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Howdy y'all,

    My name is Harrison and I'm from south, SOUTH, Texas. I literally live on the Texas/Mexican border.  Recently found out I have high blood pressure, gout, high cholesterol, asthma. All of this if from following a SAD diet. I'd say lack of exercise but I use to powerlift, so, let's go with lack of cardio.  My body is finally pissed off from the years of steroids and other drugs.  Looking for a healthy change I found Durianrider's video and Freelee's.  Besides literally laughing my ass off, I have none now, I loved the information within them. I recently bought Go Fruit Yourself, 80/10/10, Simply Raw Recipes, 101 Raw Recipes, and donated for the 30 day challenge workbook. I was extremely motivated and headed down to my local grocerie store. The closest food wholesaler is 1hour away. (yes, of course I will make the trip) Anyways, the bananas are all green as well as the mangos.  So, I have a few questions for y'all if you don't mind.


1. Should I buy 1 week at a time and wait for it to rippen?


Today I ate:

Breakfast: 1 honey dew melon + 1 liter of water

Lunch: 25 dates Daterade

Dinner: 3 mangos

Snack: oranges + 3 cup of Spinash smoothie




Oh yes a little about me:

Age: 32

Weight: 247lbs

Work: I work in a prison and I work nights.


I hit my Calories and Carbs on Crono-meter not nearly close to the protein.


I haven't read all the books yet of course. I am reading through the 80/10/10 right now and glanced over the Go Fruit Yourself since everything refers to the 80/10/10.


Any advice is welcome.  For the exercise I plan to do Yoga for Regular Guys and a walk to run program as I can't currently run without my man boobs giving me black eyes.


Have a great day,


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Don't just hit the calories if you are eating high carb and low fat, DESTROY them!!! :) Eat 3000, 4000, 5000 calories. You are around where I was weight-wise too and you need a lot of calories to run your engine properly. Give it some time, you'll get used to eating a higher volume and will get a feel for how many calories you really need. It's great you are logging your intake!!! looking at that and making notes of days you were starving, or feeling run down and how many calories you had will give you great insight on what you need.

Man, just wait a month or three, you will feel SOOOOO much better! Gout sucks, big time! Get ready, because you stick with this and your life is going to change!

For the long term, you might want to think about looking into whether you can get day shift work, night shift is really tough on a person. But only take on what you can, one thing at a time. I suspect as you go, you will start getting a better feel for things you need to tweak to feel and live your best life.

Walking is fantastic, don't worry about pressing too hard for now, as you loose weight and get used to processing real food/fuel and offload crap from what you've been eating for years, you WILL feel better and better and the urge to move and exercise will come naturally. It's just like the snowball effect that gaining weight is, but in a positive direction.

Right on! Thanks Chris.

You guys are so wonderful spending the time on this site answering and encouraging fellows members just for the sake of it, i think there should be a way to send appreciation to members like this. Anyways thanks to you bro for spending the time to help people that much and all over like this. It warms my heart for sure.

Today I bought 1 box of bananas, 1 box of papayas, 1 box of pine apples, 2 heads of lettuce, 1 gallon of freshly squeezed orange juice, and 1 bag of Navel Oranges for $15 at the local Farmer's Market!!! I love Freelee's advice on visiting Wholesalers!!!!

that's amazing. I'm in washington state and there's no way I could get that this time of year. you lucky ducky you

Today 11/30/12

Woke up at 2pm

Drank 1 liter of Water

Drank 2 liters of fresh squeezed orange juice

Lunch ate half a watermelon

Dinner ate 2 pineapples

Snack: I fell off the horse Non 80/10/10 meal

Water: 2 more liters.......hydration levels are clear

I worked at the prison from 7pm to 8am.

I was reading some of Freelee's book at work and I think the reason I'm so hungry and the reason I broke down is I'm not eating enough in the morning. I'm freaking starving all day. I started 3 days early before the challenge started today so I had time to make mistakes. Later today when I wake up for work I'll try and start with a bigger breakfast.  I bought a box of bananas but they're not ripe yet. I can tell I'm undereating.

Harrison, take all the bananas in the box and seperate them so they are no longer attached together in bunches, then cover them over with something. They'll ripen much more quickly this way. Waiting for fruit to ripen can be a serious downer :-D

Thank you Richie, I have the same problems regarding bananas not wanting to go ripe. I seldom see ripe bananas at the stores. Most people here in Denmark seems to think that spotty bananas have gone bad - and so did I until 4 weeks ago ;o) 

Thanks Richie. I have a whole floor of bananas seperated and covered now!!

You can put them back in the box, once they are seperated, just make sure they are covered. Breaking them apart causes the stems to release some kind of gas that ripens them more quickly. (If I've misunderstood, and you really do have enough 'nanas to cover your floor...Right on! I'm impressed haha)

carb up... man (saying it to myself as much as you)

sorry Harrison..

can't say it enough... experience, yours, mine and all others who don't cover their bases (all 3 have high carbs on them) go astray pretty quickly..

I always carry 20 dates in a small plastic container if away for a short (or shorter=emergency stash)  three/four stay, or,  full on 1000/1500 smoothie with me, plus the above-mentioned dates, plus anything else for my 8-10 shift at work (apples, oranges, bananas). etc.

Saturday was 42 days for me on this lifestyle (struggling to get my water up to 3 litres) nice to have goals though and yesterday bought a meal!! (so uncharacteristic of me)  that had my first overt fat in it since I started etc. and some kind of falafel sauce but wasn't a falafel) scraped all the chapati off and just ate the ingredients (sprouts, tomato, lettuce and sliced avocado and that sauce I mentioned)..


all over my smoothies today and carrying my dates etc.  And am calling this day one of my original 90 day plan to assess 80 10 10. (maybe some trick way for me to do more than 90 days-- making me start over 1/2 way through!) works for me!.

just keep jumping back into the rhythm of it all (pretty simple considering the profound effects it has).

welcome aboard!

Thanks Meherbani, that was an awesome post! Plus, I've never heard the name Meherbani before so that's awesome!  I'm gonna try the dates container.



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