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We all know for beautiful Graham, Haeske and Osbourne families. But... not all of us live in tropics and have assess to raw, ripen fruits all year round. I personally, have never tried, or even seen many of fruits such are cherimoya, papaya, mango, sapote... By saying this I do not mean to pity myself, you do not miss what u had not even know about. :P  Where I live, in winter, even though I would do my best to obtain as much fruits and greens as possible, I would certainly add yams, lentils, buckwheat, millet, steamed broccoli and cauliflower to my kids' diet. That is at least what I have observed necessary so far, since in winters here we have so limited assess to fruits.  

So, how would u feed your kids?     

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At the time I went Vegan, my daughters were 14 and 9 years old.....a little challenging to make my kids go Vegan, but I did transition to cooking Vegetarain meals for them and my husband which they accepted with a very open mind and willing heart. They are not, however, entirely Vegetarian. My (now) 15 year old has many social situations that involve food and it is up to her what she chooses to eat. I do my best to educate them but at the same time I don't want them to be turned off from living a Vegan lifestyle. They watch me and they ask questions. They've seen my health improve and one day I hope they decide to adopt a Vegan lifestyle. If I could go back in time I would raise my children Vegan from day one.....but I can't change the past or beat myself up for my lack of knowledge then. I can only live for today and be an example for them to want to follow in hopefully the very near future.

Lorianne, u definitely did what u thought was the best at that time! 

Of course, no forcing, gentle approach of an example is the only one that can work.

Thanks, Marina :) I appreciate the encouraging words!

Hy  Marina, no doubt you are limited to what to feed kids or even yourself over there, my problem is different nature despite having access to most tropical fruits and vegetables all year, I only see my girls twice per week and than I am trying to feed them healthy as possible but because they used to eat mostly cooked food makes it hard to do so. When they stay with me I make sure there is always fruit available to them during the day  (bananas, watermelon, grapes, apples - I keep it simple, no need to complicate), dinner time steamed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, corn, peas, beans, carrot,...) and also make sure to put raw vegetables on the table so when they see me eat those than they have a go too, sometimes :). With all the vegetables they like to eat rice or mash-potato. 

Its nothing better for me to see my girls eat, especially when its healthy food. They live with their mom so there is only so much I can do. 

And the other day I had a chat to 64 year old raw vegan (vegan for 17 years) about same topic and he told me that there is no point pushing our loved ones, best thing is to be good quiet example. 

Mogu ja srpski, ali nije moja srpscina tako zgodna. :)

I think about this a lot.

I know of a lot of people who have grown up with 'hippie health freak' parents and got teased at age 7, and then became regular peanut butter sandwich munchers like the rest of society. I was the opposite. My mum ate healthy but seemed to stuff me full of fat and grease. Now that I'm older I am so interested in healthy living since I felt like I 'missed out' on it.

I don't plan to have kids for at least another 5 years, but I will DEFINITELY raise them minimum as vegetarian. Vegan strongly preferred, although my boyfriend only a vegetarian right now. I'll work on converting him later. If he doesn't go vegan I will give them vegan foods and he can buy them cheese if he wants to lol. I think when they are old enough to understand what meat is I would let them decide if they want to eat it or not, but I would only provide it, and not prepare it for them, and would encourage the vegetarian fake meat options.

I think I would give them mostly a high carb vegan diet, a balance of both raw and cooked. Lots of fruits, vegetables and some things like brown rice, cooked pumpkin, lentils and nuts and seeds. This may not be the 'optimum' diet, but I think it is much better than what most parents these days stuff their poor children with...

- 1st option - move. 80/10/10 can  be done in a cold country, but it's stupendously more fun and easy in a warm, subtropical or tropical place. The kids will love  being able to swim all the year and you'll love  not having to put on a ton of clothes all the time. Let's face it - it was  a bad idea to leave Africa in the first place.


- 2nd option - most calories coming from steam boiled tubers (or tubers in soups), preferably tropical - sweet potatoes, yams, taro and the like, with temperate roots (rutabagas, turnips, potatoes) as a backup if tropical tubers are not available or for variety. Raw and steamed veggies. No beans, pulses (lentils etc.) or grains, but tubers instead.


