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Hi guys, I'm a complete newbie to this site and have searched the forums for advice on how to respond to people on this subject, but can't find anything immediately so thought I'd just ask!


At the moment, responding to non LFRV,  is the single HARDEST part of this new way of life. I have a lot of friends who eat meat, and to whom veganism is just plain wierd so taking it a step further is really difficult for them to understand. They keep asking me to go out for meals and I feel so pressured into caving in, but desperately want to stand my ground without them getting fed up with my high maintenance ways!

How do you guys deal with this?  





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 haha, great! I hope i can be the same if ever I need to!

ALL of my friends eat meat so it is very lonely and I often make stuff up to deal with it. Not that I am proud of lying and I don't do it all the time and avoid it when I have to but I would just rather take the path of least resistance and be on my way. 

I am going through the same thing and I have always since being a vegan. People who really care and support me will respect what I want to do. That includes friends and family. I have been a vegan for almost 24 years and I am very clear to anyone that my belief system will not change so they can feel a victory. I do not ask them to change so they do not ask me.

Now, for you, if you care about a newbies opinion, is that the peole that really love you will work with you. If everyone wants to go out and eat, eat well before you go and go to a buffet. There's always fresh fruit and though it is not organic, it is a mutual place to go and you can fill your plate well. I do it with my southern fried family that are heavy meat eaters.



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