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We all know for beautiful Graham, Haeske and Osbourne families. But... not all of us live in tropics and have assess to raw, ripen fruits all year round. I personally, have never tried, or even seen many of fruits such are cherimoya, papaya, mango, sapote... By saying this I do not mean to pity myself, you do not miss what u had not even know about. :P  Where I live, in winter, even though I would do my best to obtain as much fruits and greens as possible, I would certainly add yams, lentils, buckwheat, millet, steamed broccoli and cauliflower to my kids' diet. That is at least what I have observed necessary so far, since in winters here we have so limited assess to fruits.  

So, how would u feed your kids?     

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We have 2 boys, ages 3 and 1. We feed them the Fuhrman diet based on Dr. Joel Furhmans's book, "Disease Proof your Child". It is an excellent book in regards to feeding children a plant-based diet. In my opinion, it is a must read for people who are planning on raising their kids vegan (who are choosing to not go the all raw route for their little ones). Their diet consists of fruits, veggies (both raw and cooked), nuts, seeds, beans, grains, etc.

Same here... my husband occasionally gives them meat (he is SAD eater) but they don't care for it much.

Hi Seren! Where do u live? 

I was in Mercator yesterday and saw mangos. They are very expensive and to take one or two on this diet really does not make sense. Have never seen mangosteens here. I'll have to go to Metro then! The thing is I hate big supermarkets and usually cannot stand going there. I usually buy things at my local supermarket and I try to buy local. 

Just to add. I said I never ate cherimoya, mango, mangosteen, papaya, sapote... But, on the other hand I have a great variety of fruits from here, it is only in the winter that is more difficult. Also, dates ... I ate in Egypt, but do not buy them here because they are loaded with sugar.

Ćao! :) 

Stvarno??? Divno! Konačno! Hm... ne idem često za BG, ali bih rado naručila po nekom. Gde tačno? Na pijaci na tezgi gde se prodaju semenke i orošasti i suvo voće? Ovde sam tražila ali sve su upakovane zajedno sa glukoznim sirupom. 

A+ but not low fat. Kids need higher fat (unless they're breastfed to 4-6 yrs of age). They need about 30-35% fat to lay down their DHA's. I wish my toddler would breastfeed past two but I started work full time and he began to reject it :( This is a usual day for my 2 and a half year old:

Green smoothie for breakfast (2 bananas, one mango cheek, strawberries and kale)

Fruit for snack (bananas, sultanas, dates, apples, peaches)

Veggie sticks, rice crackers with seeds, banana, grapes, dates and pumpkin seeds. Sometimes add hummus or quacamole

Bliss ball snack (dates, sultanas, almonds, coconut, sprouted buckwheat)

Smoothie for dinner (banana, dates, tahini, flax seed, chia seed, almond paste)

Sometimes he has cooked dinners of brown rice and veggies or brown rice pasta and veggies. He's about 60-80% raw on any given day. This has worked for us so far. I offer him fruit whenever I am having it, and he looooooves smoothies, but the days I work the above is easy for the carers because I know he won't get enough calories with them on just the fruit, and he wants to pick at the other kids lunch boxes. He gets about 1500 calories a day. But if you are still breastfeeding a 2 or 3 year old you should be able to do just fruit! :)

We are in Costa Rica right now and even with the abundance of sweet fruit, my girls (7 yo twins and 6 yo) cannot eat enough sweet fruits to sustain themselves, or so it seems. They nibble on fruits all day long, eat popsicles from smoothies, drink smoothies, munch on greens, etc. but most nights they are ravenous and do not want anymore fruits, so I make some cooked quinoa, potatoes or brown rice for them (with chopped kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, etc.). They don't digest beans wells at all. Lentil and carrot soup seems to go down fine though.

Oh, Alison, thanks for your answer, but I just could eat grains again. I am not saying it is not doable. I am pretty fine. That is, I know my priorities... I just read that many children on raw foods eat fruits all day long which causes bloated stomachs and teeth decay. So, I wondered what are opinions here generally or, even better, experiences.

Thanks Catherine for sharing your experience. Based on most experiences, I think too that I would introduce law fat cooked vegan foods. 

We pretty much follow a gluten-free, vegan Dr. Fuhrman-ish approach for the kids... lots of fruit, raw & steamed veggies, salads, smoothies, rice, quinoa, oats... really focusing on keeping it to whole foods, and minimizing the packaged foods, even the "organic, healthier" ones... This gets harder as they get older, but we hope that we are instilling a positive food consciousness that they will carry with them in their future choices.  :-)

Sounds, very, very wise to me, Tara!

I agree Peter. I would also focus on steamed root veggies, lentils the next thing and would use some grains only if I had to. Grains are bird foods. I agree that beans are toxic to humans. 

This is easier said than done, especially if you don't start from the beginning.  If you get your dietary enlightenment later in life, and your children have already been on a cooked vegan path with you, it's challenging to get them to abandon grains.  We are gluten-free, but my son is allergic to all nuts and most seeds, as well as, legumes such as lentils and chickpeas.  Without some rice, quinoa or oats, I just don't feel like I can keep him filled up.  Also, as they get older, socially, there's just a certain amount of letting go that needs to happen, unless you're surrounded by a strong raw-friendly community, which we are not.  I already feel like a pioneer woman, making most everything from scratch for them, and sending them with their lunchboxes everywhere... If I were to eliminate another food group (grains), it would just be too challenging.  So, yes, there are compromises to my ideals, but I also think the emotional side of eating is just as important to balance as the quality of our food.  So, I do my best to provide good quality foods, and balance that with a good attitude about food.  :-)

I hear you. And, I believe in 80 - 20 rule. Do the best as u can, but do not go crazy with anything. Holding on to anything to tight just creates stress. 

U r doing a great job! :)



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