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 During the school year, I can only manage 8 hours maximum a night of sleep, but it's been summer for a month now and I have time to sleep 10+ hours but my body won't let me! 
After 8 hours of sleep, my body naturally wakes up and no matter how long I lay there trying to fall asleep to get at least 2 more hours, I can't fall back asleep. 

I try to follow the sun; I typically go to bed between the hours of 9 and 11 PM (sometimes it's 12 or 1 AM... I'm a teenager and stay out late with friends some nights, but that's only like 1% of the time) and get up at 5-7 AM no matter what. I just want to get a lot of sleep while I can, summer's going by so fast and pretty soon I'll be back to 6-8 hour nights :( 

SO how can I get 10-12 hours of sleep if my body doesn't let me??? It's really frustrating. 

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i am now able to sleep more by adding ear plugs and a night mask. maybe that will help!

but i also can only get to 9.5 hours and would like to sleep an hour more when my baby lets me, which is not that often though haha

just do something different than you usually do to throw your body off a bit: take a nap, eat right before bed, or do some intense exercise, whatever you're inspired to do. that way you throw your body off of what it's used to.

You have to go to bed sooner, our bodies want to wake up with the sun.

But the sun doesn't completely go down until 9:00 PM here..

Sun exposure/sun gazing can help produce the hormones that will aid sleeping/waking states. How much sun exposure? Personally, I usually try to sun bathe for about an hour and/or sun gaze. If you do sun gaze, research the topic thoroughly and it is recommended to have your eyes checked every few months.
If you can't get loads of sun by sun bathing/tanning or likewise, just being outside in the sun, doing gardening or chores is useful, too. I've been experimenting with a grounding mat and find it helpful, too. Removing all unnecessary electronics from your vicinity might help.
Maybe a bit of durian before bed? Tryptophan helps with sleep, I recall.

Very, very cool finding someone else on the forum who knows about/is interested in sun gazing also!  

These are some great suggestions Elliot! I personally have experienced deeper sleep since removing electronics from my bedroom also, including my cell phone, which I know is hard for some people to do.

Namaste. :)

I live in Florida and typically lay out in the sun for about 20-30 minutes a day, but it has been rainy lately and the sun hasn't been out much :/ 

Even so, the days that I get a lot of sun exposure I still can't sleep anything more than 8 hours. 

I feel wide awake in the morning, but towards the afternoon (after exercising and interning at a vet clinic and/or babysitting) I feel exhausted and want to nap, but don't nap in fear that this will disturb my circadian rhythm. 

I've read a short nap around 30 mins to an hour in the afternoon can be good in some cases, lest you force yourself through it and wind up pumped with adrenaline and have difficulty falling asleep, in the evening.  Then again, that would be advise for those with diets/lifestyles atypical to 80/10/10, I suppose.

NEVER. I haven't had anything with caffeine in it in 18 months! 

I dont know, i have sleeping problems since years.

You could google which fruits are rich in naturally Melatonin and it much of them.

Some quality cardio exercise always regulates my sleep cycle for me.  



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