favorites, also. Oh! Pomegranates have a tie with mangoes. I can not wait till winter so I can eat them again. I just came upon them this winter and they are amazing beyond words. I eat the seeds too, instead of just sucking the juice.. Is that bad?  


I have never had apricots, durian, dates, figs, persimmons, raspberries, raw zucchini, raw cabbage, or raw squash.


Blueberries, spinach, and blackberries are tolerable in smoothies.


I can not stand tomatoes, grapefruits, watermelon(or any type of melon), bell peppers, raw broccoli, cauliflower, or cantaloupe. I had papaya once and it smelt and tasted like baby diaper! Was it not ripe?


What fruits and veggies do you love and which do you hate? What have you not tried?


Sorry if this is a pointless rant of sorts. I am just curious! :)

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So do I. It seems like every raw foodist has tomatoes daily, but I am glad to know that someone else can not stand them. :)

I am the same way.. tomatoes=nasty.

I never really thought of that. Maybe my taste buds reject tomatoes because my body will have a reaction to them. So, no more tomatoes! Thanks. =]
Aw, I had a friend that used to poke fun at me because I hated tomatoes so much. Haha.

I know a lot of people that eat them like that! I can not even imagine it. I would definitely choose actual grapes over cherry tomatoes. Yummm.

I have never even heard of lychee, rambutan, or longon. I googled them-- they look yummy! Where do you buy tropical fruit like that?
Have you guys had fresh tomatoes straight from the vine? picked yourself? this is what made me change my mind about tomatoes. =)
i agree, and the baby ones are so sweet :)
I have. No luck! =[
I too could never stand a fresh tomato. The closest I got was a tomato-basil mixture on something not raw. I could have tomato juice and tomato soup etc, just not the fresh tomato. I don't like the pungent flavor. I do like watermelon, go figure.

I also could never enjoy durian. I don't get it. I tried many times - fresh, frozen, freeze dried, just couldn't handle that flavor.

Yes, and papaya, too musty for me. Maybe I need to eat it ripe and freshly picked in the tropics somewhere to appreciate it!

So, you are not alone in this!
My aunt is an organic cook and she made me a tomato-basil pizza with slices of tomatoes on it. It tasted good, but I think that was because it was not raw.

I want to try durian so badly. A post on this site introduced me to durian, and I am intrigued by how it is supposed to smell so bad but taste so good. It seems interesting. =P

Watermelon is watery like a tomato, and I think that is why I hate it. It is tolerable, but I'd rather not eat it.
Oh, I meant to write "musky" - that's what I associate papaya with.

I've also tried eating a tomato right off the plant (homegrown by the family here) and still could not enjoy it. Oh well! That is one thing I could never acquire a taste for.

However there are lots of things I have acquired a taste for. I absolutely love mangoes now, whereas before I was pretty lukewarm about, so there ya go!
Yes, I used to hate mangoes, cucumbers, strawberries, kiwi, etc when I was younger.. but now I love them. =]
Fellow tomato hater here :) Although they smell soooo good!
-High fived.- =P They do smell good, but they taste so nasty. How strange!
Blasphemous anathema! My avatar just fainted!

No worries, just concentrate on that laundry list of munchies that you do like, and make sure to get hold of those on your never-tried list when you can.

I'm sure we've all got an "uggh" fruit or two. Due to an unpleasant childhood memory association, grapefruit mine (though the juice is pretty good). I'd much rather bask in the glow of the scores of goodies that I do like :p))

A tip: even with a despised fruit, every so often (maybe once a year) give it another go. You might just find your like it someday. And regarding papaya; was it by any chance the large football sized ones. If so, I too think they taste like puke.
Rather, get your mitts on some of the Hawaiian variety (more mango sized) and let them get squishily soft. Nyumm!



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