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My beautiful friend is very religious and recently said to me 'god made humans above animals and they are here for us to eat and use. Even god gave Adam and Eve a loin cloth to cover themselves which had to have come from a dead animal'.

Now, I'm not religious as such, but I actually love how passionate she is about it and don't want to be disrespectful of her beliefs. However, I totally disagree with her viewpoint. My mum has said similar things to me when I've suggested she ditch the dead animals.

Whats the best way to to encourage religious peeps to entertain the idea that animals are sentient beings without coming across as offensive?

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Thanks :-)
True. I think that's a good approach.
Yup. Exactly. I tried to explain I had a hard time understanding how an almighty being of love would delight in animal sacrifice as in the story of Cain and Abel. But she does see animals as a posession and explained that animals were valuable back then so to give it up to god showed how much you were willing to sacrifice for him. I countered with the argument that as a parent, if I gave my children something, it would give me more joy to see them taking care of the gift or possibly giving it to someone who needed it, then to watch them set it on fire before me.
Just tell them to read the first chapter of the bible.
"But Jesus ate fish!" No he didn't. That part was made up when people didn't want to hear the truth. Where the documentation of Jesus' life from age 12-30 go? Research is saying that he was an Essene, which is vegan. He wouldn't just discontinue his vegan routes because he came back into society. http://www.godsdirectcontact.org/eng/news/177/vg_62.htm is a good read. It is not all accurate IMO, but it raises some questions.
Thanks for this

fig leaves were used to cover adam and eve in all the stories.

and. . .  come on now. genesis page one! "and i give you all herbs bearing seed and all trees bearing fruit; for you it shall be meat."  or something along those lines translated to english.

and we are meant to have dominion over animals and treat them with love and care for them as brothers on this planet.  they are like children to us. and incidentally, that's their level of intelligence too, is that of children -- they function at around a four year old's level according to intelligence tests i've heard of... it's our responsibility to care for and protect them.  not to devour them and bury their tortured soul vessels in our colon to rot there and putrefy.

btw our colon is multiple times the length of our bodies - - which makes it very very difficult to digest flesh with no fiber! why would our beautiful creator of mercy and love ever! ever! create us with such an inherent problem if we were meant to consume dead flesh/"meat"


thanks for this! any more?

what more do you need? :o))

And I guess that God recommended intensive factory farming! This is the system under which the vast majority of the world's animals are raised.

I'm sure this was not part of God's vision - if it was then God is inherently cruel.

I'm not a believer and the statement 'animals are here for humans to use' is not being subject to 'critical thinking' by your religious friend.

She agrees that factory farming is against gods plan and agrees cruelty to animals is wrong. She believes satan is ruling the earth now. As I said, she's my friend and I think she's great but she does view the world through a very literal interpretation of the bible. So I get the feeling she judges my opinion that animals are equal as somehow 'ungodly' and very strange. It actually doesn't bother me, everyone's different but when the topic has come up, I really struggle to explain why I disagree with her as I know she believes in the bible 100%. She has a response for everything and it all comes down to an underpinning belief that god put the animals here for us because we are special and he loves us. I guess I'll just have to let it go.

"though shall not kill"

Exactly!! Nuff said hey Jesse!?!? 



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