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My beautiful friend is very religious and recently said to me 'god made humans above animals and they are here for us to eat and use. Even god gave Adam and Eve a loin cloth to cover themselves which had to have come from a dead animal'.

Now, I'm not religious as such, but I actually love how passionate she is about it and don't want to be disrespectful of her beliefs. However, I totally disagree with her viewpoint. My mum has said similar things to me when I've suggested she ditch the dead animals.

Whats the best way to to encourage religious peeps to entertain the idea that animals are sentient beings without coming across as offensive?

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yeah ability to choose is a biggie! we are blessed to be in a day and age where we can eat whatever we want whenever we want we are no longer forced to eat whatever is available.

Ask her for proof!

I try not to shove veganism down peoples throats. But I will try and point out the issues with eating animals. and Gently suggest that if they are so determined to eat animals and such they should at least get educated watcht he slaughtering and breeding process. Slaughter your own meals get your hands all up in that carcuss gutting it and such get a feel for what its like to slit an animals throat then prepare it to eat and such do it a fair amt so it can really sink in. And then I'd hope yuo realize that if your still determined to eat meat that you seriously do not need to be including it 3 meals a day. There is just no reason for it. 

Some folks just really want to eat meat for them I try and suggest like eating meat maybe twice a week if you just gotta have it etc.. try some meatless days and such see how your body feels. I can only hope they'd come around But dont wanna just rain all over there parade either.

It can be frustrating tho when people scoff at it and make jokes. I can see the humer side i was once that way sure I get it. But in all seriousness its not really that funny./

A bit of cognitive dissonance going on here with regards to jokes.


Trying to make light of the serious issue of animal suffering.

I do not find such jokes funny.

I am a Christian who is a vegan. A lot of non-Christian people are under the impression that the Bible is supposed to provide an answer to each and every circumstance or issue we can encounter in life, and guide us in every single choice we make...this is far from the truth.

The reality is that the Bible is the story of man from God's point of view. It is not a historical account like you would read in a history book. It is the story of the salvation of the human race through the sacrifice of Jesus and the redemption of mankind through a relationship with God. The Bible does not have an answer about whether or not you should be Vegan, that's not what it's about.

If you care so much about your friends well being and want her/him to research veganism, spend some time reading the Bible with them wouldn't hurt.

My main advice is this: IF YOU RUN INTO A RELIGIOUS PERSON WHO TELLS YOU THAT THEIR RELIGION IS THE REASON THEY CAN'T BE VEGAN, TRY TO BE OPEN MINDED AND DON'T STEREOTYPE EVERY RELIGIOUS PERSON YOU COME ACROSS IN THE FUTURE. It gets really annoying hearing people talk about how close minded Christians are to veganism...MOST people are closed minded to veganism...regardless of their religion or lack there of.

90% of the people I deal with are not religious, but when they tell me all the illogical reasons they eat dead animals, I don't blame the fact that they don't believe in God on their beliefs. People are not always rational creatures. I have gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from the Christians I deal with on a regular basis, we have even had Christian/vegan meet ups and dinner dates and stuff.

Genesis 1:26 Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."

This is the single most well known Bible verse that talks about "man's dominion over animals". A lot of vegans may find the idea of "ruling" over animals, or a man "ruling" over his wife to be distasteful, but for me if you are ruling over something that you love that means you cherish and protect it as best as you are able to.  

I do believe that humans are superior to animals, in the sense that I do not believe we have the same sort of spirit that animals have. At the same time I am also very passionate about not hurting, killing, harming animals in any way, and letting them have the best life possible. I love humans and I love animals both, each in their own ways. 

There is no contradiction between veganism and Christianity.

The best way to share veganism with a Christian is to be an example of positivity, health, well being, and be a person who is thriving at life. Lead by example along with words.

It's really difficult to "convert" people to veganism or Christianity. I have done both with sometimes spectacular, but other times mixed, results. Most people will make up excuses and rationale to justify whatever lifestyle they are currently living, and are not open to anything that might cause them to re-evaluate, or make changes to their current way of life. Remaining positive and self-critical/introspective goes a long way. Most people are so focused on changing other people, that they neglect improving the one person they can control...themselves.

