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I am jealous of all you watermelon eating, tomato loving, raw fooders. Honestly though, I can not stand tomatoes. I attempted to force feed myself tomatoes for the past two weeks, hoping that I will magically start to love them, but no luck. They honestly make me want to gag in disgust. What is funny though, is as a cooked vegan I loved spaghetti sauce and salsa. I would literally eat it with a spoon. I really want to love raw tomatoes, because they are so healthy for you, but I can not stand the taste. Is there anything I could add to tomatoes to make them taste less like tomatoes? Aha. I attempted to make two raw salsas with cilantro, green bell pepper, and other random vegetables but it tasted awful.   


I also can not stand watermelon. It has a tomato-like taste to me and it makes my skin crawl. I am honestly not exaggerating here, I really hate the taste of raw tomatoes.   


I love apples, bananas, cherries, grapes, kiwis, mangoes, nectarines, oranges, peaches, pears, pineapples, plums, raisins, strawberries, tangerines, any sort of lettuce, avocado, celery, pomegranates, and cucumbers.     


Mangoes are like the goddess of fruit to me. I love them, and if I could eat them all day, I swear I would be the happiest person alive. I also love avocado, but I almost wish I did not because of all the fat. At one point of my veganism I was eating two avocados a day with a spoon. Bananas are pretty amazing too. =] Cucumbers are on of my favorites, also. Oh! Pomegranates have a tie with mangoes. I can not wait till winter so I can eat them again. I just came upon them this winter and they are amazing beyond words. I eat the seeds too, instead of just sucking the juice.. Is that bad?  


I have never had apricots, durian, dates, figs, persimmons, raspberries, raw zucchini, raw cabbage, or raw squash.


Blueberries, spinach, and blackberries are tolerable in smoothies.


I can not stand tomatoes, grapefruits, watermelon(or any type of melon), bell peppers, raw broccoli, cauliflower, or cantaloupe. I had papaya once and it smelt and tasted like baby diaper! Was it not ripe?


What fruits and veggies do you love and which do you hate? What have you not tried?


Sorry if this is a pointless rant of sorts. I am just curious! :)

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LOL yeah it's not really a problem for me either except that when I don't have them I kind of go bananas =P
I'm addicted aswell TT, check out these babies..sweet & salty

Mmmmm that's dinner =)
ohhh mama they look goooood :)
Death in a basket to me...LOL! But you know I love ya Free.
I used to not like them, but I realized I'm just reaaally picky. If I were to ever go to a restaurant and order a salad, I would definitely ask for NO tomatoes. Mealy, sour, yuck.

But anyway, when I purchase tomatoes I let them ripen for a couple more days until they are VERY soft and their color is very very deep.

I noticed I do not like mixing tomatoes with other things unless they're finely chopped or processed in some way. I end up eating around them and saving them for last to eat alone. When they are perfectly ripe, I really enjoy monoing them or with a little bit of hemp seeds (they really compliment eachother).

P.S. I think you just haven't had good watermelon. It's only good when it's in season I think. Seeded is best. It's not supposed to taste like water, LOL! The flesh should be a vibrant color (not TOO deep, sometimes it has darker spots & that means it's fermented) and not mushy or mealy at all...yuck.
i love tomatoes, but i hate a lot of stuff!

hate: red bananas, plantains, white sapote (i thought i liked it when i first tried it, then i tried to eat a few and developed an aversion), sort of hate persimmon (also kinda have an aversion to it), kind of got an aversion to grapes near the end of last season, can't eat more than 2 apples so i gave up on them, pears are mostly useless, kumquats, raw broccoli, raw kale, raw cabbage (i used to like it, so idk what happened there), and raw zucchini.
i really cannot stand cukes and tomatoes im not a fan of im learning to like it but hmmmm its taking awhile, i also really do not like kiwifruit.
I hated raw tomatoes until about 1/2 year ago when I started loving them (smothered in balsamic, olive oil, salt and pepper). I don't really like them plain though. I like the cherry toms, but not the big watery ones.
But recently I bought some smallish truss tomatoes and dehydrated them until they were semi-dried. They were so sweet and delicious and full of flavour without the watery stuff. Delicious! But only lasted for about 2 dinners :-). Will make them again before they're out of season.
But normal raw tomatoes? No thanks
Tomatoes really hit the spot for me in the evening when I'm looking for something savory and satiating. I could down 15 of them easy. They're a definite favorite.



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