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How to stay 811 in college with little to no money for groceries?

I'm starting college next fall in the lovely state of Vermont, and I just hopped on the banana wagon. I reaallly want to keep following 811, but I'm a little concerned of how I'll get my hands on bundles of fruit because I'm going to be completely dependent on the dining halls for food. I was just thinking of stocking up on fruits and veggies by taking them from the dining hall haha. But I was wondering if anyone else had suggestions as to how I can keep going. =) Also, since my school supplies mostly locally grown produce, I'm quite worried that there won't be enough raw fruits and veggies during the winter!

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Is there a way for you to contact other students who may also be interested in eating well while at college?  You could all get together and pool your resources.  Start a small student food co-op? I was wondering if there is anywhere on the college website you could post a notice?

The dining hall at my school has bowls of bananas and apples!! You might be able to sneak fruit out if your school allows backpacks in. Consider buying bananas in bulk. They are the cheapest fruits and high-calorie so they are most worth your purchase!!



Come on! No stealing "You might be able to sneak fruit out if your school allows backpacks in"


With bananas and dates being so cheap in the USA just make the primary calorie source bananas and dates with other, more expensive, veggies and fruits serving the purpose of completing your macro and micro nutrient needs.

If you're paying $10 a meal or more (which most meal plans are!) they are definitely making money off of you, so it's not stealing :)

I know most universities require you to choose a meal plan if you live on campus. I'm off campus now luckily and can buy only the foods I want! :)

It honestly depends on the college, but most meal plans only cost around $600 per semester. I have never heard of a college charging much higher than that.

@Vera Chan: Tell the authorities you're 811 and that it's because of your religion or something (if you say it's because of your health they will ask for a doc's note). There is a girl on youtube, in college, getting more fruit than she can handle at only $575 a semester. She just orders through her school and it comes to her cheap. I spend that much money in just two months. This lasts her 5.

I agree! I have to bring some fruit out with me as well. I can't believe that the price is that high!

There are a couple of vids on Youtube on how to stay raw in college.

I Loved the foraging idea, but what about those of us who don't have a farmers market/wholefoods/freshmarket. My school doesn't have a food hall either haha but I've heard of wholesalers (just search google for vermont wholesaler) that might be a good way for you to get fruit at a good price.

I heard getting an unlimited food card has helped a lot of people here.

1. ALWAYS have dates stocked in your room for emergencies or just quick, tasty snacks.

2. Talk to whoever is in charge of your dining hall or meal plan, explain how you eat, and see if they can work with you. You may not be able to get much, but anything is better than nothing, and you deserve whatever you can get since you pay for it.

3. Take unripe bananas from the dining hall and let them ripen in your room. Seriously, this is how I get most of my calories during school. If you are 100% confident and act like you know what you are doing, chances are no one will give you a hard time about it, but if someone that works there asks why you are taking so many bananas, just explain that you need to let them get ripe.

4. Take advantage of the salad bars. This is hard for me to do since I hate salad, but it will help you get your money's worth out of your meal plan since greens can be expensive :P

5. If you have a vehicle on campus (or a friend with one) make trips into town over the weekend to give you a little more variety in your diet. For example, the dining hall probably won't have exciting fruit (mine only has bananas, apples, and oranges), so get a treat like kiwis, mangoes, berries, etc. to keep yourself from getting burnt out on your staples. I also buy frozen fruit (since it's cheaper and lasts longer) to put in smoothies.

6. Make smoothies. They are so much faster than eating each piece of fruit, and when you have a busy college schedule time is priceless. Plus you can take them to class, and sip on your meal while you learn. Gotta love multitasking :) 

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! Luckily, I have an unlimited meal plan and the school has no problem with taking extra food from the dining hall out. =) There is a local food co-op in town which is really close to campus so if I happen to have money left over I'll try to buy in bulk. Yeah I figured eating cooked carbs is better than starving haha.



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