TLDR: Nowhere in the Bible does it command anyone to eat flesh. It says that whether or not people trust in God determines a person's salvation, not whether or not they eat animals.

Romans: 10:9 If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

The more I think about it, I think there is a chance that your friend is not very self aware of why they truly kill and eat animals, and is just being lazy and giving an excuse they don't think you'll be able to reply to. If they knew you had read the Bible cover to cover as I have, they would probably throw a different lazy excuse your way. 

Out of all the people I encounter who talk to me about veganism, I only recall one person trying to use the Bible to refute my vegan diet, and that person was arguing that "veganism is not a religion" to which I agreed, because it's not (it isn't meant to explain the origins of the universe). That same lady invited me over her house last weekend to make me a vegan dinner.

All I can really say, is that it's important to use finesse and grace, sometimes how you say something is just as important as what you say. This will sound far out there, but I wonder how  your friend would respond if you invited her to try a vegan diet for 30 days, and you would likewise go to her church for 4 Sundays in a row, I think however it turns out, if done respectfully it might be an eye opening experience for both of you.

whats your thoughts on Jesus eating meat or fish or something> i can only assume he ate fish and meat based on the customs and such at the time and some of the stories. 

I think it comes down to food availability and choice. If you have the choice to not eat animals I think its best you dont. But over the years its not like there has always been a grocery store loaded with ions of choices either. 

There are some people who believe that the Bible has "secret undiscovered chapters", or come up with theories about how certain passages were changed to show Jesus eating meat, and lots of different theories. I haven't seen any evidence to support this myself.

In my opinion it doesn't matter whether or not Jesus ate fish. Jesus was without sin. So even if eating animals is "not a sin", that doesn't mean that we should do it. 

The gap in time between Genesis and the subsequent books, the content of the Bible, how the information is told, all point to the Bible as the story of man's salvation, not necessarily an instruction on diet. To give another example of a topic the Bible does not cover at all, or even mention, DATING. Does that mean we should or shouldn't date? Not necessarily, it just means the Bible is not about that topic, it only discusses marriage, not dating.

at the end of the day the choice arguement always hits me. I've fallen off the wagon a couple times since starting this and each time I've thought but I dont have to eat this I have a choice. 

thats the real kicker we have a choice. and when I think about that chickens life in the grocery store cooler or that slab of ribeye steak from a cow just sitting there maybe to get sold maybe to rot who knows i just see incredible indulgence and excess. That chicken and cow prolly had pretty crappy lives and pretty crappy endings all for what? 

I'd like to think that someone who has no other choice but to go out and hunt game or something that those animals at least had a life they where not stuck in some cage and fed hormones and just grown to be slaughtered. 

Imagine if people where just being grown just to be harvested how would we feel to discover that? 

People think oh there just animals who cares fine here is the knife here is the chicken have at it its just an animal right go for it.

They might start harvesting people soon the way things are going...I mean for all we know they are already doing it.

Ha ha yeah, she's trying to 'convert' me so I'm trying to 'convert' her at the same time. Actually I have no desire to convert her to veganism, I just would like her to consider a different perspective on 'gods creatures'. And I'm happy to say I think she is which is awesome. I can tell the thought had just never occurred to her before. And likewise, I'm enjoying trying to understand her views on the bible, even though most of it doesn't really resonate with me. I really do think we all have different paths to tread in life but we can help shine light in others paths when they can't see :-)

Ask her for proof!

This. What verse says that you should eat animals?

If you chat with her a bit, she would be hard pressed to try and prove that the Bible "commands anyone to eat meat", or that the Bible calls "being vegan a sin". I've read the Bible cover to cover, listened to countless hundreds of sermons on all sorts of topics, I've never even heard of anyone trying to maintain such a radical position. I doubt that she is trying to maintain that position either. 

My guess is that she is probably thinking more along the lines of "the Bible doesn't say it wrong to eat meat". From that starting point you can talk about the "choice" she has as Jim mentions, and talk to her about like edna shell says there are lots of Christians who are vegan. You can focus on the health benefits or any other number of things.



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