- 3rd option - as much of 2nd as possible, adding in millet, quinoa and/or buckwheat if absolutely necessary (not enough tubers available or children totally refuse to eat them).

I agree - cannot stand the cold and want some tropics. The most tropic I have ever been to were Egypt and ... my favorite of all, the one and only : KEY WEST!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thank you!  Unfortunately right now, my kids don't eat enough fruit and salad to get enough calories.  Fortunately though, they do eat more of that than probably 99% of the kids out there.  I'm one of those parents that came to this later in life.  My kids are teenagers now, and have been eating SAD for about half of their life.  They will fill up on rice, but only with a bunch of salty and/or sweet condiments, or fried in oil.  They'll eat potatoes, but only with a lot of condiments.  I made sweet potatoes the other day with a little bit of vegan butter and cinnamon on top.  I liked it, my daughter liked it, but the others hated it.  one son spit out his first bite and wouldn't even swallow it.  He's never done that before.  What can I put on tubers besides salt and fat?  any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.  This part has been really hard.

Erik, my 3 girls are not vegan from birth either and yes, it is a tough dance. We don't want to pressure them into eating our way because it creates so much tension and power struggle, but at the same, it breaks our heart to buy, prepare and serve them food that we know is not healthy for them...

My girls like mashed potatoes with avocadoes in them (instead of butter), sometimes I serve a baked potatoe topped with diced avocadoes, cilantro and cooked black bean (and yes, a pinch of herbal salt...).

My girls also love cooked quinoa with a simple tahini dressing (tahini, lime or orange juice, a pinch of salt) topped with diced cucumbers, tomatoes and chopped kale.

Thanks Catherine!  I'll try that.

Completely ditching salt overnight can be hard. Decrease gradually. Two or three things that often work with tropical tubers is:


1) Steam boil, mash, add in avocado, mash or in pieces, whichever they prefer. Possibly a pinch of salt. Basil often goes nicely with sweet potatoes. A nice salad goes along well.

2) Soup. Sweet potatoes, possibly some carrots if you feel like it, just enough water to cover the tubers, a pinch of salt - whatever helps them eat it, then gradually decrease every time you make it. Once well-boiled, mix thoroughly, in a blender or whatever you have, so it turns all creamy. If it's too thick for your taste, add water. A bit of coconut gives a nice flavour, coconut milk is probably best.

3) Steam boiled sweet potato cubes, avocado cubes and a nice, fresh, big salad.


You can also make fried sweet potato fingers, just cut & fry. Frying isn't as good as steam boiling or making a soup though, but they may be easier to introduce if your children like French fries.


When it comes to children and fruit, they know when it's good quality. Give them some properly tasty, juicy mangoes and they'll keep asking for more until they're full. Get them some muscat grapes directly from vine in France and boy they won't stop gorging on them. The biggest problem with children and fruit in a cold climate is the poor quality. Easiest solution - move! 2nd best - become an expert on fruit quality and get them the very, very best. (Often, moving to a warm and cheap country is cheaper than buying lots of premier quality fruit in a cold country.)

Cool.  Thanks for the advice Jack!  I'll try that.

I did option 2.  Unfortunately at $4 a pop, I can't afford to give them all the mangos they want.  So, it's mostly bananas and oranges right now.  I've been thinking about moving to Hawaii.  The fruit is better, and cheaper, and of course, the SUN!  but living there is not cheaper, not compared to here.  I can't complain too much though, living in the US has it's advantages, but living in the northern US makes LFRV hard.  any suggestions for a warm, cheap country?

You're right though.  Whenever I do have fruit in the house like pineapple, coconuts, mango, kiwi, or persimmons, they fight over it like it's piece of chocolate cake!  They complain to me that the other got more than their fair share.  One son craves pineapple and would eat it all day every day if I would let him, and he's the one that doesn't want to be vegan!  I have often thought that this would be a lot easier with them if we lived somewhere else.



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