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We all know for beautiful Graham, Haeske and Osbourne families. But... not all of us live in tropics and have assess to raw, ripen fruits all year round. I personally, have never tried, or even seen many of fruits such are cherimoya, papaya, mango, sapote... By saying this I do not mean to pity myself, you do not miss what u had not even know about. :P  Where I live, in winter, even though I would do my best to obtain as much fruits and greens as possible, I would certainly add yams, lentils, buckwheat, millet, steamed broccoli and cauliflower to my kids' diet. That is at least what I have observed necessary so far, since in winters here we have so limited assess to fruits.  

So, how would u feed your kids?     

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You should see my girls fighting over pineapple, mangoes and vanilla cream bananas over here in Costa Rica! But still, with all that wonderful fruits available (can't get dates here unfortunately and having a shipment from the well-known company costs a leg and a arm and lots of custom problems... I know Patenaude did it through date people, but I tried and could not get them to ship here), so even with all that wonderful fruits available, they still get tired of fruits (we have been HCRV for over 2 years now, so they were 6 and 4 when we changed our diet). They are used to a wide variety of tastes and believe it or not, they get tired of the sweet taste...

Wow, I wish I had started them so young.  Good on ya!  But yeah, I can imagine that they would get tired of the sweet.  Mine do.  It's funny, most kids, when they are little want to climb tress, and parents say "get down from there!  you'll fall!"  and kids want to eat fruit, and parents say, "you'll spoil you're appetite.  You can have that for dessert after you eat your meat."  It seems to me, that our natural instinct is to live this way.  Man, I wish I had known then what I know now.  I would have done a lot of things differently.  I'm so encouraged to see so many young people on here.  I feel like we are moving into a better world.  Keep up the good work Catherine!!

From your vantage point, Central and South America should be interesting, including the Caribbean. If you don't want to move to a non-English-speaking part of the world, then I'd stay in the US, just move to Florida, Hawaii or California. I personally wouldn't  want to live  in Asia (for non diet-related reasons), though SE Asia has a number of cheap, warm and fruity countries.


I doubt I'd be able to make my children go 100 % LFRV no matter where we lived. But if they "supplement" with high quality, simply prepared whole foods, their diet is still wonderful and I wouldn't worry about the non-LFRV food items. If all parents involved are loving the fruits, the children will usually become more and more interested - they do, after all, model themselves after the adults who bring them up. Though if they're in their teens, well, it can get more complicated. Nevertheless, there are tons of advantages to a warm climate, apart from diet, though personally, I would probably prefer a subtropical country over a tropical one, or more precisely - New Zealand over everything else.

Thanks Jack.  Great input.  I wish that all parents involved were loving the fruits, but that's not the case.  Their mom is a SAD eater, heavy on meat and processed, pre-packaged food, and yeah, they're already teenagers.  but, I have had huge progress in this.  I was cooked vegan for 4-5 years before this, so they've already had that influence, and their diet has changed a lot.  All the kids are aware of the realities of factory farming.  That alone has convinced one son to decide to be vegan over a year ago, and he is still 100% in that, even at both houses and at school.  one great thing about having teenagers is that they are old enough to make their own decisions for their own reasons, and I have been impressed with the choices they've made.  My oldest was 10 when his mom and I split.  Back then, if I put anything green on his plate, he would moan and complain, make a chocking sound and spit it out, like I was trying to poison him.  Now (16) he has a huge salad with dinner almost every night, and he thanks me for making it for him!  So, I'm happy, things are going really well.  I'm not worried so much about the other things they eat.  They are so far ahead of where I was at their age, and are going to be so much better off.  I grew up with eggs for breakfast, a big piece of meat for dinner, and three glasses of milk a day, every day.  I told my dad at 17 that I wanted to be a vegetarian, and he told me that I was going to wither and die if I did!

My parents were sure I am in a cult!!! Even now I do not like telling people about 30 bananas and Woodstock because some of them think I am making it up and some of them think it is a cult! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Excellent points and suggestions Jack. Thanks! 

My daughters are 18 mos. and 4.5 yrs.  They started off raw but have eaten some cooked now...my oldest daughter will easily stay raw if we have an abundance of her favorite fruits...organic ripe bananas(she's really not into conventional), mangoes, melons and really good oranges and if we have a serious quantity of berries, cherries or grapes.  She loves nuts and seeds and avocados, as well as cucumbers and tomatoes.  She will eat plain lettuce or spinach, green smoothies, green soups and salads...

however she has a serious addiction to hummus(and isn't that impressed by my raw version) so I make one with blended chickpeas and omit all the spices from the packaged junk and sandwiches... I try to get gluten-free bread when I can and encourage her to eat other things.  She also really likes rice pasta or rice, and I try to alternate with oatmeal...she really likes beans and grains, but I feel that if we have a very high quantity and high quality of her favorite fruits & veg it is easy for her to go without those things.

I try to keep it gluten free and very low on packaged foods...I don't let her overdose on beans as she would prefer.  My youngest has found her way to crackers, chips and all kinds of other things she sneaks from family members...she also really likes bread, but I keep her distracted from other people eating those things by always having sweet potatoes ready and available for her. 

I want to get to the point where they will just eat starchy cooked veggies, nuts/seeds, fruit & veg, but I don't mind adding in some high quality packaged things such as applesauce, nut butters and things of that nature for now....

Going with Jack and Marina's comment...moving would be spectacular!  Key West is definitely on my must-try list.  There were times when we lived in CA where both girls very easily ate raw without any prodding from me of any kind. 

I bake large amounts of sweet potatoes for my kids and put them in the fridge. They eat them anytime. 

Great idea!

Well Ive had a vasectomy so wont be having kids but if I did, Ive live in a place where the best food was for sure.

Graham doesn't live in the tropics either. He lives in cold crappy crabby UK. Summer is nice but thats about it.

Thailand/US are the best place for quality fruit price and availability IMHO.

Yap, Durian,  moving to a nicer place... a paradise. :))))

My kids eat SAD. So does my husband. I provide lots and I mean lots of fruits and vegetables. My youngest son I think will eventually be raw vegan. He loves fruit. Daughter number 3 loves green leafy vegetables. Daughter number 4 likes McDonald's. Interesting though that she seems to be turning off meat and doing better with fruits and vegetables. I bought 24 ounces of Blueberries and she ate all of them. 

It would be different if I discovered this lifestyle when they were babies, but mine were half grown. I decided to lead the way, not force. I didn't want them sneaking off to the neighbors to eat or getting completely turned off vegan. We always ate a lot of fruit and vegetables, now we eat more. 



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