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I accidentally ate dairy!! How much did this set my body back? Help!

I may be overreacting a bit but I accicentally ate dairy last night!

I have been LFRV for some time now. HOwever, on occasion Ill eat something Vegan if my family has the ingredients at our 'get-togethers'

A desert, which I was told was vegan, was really Vegetarian.  Within an hour, I felt nauseous and definitely felt sluggish.  Butter, Eggs and Milk!  (At the least, they were found out to be organic)

I woke up and still feel ill... Is it psychological, physical or both?

How much did this set me back, and how long would it take to recover?

Thanks in advance...

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its just once.  you didnt know.  you'll be fine.  youre just realizing the negative effects from those products because your body has been totally void of them.  it didnt set your body back.  imagine all the stuff you used to eat regularly.  Carb up, you'll be totally fine. :)

Thanks for the reassurance.  Much needed.

Wow I am sorry I definitely feel bad for you.  I would be so upset if this happened to me but it is best to just accept it so you can move on.  Yes it happened sadly you can't go back and change that.  All you can do is learn and don't make that mistake again.  Next time you will either be more careful when you eat things or if you are ever in doubt perhaps you will just pass the opportunity up.  I think that your reaction probably was both mental and also physical because of what you ate.  Since your system is so clean it is going to effect you more.  But since you don't eat that on a regular basis and you have eaten clean for a very long time, I would guess that your body can rid itself of those toxins pretty efficienctly and quickly.  So I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you were new it might set you back more because you would have had a lot of accumulated toxins and effects from previous eating habits but now you are cleaner.  Since the body doesn't like it it will get rid of it quickly and since you don't have a lot of things interfering with it doing so it should make fast work of it :-)  Not to worry.

Thank you for the explanation behind it all.  Ill definitely be more careful next time.

i would be pissed at whoever did that to me >:O

i ate some rice with vegetables at an indian restaurant a few months ago that came with a "vegan" gravy...well i doubt it was vegan cause i was hurtin for a week afterwards...

From the sound of it it seem that quite some part comes from being shocked about what happened. As if you were violated somehow.

And yes, in a way you were indeed.

On the other hand... our bodies can handle this. They are amazing when it comes to what they are able to cope with :-) They are build that way! Great chance to trust your body to handle this excellently.

i dont understand why indians eat all those spices. drives me cuckoo. i went to a southern indian vegetarian place. got only the vegan stuff. but man i was sweating like a mobster being cornered by the fbi.  i may go back there on wednesday all you can eat night and ask if i can get their potato lentil rice crepes plan then again how do i know theres not oil

or butter? x_x haha nah but watch out for that though forreal. indian food is good but yeah they know how to spice it up!



you will be fine in a few days! At least you now you are certain you will never eat dairy again :D

Damn, that sucks bro! I would assume  you will be contaminated for a while. I think the milk and butter will clog up your system really bad! Your skin might breakout, your lymphatic system will be suppressed, and you will have excess mucus. I would drink a ton of green juice, with a grip of kale,  dandelion greens, spinach, swiss chard ect. This will help detox that junk out of your system. Also focus on melons for a week or so, these help flush out the system rapidly. Be careful about what you eat, if in doubt just go without!





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